Warwick Audio Technologies - Hi-Res Headphones&Amp (Dec15)
Warwick Audio Technologies - Hi-Res Headphones&Amp (Dec15)

Warwick Audio Technologies - Hi-Res Headphones&Amp (Dec15)

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Text of Warwick Audio Technologies - Hi-Res Headphones&Amp (Dec15)

  • Advancing the Hi-Res Audio Experience

    WAT-H01stereo headphones and amplifier

  • The WAT-H01 ultra high resolution electrostatic headphone sets a new benchmark in High-Res Audio headphones, offering superior accuracy, clarity, and emotional engagement - comparable with the best the audio industry can offer.

    For further details, contact; Martin Roberts+44 7720 555754m.roberts@warwickaudiotech.com

    The WAT-H01 is based on Warwick Audios lightweight, single ended, electrostatic laminate transducer delivering:

    Extended frequency response above 60 kHz with a smoother, flatter, more linear acoustical performance.

    An acoustical response free of breakup modes and other anomalies.

    Minimal acoustical reflection and diffraction effects.

    Optimal transient response.

    A more linear phase response across the entire audio spectrum.

    Lower distortion and increased dynamic range.

    The product of over 10 years of patented research, the WAT-H01 matches the audio performance and sound quality of the finest planar type headphones at significantly reduced cost.

    The WAT-H01 is supplied with the matching WAT- A01 drive amplifier. This high performance precision amplifier has been designed without compromise to deliver the best that the WAT-H01 can offer and preserve the fidelity of Hi Res audio content.

    The product with this logo is conformed to Hi-RES Audio standard defined by Japan Audio Society. This logo is used under license from Japan Audio Society. 2016 Warwick Audio Technologies Ltd. Third party trademarks are hereby acknowledged. This is a preliminary product brief. Contents are subject to change.

    Photographed on location at Highendheadphones.co.uk

    The WAT-H01 headphone and WAT-A01 drive amplifier reference designs are available to OEMs and ODMs for licensing.


    USB input accepts Hi-Res digital audio formats up to 32-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD (DoP64/128)

    Dual mono, state-of-the-art, 32-bit/384 kHz DACs with balanced outputs

    Advanced 32-bit/384 kHz ADC with balanced input buffers for analog inputs

    Discrete FET, single-ended Class A output amplifier

    State-of-the-art, double-precision digital signal processing

    Distortion: 100kHz

    CNC-machined aluminum enclosure minimizes susceptibility to vibrational energy, EMI and RFI


    Configuration Open-back, circumaural type

    Transducer Single-ended electrostatic, with HPEL diaphragm

    Effective diaphragm 3570mm2area

    Frequency response 10Hz to 65 kHz

    Maximum SPL 120dB (peak)

    Transducer mounting Engineering grade polymer and precision milled, lightweight 6061 alloy aluminium

    Ear pads and Handmade, top-grain leather headband pad

    Drive cables Shielded, balanced-impedance, ultra-low capacitance, OFC type