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Welcome to 8 th Grade U.S. History Mr. Hughes. Current Events (Set 34) 1. “ Mass. Jury Sentences Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to Death by Lethal Injection in Boston

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Text of Welcome to 8 th Grade U.S. History Mr. Hughes. Current Events (Set 34) 1. “ Mass. Jury Sentences...

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  • Welcome to 8 th Grade U.S. History Mr. Hughes
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  • Current Events (Set 34) 1. Mass. Jury Sentences Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to Death by Lethal Injection in Boston Marathon Bombing Trial. No remorse, or Im sorry; jury rejects claim that he was led down the path to terrorism by his older brother. First execution of a terrorist in the post-9/11 era; He will be on death row at the federal prison in Indiana Martyr?
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  • Current Event #2 2. Citizens Advisory Group Unveils New Chargers Stadium Proposal at Current Site in Mission Valley. No downtown location, or new taxes, but $1.4 billion project includes development & park along San Diego River. Chargers announced that control of team is passing down to Spanos grandsons and have also hired a consultant for a stadium in Carson Here's how the finances breakdown: Charger: $300 million NFL: $200 million City Stadium Fund: $121 million County Stadium Fund: $121 million Personal Seat Licenses: $60 million ($120 million total - split evenly with the Chargers) Chargers Rent: $173 million SDSU Annual Rent: $21.6 million Bowl Games Rent: $21.6 million Developer Purchase (sale of 75 acres at $3 million an acre): $225 million Ticket Surcharge: $84.7 million Chargers Parking & Surcharge: $26 million Additional funding sources stadium is expected to generate: $50 million
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  • Current Event #3 2. Social Media Precedent: President Obamas Twitter Account Breaks Record for Fastest 1 Million Followers. First Tweet, Hello, Twitter, Its Barack. Really! Six years in, theyre finally giving me my own account @POTUS. It took less than five hours to reach 1 million followers; it took Robert Downey Jr., 23 hours
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  • Current Event #4 4. Biker Brawl: Rival Motorcycle Gangs Clash in Waco, Texas: 9 Dead, 18 Wounded, 170 Arrested. Parking lot dispute between the Cossacks and the Bandidos escalated a long-running territorial feud. Police found 318 weapons at shooting scene (Twin Peaks restaurant).guns, knives, body armor, & an AK-47
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  • Current Event #5 5. Dallas Hunter who Paid $350,000 Kills Endangered Black Rhino in Controversial Hunt in Namibia, Africa. Conservation? He claims hes helping save the species by removing an older, aggressive, bad DNA male from herd. Money from permit goes towards anti-poaching efforts in Africa; rhino meat was given to a local village Corey Knowlton
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  • Gettysburg Address sent as a Tweet.
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  • Civil War Graphs Due: Friday 5/22 NORTHNORTH SOUTHSOUTH Union Confederacy If you use marker instead of colored pencil, make sure the Ink doesnt bleed through
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  • Cross-Dressers of the Civil War History Standard: 8.10
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  • Open Mind: Lincolns Brain 1. What would Abraham Lincoln be saying to himself? 2. What would he be thinking? 3. Fill his mind with thoughts & images. You can write phrases / expressions You can draw images You can include both words & pictures Minimum 5 ideas Standard: 8.10 ? four score A house divided 1809-1865
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  • Civil War Newspaper 1. Choose 1 Civil War battle or event 2. Choose 1 Civil War person (civilian or soldier) 3. Write a brief article about each one 4. Draw an illustration representing each (with captions). 5. The event and person dont have to be connected (ie., Clara Barton & Gettysburg, or Stonewall Jackson & Emancipation Proclamation, Abraham Lincoln & Siege at Vicksburg) Todays History Standard is 8.10
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  • Museum Project: 6/1/15 History Standard: 8.10