??Web view2012-05-16IntelliJ IDEA Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac OS X 10.5+ German Laptop Keyboard) Version 1.0 – May, 16 2012Victor VolleCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

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IntelliJ IDEA Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac OS X 10.5+ German Laptop Keyboard)Editing SpaceBasic code completion SpaceSmart code completion SpaceClass name completionComplete statement PParameter info JQuick documentation lookupF1External Doc+mouse overBrief Info F1Show descriptions of error/warning at caret, NGenerate code... OOverride methods IImplement methods TSurround with... _Comment/uncomment with line comment _Comment/uncomment with block comment QContext infoShow intention actions and quick-fixes LReformat code OOptimize imports IAuto-indent line(s) XCut current line or selection to clipboard VCopy current line or selection to clipboard VPaste from recent buffers... DDuplicate current line or selected block YDelete line at caret JSmart line joinSmart line splitStart new lineCollapse all,Move Statement up/downFind $ Replace FFind GFind next GFind previous RReplace FFind in path RReplace in pathSearch structurally (Ultimate Edition only)Replace structurally (Ultimate Edition only) F7 / F7Find usages / Find usages in file F7Highlight usages in file F7Show usagesNavigation OGo to class OGo to file OGo to symbol , +Go to next/previous editor tabF12Go back to previous tool window F4Close active run/messages/find/... tab LGo to line ERecent files popup , Navigate back, forwardNavigate to last edit location F1Select current file or symbol in any view B or clickGo to declaration BGo to implementation(s) space or YOpen quick definition lookup BGo to type declaration UGo to super-method/super-class ,Go to previous/next method [, ]Move to code block end/start F12File structure popup HType hierarchy HMethod hierarchy HCall hierarchyF2, F2Next/previous highlighted errorF4, Edit source / View sourceCompile & Run F9Make project F9Compile selected file, package or module RSelect configuration and run DSelect configuration and debug RRun DDebug R, DRun context configuration from editorDebuggingF8Step overF7Step into F7Smart step into F8Step out F9Run to cursor F8Evaluate expression F8Resume program F8Toggle breakpoint F8View breakpointsRefactoringF5CopyF6MoveSafe Delete F6Rename F6Change Signature NInline MExtract Method VIntroduce Variable FIntroduce Field CIntroduce Constant PIntroduce ParameterVCS/Local History KCommit project to VCS TUpdate project from VCS CView recent changes VVCS quick popupLive Templates JInsert Live Template JSurround With Live TemplateGeneral AFind Action 0 .. 9Open corresponding tool window F12Toggle maximize editor IInspect current file with current profileOpen project structure dialogTo find any action useFind Action ( A)(original Shortcut but displayed incorrectly in IDEA)(adapted Shortcut)non working shortcutVersion 1.0 May, 16 2012Victor VolleCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Germany License