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1. Weaam Abdelhadi Portfolio 2. My name is Weaam Abdelhadi, a Civil Engineer graduate from the American University of Sharjah. Even though I studied Engineering, my real passion is Art. I am extremely passionate about Graphic Design, painting, drawing and almost any kind of design. AndIhopeonedayIbecomeaveryfamous artist with a well known brand name. About me 2 3. 3 Weaam Abdelhadi Art is a business where you can find all kinds of painted arts, from portraits to landscapes to abstract arts. Logo Course project: Weaam Abdelhadi Art 4. 4 Brochure Front Weaam Abdelhadi Art 5. 5 Brochure Inside Weaam Abdelhadi Art 6. 6 Business papers Weaam Abdelhadi Art 7. 7 Bag Weaam Abdelhadi 8. 8 Client: Rabab Badr Graduation project, University of Sharjah Brochure Collage of three pictures on each side 9. 9 Client: Rabab Badr Graduation project, University of Sharjah Poster Collage of 17 pictures on a 5m x 1m divided panel 10. 10 Brochure Client: Maraya Nail Spa, Egypt 11. 11 Fann Gallery Fann Gallery is a gallery that offers modern Arabic art. Logo and business papers 12. 12 Oil paintings Intrests 13. 13 Watercolor portraits Intrests