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Slide 1 Welcome to The Family Of Scouting Slide 2 BSA Boy Scouts Of America Not Baby Sitting Of America Slide 3 Scouting- A Values-Based Program - Slide 4 BADEN POWELL IN ENGLAND YEAR:1907 Slide 5 AGE? Who have earned the Arrow of Light Award from Cub Scouts and at least 10 Who have completed the fifth grade and are at least 10 Who are 11-17 years old Slide 6 What Scouting Offer the Boys? An Environment in which everyone can feel secure both physically and emotionally. Who can do the offers? You- Adult leaders, parents Slide 7 The goal of BSA is to help boys develop into honorable men. It is easier to build a boy than to repair a man We prepare Outdoor Activities, Meetings and Trainings to achieve the goal. Slide 8 Every Scouting activity moves boys toward 3 basic aims: 1.Character development 2.Citizenship training 3.Mental and physical fitness Slide 9 1.Character development - He becomes confident but is not conceited. - He is honest with himself and others. - His personal appearance shows that he respects himself. - He develops special skills and interests. Slide 10 He can take care himself, especially in emergencies. - He can be counted upon to do his best, even in difficult situations. ( Best ) - He practices his religious belief. -He respects other people regardless of their differences. Slide 11 2. Citizenship training Learn about and take pride in his national heritage. Develop an understanding of the social, economic, and governmental systems of which he is a part. Service to the community. Have knowledge of and respect for cultures and social groups other than his own. Be aware of community organizations and their functions . Appreciate the environment and seek to protect it. Slide 12 Improve physical condition through exercise and participation in various activities Reject experimenting tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs, or with other activities that can be harmful to himself and others Use good judgment and make sound decisions. Train himself to be resourceful in solving problem. 3. Mental and physical fitness Slide 13 On my honor I will do my best To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. Slide 14 TRUSTWORTHY LOYAL HELPFUL FRIENDLY COURTEOUS KIND OBEDIENT CHEERFUL THRIFTY BRAVE CLEAN REVERENT 12 Slide 15 Scout Motto Be Prepared Scout Slogan Do A Good Turn Daily Outdoor Code As an American, I will do my best to - Be clean in my outdoor manners. I will treat the outdoors as a heritage. I will take care of it for myself and others I will keep my trash and garbage out of lakes, streams, fields, woods, and roadways. Be careful with fire. I will prevent wildfire. I will build my fires only where they are appropriate. When I have finished using a fire, I will make sure it is cold out. I will leave a clean fire ring, or remove all evidence of my fire. Be considerate in the outdoors. I will treat public and private property with respect. I will use low-impact methods of hiking and camping. and Be conservation minded I will learn how to practice good conservation of soil, waters, forests, minerals, grasslands, wildlife, and energy. I will urge others to do the same. Slide 16 The Organization Of Scouting NATIONAL COUNCIL BSA REGION (T468-WEST) LOCAL COUNCIL (T468-SANTA CLARA) DISTRICT (T468-POLARIS) CHARTERED ORGANIZATION Chartered Organization Representative (T468- C HINESE A MERICAN S COUTING A SSOCAITION) TROOP TROOP COMMITTEE Slide 17 BSA T468 Troop Committee Committee ChairAdvancementEvent CampingTreasurerWebmaster PublicationFacilitiesTraining All volunteers! MembershipScripBadge Equipment Slide 18 A Slide 19 T468 Troop Organization Scoutmaster ASMS Junior ASMs Senior patrol Leader SPL ASPL Scribe Patrol Leader Dragons Patrol Patrol Leader Tigers Patrol Patrol Leader Red Bulls Patrol Patrol Leader Vipers Patrol *PLC Patrol Leader Council ASPL Historian Instructor Troop GuidesDen ChiefsWebmaster Quartermaster PATROLS OA Troop Representative Slide 20 Methods: 1The ideals Memorize and live by Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout slogan, and Scout Motto 2The Patrol method- Divide into Patrols. Everyone has a job. Patrol meetings. Patrol competition 3The Outdoors- Learned from adventure, exploring, doing, accept challenge 4Advancement- A Scout learn or be taught, then be tested, then be reviewed, then be recognized. There are Ranks with different requirement that the Scouts have to meet. (More detail later) 5Association with adults- Adult leaders will set up as examples and encouraging the boys.. Scouts will learn thro observation, watching, following, asking and listening 6Personal Growth- Scout-age boys are experiencing dramatic physical and emotional growth. Scouting offers them opportunities to channel those changes into productive endeavors. They will grow along with friends. They meet the adults world by community service. They explore career fields by earning Merit Badges. 7Leadership- Development-Leadership skills can be practiced in assigned staff positions, in Patrols, Outdoor activities such as Camporees, as Scout In Charge in activities, Meetings. Junior Leaders can join Bristlecone for more leadership training 8The Uniform- The BSA Scout uniform has been recognized part of the American scene. Wearing uniform can develop sense of belonging. T468 has both Class A and Class B Uniform. Slide 21 Interacts in a small group works together as a team and share the responsibility. takes pride in its identity, and the members strive to make their patrol the best it can be. joins with other patrols to learn skills and complete advancement requirements. competes against other patrols in Scout skills and athletic competitions. The members of each patrol elect one of their own to serve as Patrol Leader. In T468, the term for PL is 6 months. An ideal patrol size is 8 Scouts. Patrols with fewer than eight Scouts should try to recruit new members to get their patrol size up to the ideal number. Activities examples: patrol meeting, patrol campout, fishing, skiing, movies, cycling Slide 22 Our Patrols 2007 Red Bulls- Scouts mainly from San Jose Vipers- Scouts mainly from San Jose Tigers- Scouts mainly from Fremont Hawks- Scouts mainly from Fremont Slide 23 A Yearly Plan for T468 Who plan? Scoutmaster & ASMs, SPL, PLC **reviewed by the Troop Committee When to plan? December What is the content? --Annual activities and outings --Troop Meeting themes --Scout-In-Charges --ASM In-Charges Slide 24 2007 Year plan as an example MonthEvents/ ActivitiesSIC January Annual Dinner Chris Tam/Justin Wu February Bear Paw Snow camp Vincent Wong/ Charles Wu March CASA Camporee Arkis Yeung/ Ether Lin April Family Camp and COH Joey Cheung/Justin Wu May District Camporee Kelvin Lu/ Alex Lu June 50 Miler Eric Wei/ Eric Wong July Troop Leaders Training & COH Kelvin Lu Arkis Yeung August Summer Camp David Tam/ Eric Tam September Mother & Son Camp Allen Ko/ Jeffrey Hsu October Coyote Cycling Edward Wu/ Brian Hsu November Rim Of the Bay Hiking, Community Service Aaron Wang/ Bryant Lau December Christmas Party, Community Service SPL (Kelvin Lu) Slide 25 Slide 26 1.A Scout learns Live by Scout Oath and Scout Law Finish requirements, Merit badges & Community Service hours 2.A Scout is tested Got tested and initials by senior Scouts who is Star or above rank 3.A Scout is reviewed Have a conference with the Scoutmaster &/or ASMs Meet with troop Committee members at the Board Of Review 4.A Scout is recognized Advancement recognized by the Troop Committee at the Court Of Honor (COH) Slide 27 How to help the Troop Grow? Scout: Participation, attendances Spirit Live by Scout Law & Scout Oath Make more friends in the Troop Recruit more scouts Have a Staff position and be a good staff Get training Give more suggestions to the troop Practice your leadership Slide 28 Parents: Communicate more with the Scouts (how to send out email for the troop? The T468 Website) Set as an example, example: wear Scout Uniform Help carpool for outings Support Friends of Scouting Sign up a position in the Committee or as SM/ASMs Sign up as Merit Badge Counselor Recruit more Scouts Get Training Pay the Troop and Patrol dues Buy more Scrips Slide 29 Slide 30 For Scouts: How to find a Merit Badge Counselor? What is a blue card? Where to get one? Who keeps the blue card after completion of Merit Badge requirement? Who will buy the Merit Badge for the Scout? How to keep your Merit Badge? How to keep record for yourself? About Merit Badge Slide 31 For parents: We encourage ALL the parents/ adult leaders to sign in for Merit Badge Counselors for at least one Merit Badge A short training is required Slide 32 EAGLE MERIT BADGE COUNSELOR CAMPING CITIZENSHIP IN THE COMMUNITY COMMUNICATIONS CITIZENSHIP IN THE NATION FAMILY LIFE CITIZENSHIP IN THE WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS OR LIFESAVING FIRST AID PERSONAL FITNESS PERSONAL MANAGEMENT SWIMMING OF HIKING OR CYCLING Slide 33 What is SMC? A visit between SM, ASM & a Scout Overall reviewing the requirements, leadership skills, Merit Badges by SM & ASMS SM will sign the handbook for the Scout who has completed his advancement requirements. Establishing trust and understanding between a Scout and the SM/ ASMs Reinforce the ideals of Scouting Allow the Scout and Scoutmaster to share ideas and ask questions of one another Set goals and outline steps for achieving them. Slide 34 When? Usually Scout who thinks he is ready for advancement will apply for SMC Where? New Scout Troop meetings or outings Tenderfoot to 2nd class-Outings 1st Class and above-More formal, Conference will be held at a meeting room. ( Best friends learning Center) Question: What a tenderfoot Scout need to prepare for SMC? What a 1st class Scout need to prepare for SMC? Slide 35 Procedure For Tenderfoot through Life Slide 36 The review has three purposes: 1.To make sure that the work has been learned and completed. 2.To find out what kind of experience the boy is having in his patrol and troop. 3.To encourage the Scout to progress further. Slide 37 The review is concerned about: Proficiency in the required skills Understanding of scouting ideas/scout spirit A scouts attitude Participation in troop and patrol activities Maintaining standards (requirements) Motivating scouts to further advancement Slide 38 After Scout Masters conference is signed- off, the scout should request for a Board of Review at least ONE WEEK PRIOR TO BOR date by e-mailing or phone contact or in person to Troop Advancement chair. Slide 39 PLEASE NOTE BOR Request will not be processed and confirmed if any items are missing or incomplete. BOR Confirmation with Date and Time will be given by e-mail after all required items are completed. Slide 40 Tenderfoot - Second Class Completed 468 BOR request form An article for our Troops Newsletter First Class - Life Completed 468 BOR request form An article for our Troops Newsletter Current SMC action items Scout resume Slide 41 Preparation and Ready for BOR A scout should come to Board of Review IN FULL UNIFORM: Scout shirt with proper badges on, Scout short with belt, Scout socks and neckerchief. A scout should have merit badge sash if they have earned at least 6 merit badges. For Star rank and above, name tag is required. A scout should bring along with him PROPERLY SIGNED-OFF HANDBOOK and SCOUT BINDER. For advancing to First Class or above ranks, a scout should bring three to four sets of copy of the current scout master conference action items, article and resume. A scout should bring good spirit. Slide 42 RULES TO ADVANCE A scout can only advance to Star rank at least 4 months after 1st class BOR date. A scout can only advance to Life rank at least 6 months after Star BOR date. Scouts must follow the BOR rules/requirements, no exceptions. Upon fulfilling all BOR requirements, the scout will be signed off. Slide 43 A Scouts Advancement or Achievement will be recognized during the COH It will be a honored moment for the Scout and his family. The COH is conducted by Advancement Chair or the Committee Chair. Eagle COH will be coordinated by Eagle parents. The whole troop and families and friends will be invited Slide 44 Boy Scout Troops need to meet the following: * A Troop must complete all * items and two others for a total of six. *1. Training - Scoutmaster will complete Boy Scout Fast Start Training and Scoutmaster Fundamentals. *2. Two-Deep Leadership - We will have at least one more assistant Scoutmaster registered, trained, and active and one adult assigned the responsibility of Youth Protection Training. 3. Planned Program - The Troop will conduct an annual planning conference, publish an annual troop program calendar, and present the program to parents at a family activity. 4. Service Project - The Troop will complete an annual service project preferable for their Chartered Partner or their community. 5. Advancement - 60% or more of the membership will advance one rank or have a 10% increase in total advancement over a year ago. Approved advancement for this recognition include all ranks from Tenderfoot through Eagle. 6. Boys' Life - A subscription to Boys' Life will go into the homes of all Boy Scout members, or we will have a 10% increase over a year ago. *7. Outdoor Activities - the Troop will conduct six highlight activities (such as hikes, campouts, trips, tours, etc.) and attend a Boy Scout long term camp. 8. Membership - The unit will renew their charter with equal or greater numbers of youth registered over a year ago. 9. Patrol Method - the unit will conduct Troop Junior Leader Training as outlined in the Scoutmaster handbook and hold monthly patrol leaders' council meetings. *10. On-Time Charter Renewal - The Troop will complete it's charter renewal before its current charter expires. Slide 45 Right Now Our troop has Eagle Scouts (Highest rank Scout) The new Scouts who sit here today may become the future Eagles Do you want to be an Eagle Scout?


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