Westfield Steel Works- Summer 2009

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A quarterly newsletter for Westfield Steel Inc. Headquartered in Westfield, Ind., Westfield Steel Inc. is a full-line steel service center committed to providing its customers with a competitive choice for all their steel needs. An independent, family-owned business, Westfield Steel was started in 1977 and has grown to accommodate its customers’ needs. For more information, visit www.westfieldsteel.com or call (800) 622-4984.

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  • Westfield Steel is delivering steel to its customers and providing other hauling services through Westfield Steel Express, a recently-formed, authorized-for-hire common carrier.

    With processing centers in Westfield and Terre Haute, Ind., the service is uniquely designed to service customers rapidly and insure on-time delivery.

    We were looking to generate more revenues with our existing asset base, said Fritz Prine, chief financial officer of Westfield Steel. We had 20 over-the-road tractors and 21 trailers, and most were on daily delivery routes throughout the Midwest.

    Prine says Westfield Steels goals are to generate incremental revenue in an otherwise struggling economy and fill in the gaps delivery-wise during a typical work week.

    We found that we could provide a lower cost alternative than many of the common carriers, explained Prine. We made some minor investments in equipment so that we could haul more commodity types. As the economy turned (and continued), we have been able to increase our hauling revenue.

    In addition to their own steel types, Westfield Steel now hauls many other things like fabricated steel parts, lumber,

    equipment, building materials, steel coils, agricultural seeds, and salt.

    Our main role will always be to support the company delivering our steel, Prine said. However, our flexibility with man-agement, people, and our assets allows us to take advantage of opportunities in this difficult recession.

    WESTFIELD STEEL WORKS Summer Newsletter 2009

    Westfield Steel Express: Moving Products Faster

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    530 State Road 32 WestWestfield, IN 46074call | 800-622-4984 fax | 317.896.5343westfieldsteel.com

    Some facts about Westfield Steel Express:

    The furthest haul North: Minneapolis, Minn

    The furthest haul South: Carrollton, Ga., just outside of Atlanta

    The furthest haul East. Edison, New Jersey

    The furthest haul West: Kansas City Mo, and Auburn, Nebraska

    Westfield Steel Express has hauled a wide variety of different materials: shingles, coils, lumber, PVC Water pipe, Steel tubing, machinery, hot rolled flat bar and rounds, conveying systems, mulch, bags of carbon, specialized aluminum, lawn mower racks, cement products, a refractor, commercial metal studs, and wood floors.


    Many relationships dont survive a 200 mile separation, but this is not true in the case of Westfield Steel and Flanders Electric, a motor manufacturing and engineering plant in Evansville, Ind.

    In fact, Flanders Electric Engineer David Mushrush relies on Westfield Steel as a trusted way to enhance Flanders customer service.

    We use Westfield Steel as a tool to help us meet our goals, said Mushrush. We build a lot of very large electric motors and bases, which sometimes stretch the envelope of what materials are available from the steel industry. During the design phase of our product, I always rely and depend on Phil Harrison with Westfield Steel to let me know what product is available to work with. Flanders provides a variety of electric motor services to users worldwide, but before those motors are shipped to their end destinations they are manufactured by Flanders engineers using steel from Westfield.

    In that way, we are acting as a team to build our product, Mushrush said. Dependability and quality are just as important as price in our industry and having a company like Westfield working with us makes us more competitive.

    According to Mushrush, working with Westfield Steel has saved Flanders Electric money and time. Both companies are ISO certified, and Mushrush said receiving

    materials held to the quality standards that Westfield has helps save us time on layout and fabrication. Their prompt service and delivery is critical to meeting our needs and our customers demands.

    I remember working on a specific project that required very large steel plates. Our main vendor for large plate could not provide the material in the time frame that we needed it, Mushrush said. I turned to Westfield Steel to figure out what we could do. With Phil Harrisons experience and willingness to step out and try something new, we had what we needed in less than a week. They put us ahead of schedule and gave us a more superior product than we were expecting.

    Summer Newsletter 2009


    Flanders Electric Works with Westfield Steel for Mutual Benefit

    Westfield Steel Employee Service Anniversaries:


    Marianna Hoffman 18 years

    Julie A. Doud 12 years

    Richard Watkins 10 years

    Robert Hargis 5 years

    Robert Moore 4 years

    Vincent Beer 3 years

    Herbert Lambert Jr. 2 years

    Brett Alexander 1 year

    Logan Page 1 year

    Jeffrey Long New Hire

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    Stator frame of a 7000 H.P. Synchronous Ball Mill motor used to mill ore at a copper mine.

  • Regardless of the business youre in, keep-ing customers happy is the long-term key to success.

    Just ask Karyn Prine of Westfield Steel, who recently announced she is retiring from the road.

    I started at Westfield Steel three days after Fred (Prine- Westfield Steel president and CEO) did, Karyn Prine said. Ive always said Fred and I came in together, well leave together. We agree that the best way to stay in business over a long period of time is to make sure the customer is happy. They ultimately determine your companys long-term success.

    Before starting at Westfield Steel, she was a librarian assistant with the Indianapolis Public Schools. She has lived in Chicago, Buffalo and New Jersey before moving to Indianapolis in 1972.

    I enjoyed working at IPS, but Fred needed someone JUST for the summer to man the phones, Karyn said. That summer has been 32 years long. The first few months I was doing everything from answering the phones, doing the books, taking orders, buying product, working material and loading trucks.

    One day Fred made the suggestion that Karyn try outside sales he said she could come back to inside sales if after 5 months she didnt like it 31 years later.

    It was difficult in the beginning. She was assumed to be an AT&T or a Xerox representative more times than not.

    Karyn said she could get into a Personal Assistants office easier that way, in some cases, but then had to prove she knew what she was doing. She has been calling on some of her customers for as long as shes been out on the road.

    Carmel Welding was one of her first official customers and shes happy to say they still are.

    We try to be flexible and responsive according to our customers needs, Prine said. Building and maintaining strong relationships is a sign of mutual respect and trust. This is probably more important today than it was in our infancy. With the economy on the ropes, its important that our customers know we have their backs. We are all in a difficult time right now.

    She has faith that as a company and coun-try, we will all come through this. We have seen bad times, nothing like this, but some of our people have never seen a time when

    we werent running three shifts every day. These are the times when you sharpen your skills.

    Westfield Steel recently became an ISO certified full-line steel Service center.

    The award was a validation of everything we have tried to maintain over the years, Prine said. It spoke a lot about the great employees we have and the work we have put into the company.

    Now that Karyn will have some free time, she plans on spending a lot more time with her grandchildren. Mia, Spencer and Marcus, and doing volunteer work.

    Karyn Prine Enjoying Her Retirement from the Road

    Summer Newsletter 2009



    Now that Karyn will have some free time, she plans on spending a lot more time with her grandchildren; Mia, Spencer and Marcus, and doing volunteer work.

  • What will you do with that can once youve dumped its contents into the pot on the stove? Will you toss it in the trash or recycle it? And what becomes of all those recycled cans?

    Steel that is made for construction, as is often the case with Westfield Steel products, is often times made from steel cans and other steel products recycled yesterday.

    According to the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI):

    Steel has long been the building material of choice for commercial construction for reasons of strength, durability and stability.

    Recyclability and recycled content are another factor that has moved to the forefront of steels benefits.

    Steel construction material is every bit as recyclable as the common soup can.

    Steel construction materials recyclability is possible because steel scrap is an essential ingredient in making new steel.

    As steel is recycled, it maintains its strength and integrity so it can be made into one quality product after another.

    It is for these reasons that steel has taken hold in other forms of construction, including residential home building, steel roofing and large construction projects, including steel bridges, culverts and utility poles.

    So, as the SRI puts it, when companies buy steel, they are buying recycled. In todays environmentally-concerned world, used steel cans can be recycled into part of a guard rail, and that guard rail may one day be recycled into an appliance. All new steel products made from recycled steel can be recycled again its a cycle of recylability.

    The lowdown on steel, the worlds environ-metal

    Summer Newsletter 2009


    DID YOU KNOW? Anniversaries: (continued)June

    Fred Prine 32 years

    Karyn Prine 32 years

    James E. Powers 14 years

    Gerald L. Keeney 12 years

    Rodger Hendricks 9 years