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    Tsarnaev gets ultimate penalty for placingMarathon bomb

    ByMilton J. ValenciaGLOBE STAFF

    The federal jury that watchedDzhokhar Tsarnaev sit impassively incourt for the past three months delivered the severest form of justice Friday, sentencing the homegrown terrorist to death for detonating a bombamid Boston Marathon spectatorsthat left wounds emotional andphysical that will persist across lifetimes.

    Tsarnaev again stood stonefacedas the verdict was read by a courtclerk and some sternfaced jurorsdabbed their eyes. He becomes thefirst terrorist condemned to death bya jury in the United States in thepost9/11 world.

    The unanimous verdict brought toa close a legal drama that has unfolded on the South Boston waterfrontsince January, with searing testimonyabout the bombings that killed three,took the limbs of 17 others, and injured hundreds more. Throughoutthe proceedings, the lanky 21yearold showed no remorse.

    The death sentence automaticallysets inmotion an appeals process thatcould last more than a decade.

    Our thoughts should now turnaway from the Tsarnaev brothers forgood, US Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz

    TSARNAEV, Page A6

    Moments after thejurys sentence wasannounced, as it became clear thatDzhokhar Tsarnaev

    was bound for federal death row inTerre Haute, Ind., I turned to my left.

    In the second row on the far sideof Courtroom 9, Bill and DeniseRichard leaned forward, dryeyed.Two rows in back of them, Liz Norden wiped tears from her eyes.

    The Richards opposed the deathpenalty for the man whomurderedtheir 8yearold son, saying it wouldlead to an endless cycle of appeals,keeping Tsarnaev in our collectiveconsciousness forever. Liz Norden,whose sons JP and Paul lost theirlegs on Boylston Street, believedTsarnaev deserved to die for what hedid.

    Their reactions might not havebeen expected by most, but trying topredict reactions in the abstract ismeaningless. So, too, was the widespread belief that a jury inMassachusetts would never sentence anyone to death, even someone as crueland remorseless as Dzhokhar Tsar

    CULLEN, Page A8

    Shows noemotion;appeals maylast decade

    WHEN IS THE FORMALSENTENCING?USDistrict Judge George A.OToole Jr. must officially imposethe death penalty, and he will dothat in a sentencing hearing at alater date. The jurys decision is legally binding. At the hearing,Dzhokhar Tsarnaevs victims willhave an opportunity to confronthim. Tsarnaev, if he chooses, couldaddress the court.

    WHEREWILL TSARNAEVEVENTUALLY GO?Because he was sentenced to death,he will probably be taken to thefederal prison at Terre Haute, Ind.,where the Bureau of Prisons holdsinmates on death row.

    WILL HE APPEAL?Tsarnaev will probably engage in alengthy appeals process that couldtakemore than a decade. He willprobably focus on several of thejudges decisions, including the refusal to relocate the trial.

    More onwhat's next, A7.

    What willhappen next

    After whatjurors saw,no simplechoice

    Kevin CullenCOMMENTARY


    Use of a weapon of mass destruction (pressure cooker bomb #2) in the vicinity of 755Boylston St., and aiding and abetting, resulting in the deaths of Lingzi Lu and MartinRichard.

    Possession or use of a firearm (pressurecooker bomb #2) during and in relation to acrime of violence, namely, use of a weaponof mass destruction, and aiding and abetting,resulting in the deaths of Lu and Richard.

    Bombing of a place of public use (pressurecooker bomb #2) in the vicinity of 755 Boylston St., and aiding and abetting, resulting inthe deaths of Lu and Richard.

    Possession or use of a firearm (pressurecooker bomb #2) during and in relation to acrime of violence, namely, the bombing of aplace of public use, and aiding and abetting,resulting in the deaths of Lu and Richard.

    Malicious destruction of property by meansof an explosive (pressure cooker bomb #2),and aiding and abetting, resulting in thedeaths of Lu and Richard.

    Possession or use of a firearm (pressurecooker bomb #2) during and in relation to acrime of violence, and aiding and abetting,resulting in the deaths of Lu and Richard.






    By Patricia WenGLOBE STAFF

    The 24page verdict form completed by jurors Friday in thedeathpenalty trial of Boston Mara

    t h o n b o m b e rDzhokhar Tsarnaev sent one clearmessage: The de

    fense teams narrative about whythis lanky, expressionless defendant deserved a measure of sympa

    thy did not ring true.During deliberations over 14

    hours, the jury rejected each of fourkey aspects of the defense case. Thepanel did not agree that Tsarnaevcame under the domination of anolder brother, that he was largelyneglected by troubled parents, andthat the toughest highsecurityprison in America would preventhim from achieving future fame.

    And in what may have been piv

    otal in the jurys decision, the panelalso rejected the defense contention that the 21yearold Cambridge high school graduate was remorseful. Tsarnaev showed littleemotion throughout the trial, evenwhen some victims with prostheticlegs testified about multiple surgeries they have endured, or BBs stilllodged in their bodies.

    His lack of remorse sealed hisfate, said George Vien, a former

    veteran federal prosecutor in Boston with deathpenalty expertise.

    No jurors were available forcomment in the courthouse afterthe verdict was read, and theiridentities have so far been keptconfidential by the court.

    But the jurys reasoning can bepotentially gleaned from the verdict form, which shows how members voted on dozens of aggravat

    ANALYSIS, Page A8

    Defense unable to generate sympathy for a terrorist

    By David Abeland John R. Ellement


    There was deep relief, and therewas angst.

    A federal jurys dramatic decisionFriday to sentence Boston Marathonbomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to deathsparked mixed feelings among thesurvivors, emergency personnel, andothers who experienced the horrorunleashed when two homemadepressurecooker bombs detonatednear the finish line of the worldrenowned race on April 15, 2013.

    Sydney Corcoran was seriouslyinjured in the blasts, along with hermother, Celeste, who lost both legs.After the verdict, Sydney turned tosocial media.

    My mother and I think thatNOW he will go away and we will beable to move on. Justice, SydneyCorcoran wrote on her Twitter account. In his own words, an eye foran eye.

    Heather Abbott, who lost her leftleg below the knee after the secondbomb exploded on Boylston Street,

    FAMILIES, Page A7

    Sense of relief for some survivors, but little peace


    Kevin Corcoran, his daughter Sydney (left), seriously injured in the attack, and hiswife, Celeste, who lost both legs, embraced after the verdict. The four killed by theTsarnaevs (from top): Lingzi Lu, Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, and Sean Collier.