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  • A flagship of all flagships, Huawei Mate S stands firm with its latest iteration of what a stylish and functional smart phone should be.

    In an industry where fruits and galaxies reign supreme, a whole new avenue for competition is open for the minnows to prove their mettle. With their latest flagship the Mate S, Hua-wei have shown they can definitely stand and innovate right alongside the big guns.

    Ditching the shiny plastic finish that most phones from the region have taken to using, the Huawei Mate S 7.2mm thin body is adorned in premium aluminum and topped off with a 5.5inch 2.5D corning Gorilla Glass 4 curved display. The full 1080p AMOLED display makes photos and videos jump to life in vivid clarity even under direct sunlight, making your phone an ideal multimedia device as well. Combined with a blazing fast Octa-Core processor, the Huawei Mate S definitely is no slouch in terms of performance.

    These days, in lieu of a traditional point and shoot or even DSLR camera the mobile phone has become the perfect re-placement. The Mate S sports a 13mp camera with Optical Steady Shot rear camera and 8mp forward facing camera with soft front light, features often associated with more expensive and standalone cameras. For those who like to have a bit of a tinker and appreciate full control over their images, the cam-era app allows you to change ISO, White Balance and even exposure composition so that your pictures come out exactly how you imagined. All these features are supported by a zippy f/2.0 lens pro-tected by sapphire glass, increasing sharpness, allowing for beautiful shallow depth of field shots and keeping your camera lens scratch free.

    The most impressive features on the Huawei Mate S are how it marries its state of the art hardware with intuitive software to change up the mobile phone experience. With its rear fingerprint scanner, you can use it to unlock your phone easily with one hand, use it at a scroll pad to easily scroll through pictures, answer your phone or even take a selfie; added security and func-tionality with one device feature!

    The Huawei Mate S also features a unique take on using its Knuckle Sense 2.0, pressure sensitive technology on the screen by allowing you to use your fingers and your knuckles to tell your phone what to do! Best of all its fully customisable! For example, using your knuckles to draw the letter M can open music and C can open the camera. Users can cutomise it to their liking. On top of this knocking on the phone once or twice can open up a wealth of ways to record your screen as a screenshotor recording.

    Effortless integration of style and substance, the Huawei Mate S shows that a company who just a few years ago were knee deep in enterprise technology and networking, can do luxury, high-end smartphones with finer touches too.

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