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While you are waiting. Log into the Ramapo network (WINADS) Open a Browser Internet Explorer Firefox Log into Moodle Open a different browser tab or new window for your use until we begin. Faculty Resource Center Faculty Development Institute Nov 7, 2012. Moodle Gradebook Training. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • While you are waiting . . ..Log into the Ramapo network (WINADS)Open a BrowserInternet ExplorerFirefoxLog into MoodleOpen a different browser tab or new window for your use until we begin.

  • Faculty Resource CenterFaculty Development Institute Nov 7, 2012

    Lysandra Perez-StrumoloDirectorPhone: (201) 684-7823FRCOffice: E-216 Phone: (201) 684-7467e-mail : lperezest@ramapo.eduWebsite: http://ww2.ramapo.edu/facultystaff/frc/index.aspx

  • Moodle Gradebook TrainingFaculty Resource CenterFaculty Development Institute Nov 7, 2012

    Ray Fallon & John BraggLMS AdministratorsPhone: (201) 684-7103Office: ASB - 020e-mail : jbragg@ramapo.edu rfallon@ramapo.eduWebsite: http://ww2.ramapo.edu/idc

  • Your Gradebook. . .KKeepIItSSimplySSimple

  • What the Gradebook wont do . . .Mark documents for youMake students more organizedMake you more organizedMake your students more clever Guarantee better results

  • What the Gradebook can do . . . Allow students to quickly and easily review their progress and see where they need to improveAllow you to organize your gradesAllow you to see trends and patternsAllow you to quickly look back over grades and comments given to a particular student

  • Topics to CoverVarious View OptionsCategoriesAdding or moving a CategoryGrade Items Adding or moving a Grade ItemEvaluation Criteria OptionsGradebook the movie

  • Gradebook View Options

    Grader View

    to Edit gradebook or grades :Remember to scroll down and UPDATE or Save

    Full View (with thanks to You Tube)

    Simple View (hands on activity)Turn editing on

  • CategoriesAdding a Category

    Moving a CategoryX

  • CategoriesWhat categories do you need ???Some examplesExamsMidtermFinalTestsTest1Test2Test3AssignmentsForums ( discussions )Moving a Category

    You can also nest a category ( but it can be confusing )X

  • Grade ItemsAdding a Grade Item in Gradebook

    Manually Added (used for paper based assignments/tests)Automatically Added: When an activity (forum/ quiz/ or assignment) is created.

    Moving a Grade ItemX

  • Default Evaluation Criteria

    Course Settings: Weighted Mean of GradesCategory Settings: Simple Weighted Mean of Grades

  • Evaluation CriteriaItems are weighted by their point valuesSimple Weighted Mean of gradesSum of gradesAll Items Weighted EqualMean of gradesCourse Grade (if categories are use)Weighted Mean of grades

  • Moodle Gradebook: the Movie

  • Find HelpThe Little Buttons Moodlerooms/Joule Tutorials: http://clickables.moodlerooms.com/spaces/steps/manuals/jouleMoodle Medic! http://vscmymeeting.acrobat.com/bbdoctor Project 2011 Training Center: https://project2011.vsc.eduMoodle Docs: http://docs.moodle.org/en/Teacher_documentation

  • QuestionsInstructional Design CenterPhone: (201) 684-7103Office: ASB-020

  • Thank youNow, lets got and Moodle

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