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<ul><li><p>SO YOURE A NEW CUB SCOUT LEADER </p><p> WELCOME TO CUB SCOUTING! Congratulations! Welcome to the challenges, opportunities, joys and satisfactions that will be yours as you guide and influence the lives of boys. As you give leadership in Cub Scouting, you will help enrich the lives of your boys, and make a difference in the kind of men they will become. An exciting and rewarding experience lies ahead of you. Many people are interested in helping you become successful in your job. Training opportunities will help you grow in effective leadership. So good luck, and welcome to the wonderful world of Cub Scouting! THE BASICS I am a leader for Cub Scout Pack # _______________, Den # __________. </p><p>Our pack is chartered to _________________________________________________. </p><p>We belong to the _______________________ District, which is part of the Theodore Roosevelt Council. </p><p>Our monthly pack leader meeting is held: Day: __________________________________ </p><p> Time: __________________________________ </p><p> Place: __________________________________ </p><p> Pack meetings are held on: Day: __________________________________ </p><p> Time: __________________________________ </p><p> Place: __________________________________ </p><p>PEOPLE WHO LEAD WITH ME: Cubmaster Phone: </p><p>Den Leader Coach Phone: </p><p>Committee Chairman Phone: </p><p>Den Leader Phone: </p><p>Den Leader Phone: </p><p>Den Leader Phone: </p><p>Training Coordinator Phone: </p><p>Unit Commissioner Phone: </p></li><li><p>TRAINING An important part of the Cub Scout program is the training that is available to help new leaders have a successful and fun-filled program. The first step is FAST START, a video training experience designed to give you the basic information you need to begin carrying out your new responsibility. FAST START will get you through your first few meetings, but you will want to participate in Cub Scout Leader Specific Training as soon as possible to deliver an outstanding experience to your boys. The next IN PERSON course is: SPECIFIC TRAINING: Date: _____________________________ </p><p>Time: _____________________________ </p><p>Location: _____________________________ </p><p>For more information Contact: _____________________________ </p><p>Phone: _____________________________ </p><p> FOR ONLINE TRAINING please visit: www.myscouting.org Create a profile and visit the e-learning page</p><p> ROUNDTABLES A Cub Scout Leader Roundtable is held in your district every month. The roundtable is a gathering of all Cub Scout leaders in the district for a planned program built around the upcoming theme of the month and features songs, games, crafts, ceremonies, and fun that you can use in your own pack and den. It is also a chance for you to meet experienced leaders who can help you learn how to do a better job for your boys. Roundtable Day: ________________________________ </p><p>Time: ________________________________ </p><p>Location: ________________________________ </p><p> ________________________________ </p><p>RESOURCES There are so many books and literature items available to help you. Seeing them all in one spot is likely to be kind of overwhelming. Here is a few that can be most useful as you get started: </p><p> Cub Scout Leader Book - Everything you want to know about running the Cub Scout program. Cub Scout Leader How To Book - Games, crafts, skits, costumes, songs, stunts, puzzles, </p><p>outdoor activities, pack events, and morehundreds of program ideas for your use. </p><p> Depending on Your Leadership Role </p><p>o Tiger Cub Scout Book o Wolf Cub Scout Book o Bear Cub Scout Book o Webelos Scout Book o Webelos Leaders Guide - Activities related to every activity pin in the Webelos Scout book. </p></li></ul>


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