When Thinking About Creativity

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<p>When thinking about creativity, our initial thought is that it is a consciously distinct characteristic we have as individuals, while in actuality it is a very subconscious. Creativity is a part of your inner beliefs and deepest roots that can be awoken at different points throughout your life. In simpler terms, creativity can be thought of like a muscle. A muscle that can be worked and stretched with potential to grow larger or in other words more creative. There is always room for advancement with an individuals creativity. The place to begin when finding or expanding your creativity begins with identifying your beliefs. You need to understand that you can grow your creativity and release your prior negative beliefs about what has been keeping you from exploring and growing. Another crucial step in the process is analyzing the areas in your life that can benefit you positively with a higher sense of creativity. Specific examples of empowering creative beliefs are beliefs such as creativity is a choice. This simple belief allows you as an individual to understand that you are not limited; in fact you are encouraged to constantly improve and develop. After all the reading about creativity and beliefs while preparing for this assignment a long with the research Ive done on my own, I came across something powerful that really opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities of creativity. I thought it might be interesting to look up a variety of peoples input on creativity that are in different work fields to see how they view creativity. I found business people who said creativity was important at times, I found writers who said creativity was everything, I found accountants found no use for it, and then I found Stephen Spielberg. Spielberg said, I dream for a living. This quote really opened my eyes and showed me following your dreams and passion requires creativity and can lead to great things.</p>