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Warren Union Cemetery Warren Michigan Macomb County Michigan based on research which is ongoing. As families donate records I will be able to add a few more. Visit see cemeteries link for more information. Prof Wesley E Arnold humble historian [email protected]

Text of Warren Union Cemetery Warren Michigan

Warren Union Cemetery Warren Township Macomb County MichiganBy

Historian Prof Wesley Edward Arnold MAThis is the shortest of the research papers on this cemetery. See also Pioneer Cemeteries of Warren Township and Research paper on Who is buried in Warren Union Cemetery

A FREE PRESS IS THE SAFEGUARD OF FREEDOM. WHERE THEY BURN BOOKS THEY WILL BURN MEN. Where they take away freedoms THEY WILL TAKE AWAY MEN! Library of Congress Cataloging In Publication Data Arnold, Wesley Edward Warren Union Cemetery Warren Township Macomb County Michigan 2012 Rev JUNE 14, 2012 ISBN 0-915935-33-3

Copyright 2012 Wesley Edward Arnold Printed in Warren Michigan. Visit my Historical web site at where there are 8,000 pictures, 1,400 links to historical items, 800 best music clips, and abut 3,600 pages of research on the Warren Township area. Note if you can add information, or spot anything that needs correcting please contact me at [email protected] I want everything on this website to be truthful and accurate. If you disagree with anything call it to my attention. If you have proof of anything that is not accurate I will correct it. I am old and what is important is that the historic truth be told not who is right or that I am right. I would rather be truthful and correct. It is not important who is right but the truth is to be up up on this website. Let me know what you think.

The Warren Union Cemetery is located between the Red Run River and Chicago Road East of Ryan Road in the North West corner of Warren Township, Warren Michigan. Pioneer farmer Peter Gillette sold a parcel of land in 1845 to eighteen families for a burial ground reserving for his family a large lot. The Warren Union Cemetery Association was organized in 1852 to maintain the 2 1/4 acres. The historical plaque which is wrong states it has 325 graves that date from the 19th Century. Note more recent studies indicate over 500 graves date from 19 Century plus nearly 500 buried or sprinkled after 1900 that have a stone or stone fragment; but if one counts unmarked graves there could be 1,0003000. However no one alive knows as records were not kept. In Warren Township the oldest recorded cemetery burials were at the Warren Union Cemetery, followed by the St Clement Cemetery located on Engleman West of Van Dyke. St Clement's first recorded burial was March 27, 1854. Over 800 burials date from the nineteenth century and over 1,500 burials prior to1943. Some burials were not recorded. St Clement area Catholic families who had lost a child such a stillborn can not find any record of the burial or last rights. However this was and is a Catholic cemetery centered in the middle of Warren. But believe it or not Warren Union Cemetery could actually have more burials as it accepted all faiths and has hundreds of stillborns, hour old babies, day old babies, children, paupers and pioneers who did not have money, means, or didn't see need for an engraved marker, 1-3 thousand possible burials over nearly 170 years. Also Warren Union Cemetery is about ten years older than St Clement Cemetery which stopped accepting burials for awhile. Remains were also brought in to Warren Union Cemetery of persons who had died before cemetery was established. That large number which at first appears to be way off is in the realm of the possible because this cemetery took all faiths, all persons and stillborns, and hours old babies, day old babies, children and paupers and anyone who died in the Warren Township and Sterling area. But St Clement was limited to Catholics and one church and it appears to have almost 3,000 burials and its old section is smaller than Warren Union Cemetery. St clement has also lost many years of its records so the number they give as the number of burials is smaller than actual burials. I know as I have more older records on St Clement cemetery than St Clement now has. The records of Warren Union Cemetery are lost due to great negligence, disrespect and dereliction of duty of those responsible and sad to report that negligence and disrespect continues on to this day. As a researcher and historian who has done more research on Warren area history than anyone else to date it has to be sadly reported that this city has a very small grave robber gang. Police reports have been filed. There were also local farm burials prior to 1850 but records of these are lost. This includes the two burials at the Bunert Farm in a mound allegedly used by Indians for burials. One house on what was the old River Road (Chicago Road) has a stone grave marker. A local historian interested in documenting our local history for future generations commenced a several year study of Warren and Warren Union Cemetery by stopping at the Methodist church on Chicago Road and asked to see the cemetery records. That request turned up the response of what records we have none nor do we have anything to do with the cemetery now. The historian went to the local Warren Historical Society and they stated they did not maintain records and could not find their records they had and referred me to a private individual whom could not find her very limited records. I tried St Paul UCIC Church who owns most of the cemetery and was told they had no records. I later began attending that church did so for over a year and am in the process of joining it. Discovered they have a cemetery committee which consisted of only a couple people. They refused repeated requests to allow me to see their records. This committee appears to be somewhat secretive and does not hold regular meetings. In fact I tried for over a year to attend a cemetery meeting and had important business for them to take care of but this was totally ignored. It seemed that One Ann Pycheck appears to want to keep all of the dealings, decisions etc. only to herself and does not want anyone else involved. It also appears that this committee has ignored needed cemetery business. Example I wanted to tell them a big stone was about to topple and could hurt or kill a child. I have yet to figure out why this person or group

is so secretive. They turn a deaf ear to anything they do not want to deal with but in all fairness they do manage to pay one half of the mowing and sometimes kick out money out of their huge cemetery fund to pay for emergency tree cutting. Anyway I was amazed and shocked that this church who has owned most of this cemetery since 1884 has failed to maintain any records. I went to the Burton Historical Collection and made a copy of the 1938 survey of this cemetery made by the Detroit Genealogical Society which appeared to be done and double checked with a high degree of accuracy by different surveyors a year later. Around that time the local historical society had done the same thing and had someone type up the list which they are selling during cemetery walks with Dorothy Cummings. Since Dorothy has lived near the cemetery for most of her life. I interviewed her to learn what I can to put down in my books for future generations. I found out that she lived away from the Warren area for quite awhile and had not kept records. She was not the responsible person for records. In fact I interviewed many persons and visitors to the cemetery during the many months I was in the cemetery taking measurements and readings. One person told me records were kept on a board but that had rotted out and was trashed. Another told me that a church lady had good records but after she died her kids threw everything out including a big map of where most of the old burials were. Another told me records were destroyed when a church basement flooded. One man told me he suffered two broken legs when a stone fell on him while he was a child. That could happen again to a child there as both St Paul and the Warren Historical Society have ignored my suggestions that we take emergency actions to fix the tilting stones. It is now 2012 and after doing research in and about this cemetery for a few years and the people of the surrounding area for many years I am in process of publishing my findings free to all in a 20 volume history of the Warren Area. Not to brag but just to state a fact I have done more research than anyone else including (and I list them with great respect and honor to them) Gerald Neil, Mike Grobbel, Jack Schram, Harold Stilwell, Pat Hallman and others such as Fred Gemmill (in telling the history of the City of Warren. I collaborated with him on the book Pathways to Freeways. You can recognize my writing in the first quarter or so of the book.) I also greatly helped Martha Burczyk with her Warren history book. Both of those books are nice but very incomplete so since I retired and since my time left here in this world is very short I decided to type up my research and give it to future generations without cost. You can see my books and print out any of the 10,000 pictures you wish or print any of the 4,000 pages. As far as Warren Union Cemetery I have recorded, measured, figured, researched, talked with many visitors and locals. Visit my Historical web site at where there are lots of pictures history, historical videos and 800 of the best music pieces of the past all free. There are over 2,000 links on that web site. 600 to pages of history. Plus there is the 20 volume History of the Warren area all free my gift to you and future generations. There are many unmarked burials in this cemetery there is no doubt. There are township records, church records, newspaper obits and articles and family records indicating or implying that multiple persons were buried there yet there is now no stone now marking that grave. I am finding these slowly with time as people contact me as a result of my huge history website. If my maker grants me a few more years I intend to add these records as I receive them to the record of burials I have researched. Researchers who have studied this cemetery and other older Michigan cemeteries have found that there are often many more persons buried than there are stones. Millar Cemetery over on 16 Mile has only 54 head stones yet I have been told there are probably over 100 burials there if not more. At another location Archeologist Scott Akridge was amazed when he visited a local cemetery in 2004. "As many as 200 graves are located here," he said, although only six headstones exist. Most of the 180 cemeteries in the county have numerous graves that are unmarked or marked only with unscribed field stones. Many military veterans lie in these spaces. ( And there are thousands of Civil War soldiers in unmarked graves. (I have identified a few that may be in Warren Union Cemetery.) And many thousands more

babies and children in unmarked graves around our country. Every one of you have hundreds of relatives in unmarked graves. Do you doubt me. OK Where are your great great grandparents uncles aunts and cousins buried? First nearly all descendants are out of that area and do not know where they are buried. Are there markers? The answer is to 99% of the people who have researched this is no. There are few if any marked gravestones prior to the Civil War and virtually none for babies, children and stillborns. And there were more child deaths than adult deaths. (Just do a Google search on unmarked graves and see for yourself.) After looking at my research and others research it is discovered that Warren Union Cemetery may have hundreds of more burials than stones now show. Here is the basis for that claim. Consider that the original 19 families who had lots 10 feet by 30 most did not place stones. That could be over hundreds of burials, of which just a few now have stones. This was not considered at all when the uninformed social club that is called the Warren Historical Society chose words for the plaque. Also consider that in the early days this cemetery was expanded many times as lots were sold and were used and the area was filled up often with children who died of the many childhood diseases we now have cures for. There were a lot of stillborns. Many mothers died in childbirth. Consider again that many additional families bought lots but did not place stones when someone died. And consider that many babies died at birth or shortly thereafter and were buried in the back or on top of other burials. And in those days most had big families and they usually filled up their lots and had to buy additional lots here and elsewhere (We have proof of that from several sources. Dorothy Cummings for example stated that her family had to buy additional graves in other cemeteries even though her dad was a Warren Township official and her family had sold land to the cemetery. There were simply no free graves available. Records of other cemeteries verify this. There were many deaths from many diseases we now have cures for which killed many babies, children and adults. Sometimes there were multiple deaths of children in the same family and some died within days of each other. Some may have been placed in the same grave and no marker ever put there. Remember that there were no funeral homes and that the corpse remained in the family home until burial. Burial was carried out quickly before WWII. I have diaries from those days that often show a person died and was most often buried the next day. Families did not want a body even of a loved one in the home for long particularly if they had died of an unknown cause. There were fears that what killed the corpse would kill others. Fluids would leak out of the corpse and there were often terrible odors. Within as little as four hours after death decomposition in different body areas may cause tissue gas to form from the bacteria Clostridium perfringens. This is particularly true if a contaminate is present such as vomit, feces, a wound, sores, inflammation, gangrene, etc. The result is a skunk like odor and gasses released. If the house is heated in the winter or if it is summer this is compounded. Decomposition in a part of a corpse can in just a few hours spread to other parts of the body thru fluids and bacteria in the corpse. And ask anyone who has slept with a corpse in the next room spooky to be sure and terrifying to children and some adults. There were no funeral homes and no refrigeration or embalming. So in the old days corpse was buried sometimes the same day or the next day and as soon as a grave could be dug which was by hand using pick and shovel. Church services were held as soon as possible. Sometimes in the family members and diggers were weak or due to rain, snow, frost, cold or other problems the grave may not have been dug deeply in the old days before undertakers and machinery. In the old days in rural America, which is what Warren Township was, families buried their own with just a shovel and sometimes with just a shroud. And those who think that every burial was in a six foot deep 3 foot by 6 foot hole should try digging one to understand the magnitude of the work involved in doing that by hand with only a shovel. Even those who have dug a grave for a family dog in the back yard can attest to the work involved. It was many hours of very hard work. Now days grave heaters thaw the ground in the winter and mechanical diggers do the work in a short time

regardless of the weather. Pumps can even pump out the water in the hole. When I placed a stone in a family plot on another cemetery the sexton warned me to be careful digging even for a shallow foundation for the stone as he stated he discovered that sometimes old graves were not dug very deep. With the wooden casket rotted away human bones were all that is left and as a hand shovel planted them there a hand shovel sometimes unintentionally disturbs them many years later. In the back bones were discovered but no one bothered to investigate. Quite some time ago a skull was found exposed there. The fact is this cemetery has been neglected, ignored, vandalized, eroded, abused and I can testify that very few people care about it. Stillborn burials were sometimes placed on top of a prior burial or in a shallower grave. Remember this was a very rural area and was mostly farmland. The village itself just had a few little shops but they were way East of here. This was surrounded by farmland and trees so anyone could actually come here and bury a body and probably not be questioned. Of course with time as the area farms were sub-divided that changed. But still people still have their drunken doings and affairs here and as a caretaker for the church I end up picking up their whiskey bottles and condoms. And as crowded as it is now few calls are made to the police. Just a note I found that a few have been scared off by the dark thing here but I am not about to research that and can't verify it. Myself and others have felt the children here at least by day. I have given night tours to researchers can't say we saw anything but we felt sort of a creepy presence. Perhaps it was within us from seeing too many horror movies. Don't know. Also consider that many stillborns and newborns were were rarely marked. Many were buried on top of regular already used lots. Very few of these were noted on any existing grave stone. Even now many families have baby graves without markers. Consider that the older graves were most often not marked by stones at all and that the older part of the cemetery was considered full by 1945 and many families had to buy lots elsewhere. Consider that there are 2000-3000 grave spaces (depending on grave width and other considerations explained further down) inside the currently fenced area even after subtracting aisles and that there is considerable more cemetery property outside of the current fence at the back. (more room for perhaps 500-1000 burials considering still borns.) Consider that the back of the cemetery where many babies & paupers and possible secretives were buried extended much further than the now fenced in area and was partly changed by the 1950s Red Run project and by erosion since. The fence was erected in 1986. Before that anyone could bury, in reality, wherever they pleased when no one was around. There were many shrubs and trees in the back and it was probably possible to bury without being noticed. Families who suffered stillborn or baby deaths did not usually want a big funeral or a stone as there was a stigma about this. The family home served as the funeral home and most families just buried the remains in the cemetery quickly and privately and did not want a marker to remind them of a stillborn or sickly often unnamed baby which would prolong the sorrow of the already guilt ridden grief stricken mother. The sister cemetery St Clement with good records shows 1.5 2 children buried for each adult with only about 6% of child deaths registered at the county. Using that rate suggests the possibility that there could be as many as 1500 babies and children buried there. County Death records for Warren indicate 50% of the recorded deaths were children prior to WWI but that was only from recorded deaths. There were hundreds more particularly still borns and infants that were not registered. Liading to the rate being 1.5-2 children per adult burial. And not even all adult burials were registered before WW1. Add another possibly few hundred or so adults without markers and you have the cemetery up to capacity. As we have been told by the oldsters many times that the cemetery is full. The above makes

mathematical since. But no one alive now knows for sure. Additional collection of family records will give us just a few. Also the infant mortality rate back then was very high approximately 200 per 1000 per annum. Many other old cemeteries have hundreds of now unmarked graves many of which are children. Figure of the 1000 burials in Warren Union Cemetery only 150 show children when county death records of Warren show there are 500 child deaths per 1000 registered deaths add unregistered and there is the possibility of 1,500-2000 child burials counting stillborns. Strong probably of over 1000. That shows many unmarked plus when one considers that less than 6% were even registered and considering the actual rate per the sister cemetery which is much higher, and also considering the mortality rate there are at the very least hundreds of additional unmarked burials. Again no one alive knows now as records were not kept. Researchers have done the math of all of the above and say that there is high probability that hundreds of children and many adults are buried in Warren Union Cemetery without markers. We should at least recognize the possibility of this. In fact it is much more likely that there are many unmarked graves than now marked graves. This is true of many older cemeteries. Remember this is not a commercial cemetery like Forest lawn or Detroit Memorial where records have been maintained and burial practices standardized. While I was reading stones on several occasions I met visitors and told them that there were probably many children buried here without markers and that many were killed with much suffering by diseases we have cures for now like whooping cough, scarlet fever, smallpox, diphtheria. One cause of death called summer complaint was just inflammation of the bowel caused by bacteria in the Milk causing severe painful cramps. Remember there was no refrigeration back in the old days but many children died from it. I even suggested that it would be nice to have a memorial to them. Many of these babies and children died terrible deaths. Whooping cough, scarlet fever, diphtheria, typhoid fever, inflammation of bowels, summer complaint with severe pain. Many feel these children without even a marker should at least be honored. A beautiful memorial was donated in memory of the children and pioneers now without markers.

The above memorial was causing no harm. There was lots of room for it. It even quoted one of the researchers. Then the grave robber gang ripped it out of the cemetery. They did not even consider research findings. And there was no vote of the membership. What would it have hurt to honor these poor children who suffered terribly in their last days?

There are many soldiers and soldiers families buried at Warren Union Cemetery. Unfortunately many may be buried there and now have no marker. There are several Civil War soldiers who are possibly buried there. Searches of other cemeteries further away does not turn up their name. So it certainly opens up the logical possibility that many of them are buried here. Families were poor and often did not know about later placing a government paid for stone. Researchers have discovered their names. In the many hours I spent in this cemetery (one of seven I have researched) I met many visitors. We sometimes discussed soldiers buried here. I would show them Neil Reid's stone and VanFleet's and so on. I often mentioned that there were probably several others buried here now without any marker at all and that we now knew the names and they are on my big history website. I suggested that I hoped someday that someone would donate a memorial listing these men who died (many as just Warren farm boys) so that their service to our country would not be forgotten. Well in 2011 some caring folks donated a memorial to these soldiers. They copied the information off of The list was on the stone was not meant to be a list of burials but rather an honoring for future generations of these Warren men who served for us. For many of these Warren men this was the only marker naming them. It was based on research of several researchers. The young people today are not taught history and it is fitting to honor the service of these men. Many of us feel that we should honor our soldiers many of which who served, and or died for our freedoms. This historian is a veteran who knows what it is like to serve in a war and to lose friends. I feel that these soldiers should be honored. They also stole an expensive black granite memorial to Warren's Unknown soldier right off of a grave. Back in the 1940s the Detroit Memorial Society did a detailed survey of this cemetery and noted a soldiers grave marked by a flag here. Through the years the records were lost in a flood of the church basement. Now we don't even know the family name. They also stole the memorial to all veterans honored all veterans and those who died in attacks on our country.(unlike the Village monument which came months later and honors only those who are interred there.) The gang probably felt that the first memorial (the one above) to all veterans was in competition with their new memorial and they wanted an excuse to get rid of it. But the memorials were quite a ways away from each other so there was no reason why the first one should be removed. It served a good purpose. It pointed out something that our young people are not taught in school. Most young people can't tell you about Pearl Harbor or WWII or even why or who we fought and many are unaware of events of 9-11 and that over 400 policemen and firemen were among the 3000 killed. It gives a message to our young people to be vigilant and be prepared. And after all these years they put out a book and left those honored by those memorials out of their book. Perhaps this social clique should be renamed the Heritage Robbing Society because they did indeed rob future generations of our Warren Heritage. It is time they corrected this serious mistake and do what is right and place new

memorials out there to replace the ones they trashed or sold whatever. If they do I will remove these statements from my pages. It is time they restored our Warren Heritage and stop stealing it. And now their new rules allow them to remove any stone they don't like anytime without notice. Who appointed them cemetery Gods who steal memorials families have placed from a cemetery they don't even own. They also stole a stone that honored the flag that these men died for and what it stood for it said: Our flag stands for Liberty, Justice Free Speech - Press, Maintain our Freedoms. This is what these men fought and died for. Now many of the young people Do not know what our flag stands for or what it stood for or even why and who we fought in WWII.

These memorials were causing no harm. They posed no threat. There is nothing disrespectful or wrong with them. There was lots of room for them. These memorials were given to these hometown soldiers, without cost to the city, honoring these our Warren boys.Nothing was found wrong with the memorials. Now it has been discovered that there are even more stones missing. The families who donated these memorials probably live out of town and are unaware of what has happened. No one rips stones off of a grave and no patriotic citizen would rip out memorials belonging to our fallen soldiers and those who died on 9-11. These memorials were not their property nor is this cemetery. They have stolen memorials belonging to soldiers who gave their lives for our freedoms. This is the most shameful event in Warren's history. According to the Warren Police, WWJ, and Macomb Daily officers of the Warren Historical Society are behind the stealing of at least 5 expensive memorials from Warren Union Cemetery. They do not own the cemetery or the markers, They did this secretly by two people, without just cause, without a public hearing, without notification to the membership, police, City Council or even property owners. They robbed Warren's unknown soldier memorial from a grave and they stole a memorial that listed Warren soldiers who are buried there. This was the only memorial showing the names of these soldiers. Nothing was found wrong with these memorials in a later public meeting And they stole the memorial to all veterans and to those who died on attacks on our country and 9-11 (including over 400 policemen and firemen) and they stole another that honors our flag and yet another that honors those many children and pioneers buried there without markers. These memorials were causing no harm. There is lots of room for them. They posed no threat. There is nothing disrespectful or wrong about these memorials. The memorials were there to honor men who died and to educate visitors especially young people who no longer learn about history in school. We veterans who survived wars speak for the soldiers buried there. We veterans went through hell, were wounded, saw friends die, heard the pain filled screams of mortally wounded men, put friends body parts into body bags, accompanied friends caskets home. We served our country with honor and integrity. We feel it is wrong to steal soldiers memorials and especially ones which show soldiers honored service to future generations for whom they fought and died. They at least earned their name on a granite memorial and this grave robbing gang has no right to steal soldiers memorials they don't own out of our cemetery. Now visitors including young people will not be able to see who these soldiers were. Now many of our soldiers have no marker at all because the only one they had was stolen. It appears that the persons who did this are now so ashamed of their actions they are now trying to blame others. This was not an action by the historical society rather just two persons. The membership or public had not been informed and The Village Commission did not vote on this.

Taking property that is not yours is called stealing and when it is worth several thousand dollars it is grand larceny. It has been over a year and they have not returned or replaced them. Disrespecting our soldiers who were killed or put their lives on the line for our freedom is wrong. Stealing memorials that name our soldiers is worse than disgraceful. They are robbing our history left for our young people who no longer are taught history in school. No one should be allowed to steal memorials (property they don't own) out of a cemetery they don't own. We veterans feel that they have disrespected our soldiers, our flag and those who died on attacks to our country. These memorials were donated without cost to the city possibility by out of town descendents of those buried there. We veterans are asking that The Warren Village Commission simply acknowledge that these memorials are not a threat to anyone, harm no one, honor our Warren Soldiers many of which are buried in Warren Union Cemetery which has lots of room for them and does so without cost to the city. We also ask that the people who removed them without public notice or the vote of The Village Commission simply return them without cost to the city. This will also avoid costly and ugly legal battles supported by hundreds of veterans over the improper removal (grand larceny) and disrespecting of our soldiers. This simple and cost free action would make The Warren Village Commission heroes to thousands of Warren children, and veterans who look to them to preserve our Warren Village Historical and American Heritage to future generations. Another way to look at this is that it was a big mistake by these two people. They have the opportunity now to rectify the mistake by returning the memorials. Respect our Warren soldiers and those who died by allowing their names to be seen without cost and honored on these granite stones in their home town Warren Village. This also fulfills the missions of The Warren Historical Commission, the society and Village Commission to preserve our history and educate future generations. But if they choose to disrespect our soldiers and veterans and those who died defending our freedom and on attacks on our country let it be known that we will mount a campaign against those few disrespectors and there are hundreds of us. And we veterans are not going to allow men and women who died to be disrespected and their history stolen from our local cemetery. Attention attorneys we are looking for attorneys who are willing to help us fight this cause. We are willing to do fund raising to pay you. We are looking for banks or organizations who are willing to accept donations directly to them for this cause. None of us is to accept funds rather they are to go directly to the banks. History will note whether these disrespectors of those who died for our freedom shall be known as the Warren "Hysterical" grave robbing gang, or shall be known as Historical Heroes who preserved our American Heritage, educated future generations and respected our soldiers.

This Hysterical grave robbing gang even states that they now will remove anything that they don't like including grave stones without warning. See their new dictated rules. I am a member of the Warren Historic Commission and a copy of this was given to us. One rule states all stones must have a 42 inch deep foundation using 5-6% aerated concrete. This means that a simple four inch flat headstone requires this huge unreasonable foundation which in several cases will mean that creating it may actually desecrate remains because in the old days not all remains were buried below this level. Even today the top of a vault is often only about four feet down. What if a baby is buried on top of this? And there are often shallow graves in old cemeteries. Remember these were dug by hand, often in bad weather sometimes with rain partly filling the grave hole. If the body had an infectious disease or the family was ill or weak or if the ground was frozen or if it was pouring rain all of that influenced how deep the grave was dug. More than one person including a sexton informed me to be careful in digging around in cemeteries because in a few cases the remains were not far below the surface. Remember this is not a modern commercial cemetery where commercial mechanical diggers do the hard work. Rather

this is a rural farmers cemetery. The new unnecessary rules do not even allow people to leave a flower on a stone or grave without a receptacle. This is unreasonable to loved ones and creates unnecessary work for me a caretaker. We don't need more plastic glass and metal things blowing around to get cut up by the mower and create sharp fragments that can injure children and hurt feet. If they are so concerned about foundations there are many stones that have fallen over (like Metro which may weigh half a ton) and some that are on the verge and they have done nothing about this. I brought this to their attention over a year ago and even suggested they have a company fix a few of the taller monuments that are teetering on the verge of falling over and possibly hurting someone especially children who lean and may pull on them. A child could actually be killed there it is so dangerous. I met a man there who had two legs broken by a falling stone there when he was a child. But they have ignored my warning. The people responsible for the records through time most likely varied in their duties integrity and accepting of responsibility. But is clear that several folks along the way were negligent in their duty and responsibility. This is most disgraceful. It is not uncommon for rural cemeteries to be neglected and records lost but there was a village here. This is absolutely inexcusable. And it is even more so for a local historical society that has been around for a very long time to not to have pursued the gathering of records and now for their actual selling or disposing of memorials placed in this cemetery by families in memory of their loved ones. They all seem like nice persons. But their their ignorance of research by my myself and others leading to the stealing of the only Soldiers Memorial naming many buried here, and the Unknown Soldier memorial, and the Memorial to all Soldiers and those Killed on Attacks on our Country, and the stealing of the Flag Memorial and the Children and Pioneers Memorial and most recently of several other memorials now perhaps even including Epitaphs and markers is criminal (grand larceny), disrespectful, destructive of history and inexcusable. And as a soldier and veteran when one considered what soldiers have had to go through in war and that many of them died and to have someone who has never fought for our country or accompany a casket home with a dead comrade or carry his body out of a battle, I have to stand up and say this was wrong. As a soldier and veteran I will work until I die to respect our soldiers and their honor. But I am old and in poor health and all I can do is write books and speak to people because it seems no one cares. We soldiers die to secure our freedom and low lifes like these rip out our gravestones and destroy our history. I fully earned the right to speak for these Warren boys who served our country. We feel ripping out soldiers memorials is desecration and treason. History of Warren Union Cemetery June 21 1845 Peter Gilette sold a piece of property 9 rods north and south and 12 rods east and west for $12 to establish a burying ground. Sold to: Isaac and Oliver Barton, F Ames, W Davy, A Dennison, Halsey, A Hitchcock, J Hoxie, S Royce, R. Smith, C Smith, W Torey, J Scott, A Haight, E Johnson, W Jenny, O Murry, and others. (I have to get deed to finish this) The original cemetery was 294 square feet or .625 acres. It was divided into lots 10feet by 30 feet. But soon more land was added. More land was purchased in 1854, 1877 and 1885 making the total 1 acre. As this paper is already too long I have deeds, maps and other documents relating to this cemetery in my document book. Some of them show which piece of land was added when and where. There arises the question of how many grave spaces are in the land area of this cemetery. That is not easy to answer. Sure in a modern cemetery you can plan out in advance how wide and long the graves will be and what aisles and paths there will be but in 1845 we only have the size of a lot. There are now 49 rows the total width is 533.36 feet divided by 49 gives an average row of 10.88 or about 11 feet that fits fairly well except at the back where things appear to get out of alignment. I took measurements thinking OK a grave is perhaps 3 feet wide and ten feet long and the ends with a three foot aisle but those do not fit. Some lots have graves closer together some are farther apart and the aisles do not all go straight. The human body was smaller back in 1845 and most of the burials were children so that throws things off also. The average body considering that many died at a younger age was as an adult 15 inches wide a child from four inches to 12 inches wide. That is no help. The

average coffin in modern time is 28 inches wide but back then would been a little smaller. If the average body was adult was 15 inches than the coffin (widest at the shoulders) was less than 18 inches wide and they could be in times of epidemic fitted one pointing East and one pointing west to fit in the already crowded family lot, at two to a yard width. Remember many coffins were for younger persons and were hand made. Some children were buried with only the blankets they died on wrapped around them. Remember at times burials were done very quickly often the same day or next day as they did not want the body in the home. Particularly with stillborns burial was often quick and sometimes private. At that time there were an average of 15-20 children buried for each 10 adults. Some years more than that. St Clement had 2 children per adult several years and one year 4 per adult. A 10 foot by 30 foot lot can hold from 1-20 adults on just one layer 40 on two layers. Or 10-15 adults and with the room at the bottom an additional 1-120 children. That last number being babies. Not that likely but just pointing out the possible. And with double layer 30 adults and 240 babies. (do the measurements yourself and it is an unlikely but physical possibility.) Of course this is in physical theory seems impossible but is quite possible. In practice many babies and children were buried at the ends of or on top of an adult burial. The concept of a standard grave size does not fit these old family plots. In a 10 foot by 30 foot at 24 inches 15 adults side by side or with 28 inches width 12.8 adults, with 30 inch width 12 adults and with 36 inches 10 adults side by side with room for children at the end. With a ten foot space there is four feet which means many babies, or several toddlers or a few preteens also would fit in a 10 by 30 lot. Of course we are talking of burials. If there was a family that wanted cremation (which was relatively uncommon back then) many many more could be buried or sprinkled on/in that lot. So a 10 by 30 foot lot can have 1-30 adults and 1-240 babies. That are the physical possibilities but what about in practice. Without good records or digging up remains that answer is elusive. It appears most likely that there are probably 10-20 burials in a full 10x30 lot considering several being children or babies. Some lots have less some lots may have more than that. We don't have a way to find. Ground radar may not work on these old graves as caskets and bones dissolve. What about grave width. Now a study of existing lots shows that many graves average about 36 inches but some are less and some are more. Consulting history the standard coffin was only 28 inches wide on outside. Several spacings were computed with results below. Remember families were poor and saved everywhere they could so they could bury in narrow or wider space as they chose. The cemetery property is roughly 533.36 wide by 237.75 feet North but the first 27 rows are only about 166 feet North. The northern strip which is about 60 feet wide and goes full length of cemetery was probably used for stilborns, babies and paupers but is now eroded and wild. At 36 inch width that amounts to 3010 total grave spaces, at 30 inches 3721 grave spaces, at 28 inches 3987 grave spaces and at 24 inches 4651 grave spaces. This is total potential graves on one layer. Now subtract area behind fence if it is determined that it wasn't used, but it was used at least a little because bones have been sighted in the erosion in past. This was a good place for stillborns, day old nameless babies and paupers and by those who wanted to bury someone and did not have the money to pay for a grave. Don't think this could not happen. There were no state agencies, 911 or funeral homes to help. Remember the family home was the funeral home. The body remained in the home until buried. Oh come on would you want to keep a body in your house especially if it might be infected and a threat to your family and children. Remember this was a rural area and did not necessarily have a farmhouse nearby. A deceased could be brought by farm wagon especially stillborns just after dusk and buried in the back behind shrubs without being noticed. This is not without possibility. Although not common it is more on the side of probable. Row 49 would have 95 graves at 30 inch spacing 79 at 36 inch 101 at 28 inch and 118 at 24 inch grave spacing. Row 28 would have 95 graves at 30 inch spacing 79 at 36 inch 101 at 28 inch and 118 at 24 inch grave spacing. Row 27 would have 66 graves at 30 inch spacing 55 at 36 inch 71 at 28 inch and 83 at 24 inch grave spacing. Row 2 would have 57 graves at 30 inch spacing 47 at 36 inch 54 at 28 inch and 74 at 24 inch grave spacing.

Row 1 is not counted as it has been intruded upon by West property owner. And what is cemetery property and what was cemetery property is unknown without a survey. The deed states the line is straight but now his land encroaches into the cemetery for his drainage. And his drainage may be responsible partly for the severe erosion at the back of the cemetery. I have chosen in my computations to use 36 inch width figure because I can just list the graves in yards and because I think it fits the thinking of the people and the times. Families could and did bury closer than that and some farther apart depending on financial needs, weather at burial etc. Charting this out on a map worked fairly well to the 36 inch width but is wider than many burials were. Now how deep. Even now even states differ Florida minimum is 12 inches but this can be waved by next of kin. Many states use the six foot standard some states are less and private cemeteries also vary. Was that enforced? Well in the 1850s the family itself had to dig the grave or hire someone. If the body had an infectious disease or the family was ill or weak or if the ground was frozen or if it was pouring rain all of that influenced how deep the grave was dug. More than one person including a sexton informed me to be careful in digging around in cemeteries because in a few cases the remains were not far below the surface. Babies and stillborns were often not buried at six feet even today. So to answer the question of how deep are the remains the answer is we don't know and I am not gong to dig to find out. Let them rest in peace. This is why I objected to Warren hysterical society's new rule that all foundations must be 42 inches deep. This could easily put a contractors machine digger into remains. They brushed me off saying suddenly that it would be handled by the committee. What committee? Who appointed them grave police? Who do they think they are to tell a family that they can't put a marker, epitaph or name brick on a family plot that is a hundred years old and have to hire a contractor to dig down 42 inches and aerate the concrete. They are insisting on this but ignore stones seriously tilting that can kill children or hurt people. I will encourage and prod them into taking action to do what is right. I do not want to be negative but I am stating true observations in my research. If anything in any of my books is untrue I will gladly correct it if shown evidence in favor that a correction is needed. What is important is not that an old researcher is right but rather that the truth gets put into my books. I am old and my time left here is short I have absolutely nothing to gain by publishing an untruth. I have faithfully copied records and photographs and written down what people have told me. My books are my reputation and I want it to be that I was truthful. I have no desire to impress anyone rather just to be a humble historian who records our local history for future generations. On May 24, 1884 the trustees of the Evangelical St Paul's Church purchased the east portion of the cemetery. The name refers to the union of the Methodist and the St Paul's congregations cemetery. A Warren Union Cemetery Association was organized in 1852. The historical marker states it consists of two and one quarter acres. (But it now may be a bit larger than that because the Red Run edge was vacated.) Various parcels of land were added to the cemetery. In addition the easement of the Government land which runs 160 feet from the center of the Red Run River means that no one can build anything on the north side of the cemetery property. All that is allowed is plants. All and any property which had been owned to the North of the cemetery was either sold to become part of the cemetery or abandoned due to the easement which runs up to the cemetery property. Currently this easement is the River, the embankment, mowed weeds about 40 feed wide and the rest up to the cemetery fence is tree and shrub covered and now eroded with much decaying wood and overgrown. If you want to dispose of a body it is the almost perfect place. At a cemetery, out of sight soft ground possible bodies and easy access. For over 100 years the cemetery was maintained by family members and the two churches. The Methodist church abandoned the upkeep of the cemetery around the 1960s and those folks are Guilty of betraying the trust of the community by not at least protecting the records. What a shame! St Pauls kept up their side thru the years but the West side grew into a jungle. The Warren Historical Society began saving the cemetery in the late 1970s.

It sponsored the first clean up fix up on Aug 12, 1978. (Actually it wasn't the first which was done over a hundred years ago) Fotos were in a blue album. Cleanups-fixups were held yearly in May starting in 1979. The Warren Historical Society because of its work was awarded a Distinguished Service Award from Keep Michigan Beautiful in 1988. A girl scout troop from the May V Peck school help (leader Suzanne Thebert help with clean-up on May 22, 1980. May V Peck was the last burial in the west end. Was in 1980. Property owners can still bury relatives there as cemetery property does not expire. Cleanups were held in may in the 1980 . On June 8, 1982 a Walk thru the Past tour and picnic was begun. Dorothy wrote her cemetery story. In 1986 200 letters were sent to surviving residents and current residents requesting contributions. And $3200 was raised. Warren Historical Society voted to contribute all of the profits from their annual Homecoming raffle to the Cemetery fund. In 1986 the raffle made a profit of $1264. With this the Warren Historical Society in 1986 installed a six foot chain fence around the west, north and east sides, a total of 748 feet. Cost of $2,557,00. Also front fence was repaired from car crash. Cost $975. Stones repaired in west end $382. Another repair to front fence from another car crash. $208. Monthly summer mowings at $75 = $450 per mowing plus new power mower and gas weed whip. . $317. Through action of the Warren Historical Society the city was convinced that street lights would help deter vandalism. In summer of 1986 5 new street lights were installed on North side of Chicago Rd in front of Warren Union Cemetery. 1987 clean up at east end as Denise Bourjaily the mower had so well cared for West end.. Chris singletree again hired to repair some broken stones June 27, 1987. Society paid half St Paul paid other. Total bill $260.. Homecoming raffle of 1987earned $845. and was donated to cemetery fund. Dorothy Cummings and Pat Hallman conducted Cemetery Walk Sep 13, 1987. 50 people attended. Souvenir map printed on parchment paper designed by D Cummings and Jerry Schmeisser from Planning Commission. Following death of Harold Stilwell Warren Historical Society voted to install a new sign in h is honor. New sign commissioned $200. Installation free donation from Roger VanderVlucht who owns old Murthum house. In 1987 a young oak tree was donated by Maria Osterloh and planted in the west side of the cemetery by Maria and Dorothy Cummings. In 1987 a young flowering crab tree was donated by Dorothea Peterjohn and planted in the west side by Maria and Dorothy. Dorothy Cummings had a sign painted and tagged the old spruce tree as an Indian Marker Tree. At Christmas time Dorothy put a red ribbon and bow on it. 1987 Mowings total $450. 1988 Dorothy Comings working with St Paul to create an endowment fund for the continuing care of the entire Warren Union Cemetery. Locks installed on all 3 gates for winter 87-88. Since no evidence of vandalism with new street lights we did not repeat this in future years. Aug 24, 1988 received Distinguished Service Plaque from keep Michigan Beautiful for the beautification efforts in the cemetery. 1989 the St Paul's Cemetery Trust Fund papers were signed. Trustees: Merle Loch, Marilyn Dopp, & Dorothy Cummings.

1990 Nov 11 New flag pole and flag installed complements of Woodsmen of America. Work done by Andy Plischenko and June Cox. 1991 May 5 Denise Bourjaily began mowing the entire cemetery. Rat Stilwell had the cemetery sign painted. 1992 Sep 19 Dedication ceremony for Michigan Historic Marker. Representatives from Warren Historic Commission presented the marker. Mayor Bonkowski was present to accept and ministers from both St Paul and Methodist church were present. Approx 100 people attended. 1993 June 5 Matts Lawn Care took over mowing of cemetery. 1994 July Matt sold business to Showcase lawn Service owner Joe Machiniak. 1993 April 28 A time capsule closing ceremony was held at 2 PM to celebrate the Centennial of the Village of Warren. 1994 April The Grobbel group, 4H Garden Club started the Butterfly Garden in the cemetery. They laid out the flagstone cement walk; installed a wooden bench; dug up ground and planted some flowers. 1996 October a Joint work from Warren Historical Society and Warren Garden Club cleaned up and replanted the Butterfly garden. This work has been repeated most years since. Beginning in 1998 Tom Turmel of Warren has donated and installed as of 1999 28 trees and many shrubs. Before this time most of the cemetery was only grass with only the few big trees and the new Oak and Crab apple tree. As of 2012 one can see that he has transformed the cemetery into a place of beauty. He has done all of this without pay. Fourteen years later a stone plaque was presented to him and was going to be placed in the flower garden at Warren Union Cemetery but will end up in Toms personal garden for fear of the Warren Historical Society stealing that also. 2003 April Showcase Lawn Service sold business to GDM Lawn care owner June Mead. 2010 a Memorial to all soldiers, veterans and those who died on attacks on our country was donated anonymously by families. It urged our young people to be Vigilant and be prepared. In 2010 a Memorial to all veterans and those who died on attacks on our country was donated anonymously by families. It urged our young people to be Vigilant and Be Prepared. We think it filled a need because people forget and many youngsters were too young to remember the events or not born yet. And young people need to know that our country can be and has been attacked more than once. Our young folks for the most part are not taught about Pearl Harbor or WWII, or 9-11. Many were too young to remember what happened or not even born yet. We should honor all veterans and those who died in the attacks on our country. Not just people who served in the military. We lost over 400 policemen and firemen on 9-11 with the 3000 who were killed. Shouldn't there be a remembrance of this for future generations. Well one was donated without cost to the city and there was lots of room for it in this old cemetery. And it was there a long time not hurting anything, doing no harm. And it was doing its job of educating visitors. I saw parents being children to that spot while I was doing research. Unfortunately the village veterans memorial did not do this job, did not mention all veterans or those who died in attacks on our country and only honored those interred here. Us veterans and those who knew firemen or relatives who died at Pearl Harbor or on 9-11 feel the newer memorial was nice but a little shortsighted. Those folks who placed the new one needlessly ripped out the old one even though it was in a different place, and that upsets us veterans. What a shameful act. In 2011 the Village Commission had extra money in its city account and decided it was going to donate a memorial to veterans interred in the cemetery. It was placed in the cemetery with great fanfare, The dedication was June 15, 2011. Old time military band (5th Michigan Regiment Band) playing, mayor speaking and the Warren Police Honor guard. A tent set up for shelter. There was lots of guests and

publicity. This brought a lot of attention to this old cemetery. Perhaps partly as a result families donated four memorials to our soldiers and a Children's Memorial. The majority of descendants of the early Warren families live out of town and in other states. The families who donated these memorials were probably from out of town and they made the donations anonymously. My guess was this was done to put the emphasis on the message on the memorials rather than on who donated it. It may be noted that they consulted historian Wesley Arnold's big website for the names of the soldiers buried there and other information because that was the only source available and he probably had given them his web site card when they visited the cemetery. Another factor was that the historian had spent many hours in that cemetery doing research taking measurements etc. During the time he was there he stated that several people visited and he gave them a tour and his website card. He also stated he often suggested that a memorial was needed naming our soldiers and he would like to see an unknown soldier memorial and that there were hundreds of children buried there without markers. He tells of one woman visitor who did not live in Warren who may have recently lost a relative who was very interested in the idea of these memorials. It is not polite to ask women for their name and addresses at first meeting so no notation of hers was made. Later in the year a flag was donated by Senator Levin that had flown over the White house. The Historical Society and Levin made a big show of this but totally neglected to mention the dangerous conditions in the cemetery and need of repairs. (Stones about to fall over that could harm people especially children.) The huge Metro stone had already gone over and that could have killed a child because it was too heavy for a rescuer to lift off of a child. On about July 14 five memorials were stolen from the cemetery. That evening the theft was discovered by historian Wesley Arnold and Tom Turmel and the police were called. The police refused to come as we could not give them an address for the cemetery as it has no address. Besides the 911 operator probably thought it was a prank call. Who reports stones stolen from a cemetery? So a police report was made late that night. The next morning Wesley was awakened by the Macomb Daily reporter wanting facts on the theft. It was amazing how the reporter could even know about this. It seems they check police reports in search of news to put in the paper. He requested he meet the historian at the cemetery and show him where the 5 stolen stones had been. During this time News 4 showed up with Bora Kim. It was pointed out that $4,000 worth of new beautiful granite markers had been stolen but we could not come up with any reason as nobody steals memorials from a cemetery. They could be resurfaced and sold was the only explanation that seemed logical. WWJ news radio also called the historian and he could only tell them what I knew. Well soon it was on the Radio. When I got home my phone was ringing and it was WWJ who told me that a woman (Sue Keffer) had called and confessed to having the stones removed. I called the Warren police and Lt Beck confirmed that Sue had called them and told them Warren Historical Society had the stones removed and that they knew where they were. The Warren police not knowing what to do just treated this incident as a dispute among historical society members, so no police action was taken. I called the Warren police and Lt Brock confirmed that Sue had called them and told them she had the stones removed. The Warren police not knowing what to do just treated this incident as a dispute among historical society members, so no police action was taken. The story did hit the Macomb Daily the next day 15 July. In 2012 it was discovered that additional memorials had been stolen a new stone with an Epitaph and others and also a bronze marker is missing. This has got to be stopped. Since the police won't do anything and since the families who donated these are probably from out of town all I can do is publicize this in my books and website. It is my hope that one of these families who donated these memorials will see this and sue the H out of them hopefully putting a stop to this stealing of memorials. As of 2012 now that public opinion is against the stealing of the memorials the officers of the Warren Historical Society are now trying to blame others. Now they are trying to say the Warren Village

Commission did it. But those folks did know anything about it (except for one person who I have named above who was one of those who physically removed the memorials) But even the minutes show that no vote was taken on this issue. But since the secretary of the group was the wife of one of the aledged perpetrators the minutes could be easily doctored. This historian was an insider in the Historical Society until this happened. I saw how they were upset at memorials they could not take credit for. And they were livid at my name having been quoted on two stones. And they wanted to blame me for donating the stones. (Even if I had had the thousands of dollars that cost which I didn't as I have better things to do with my little social security check than put out stones that only 12 people are going to see in a year. I actually can't take credit for these memorials. I did promote the idea of the need for these memorials to visitors of the cemetery.) It was obvious that they were irritated that anyone but them could put memorials in that cemetery and take credit for it which I did not do. They kept this from me which is why the stealing was done in secret because I was on the Historic Commission. (So were they) I have since quit volunteering for this group. I tried fighting this at the Commission meeting but was outnumbered and outvoted. I was the only one who defended these memorials. As a Veteran and former soldier it was my duty. Sorry to have spent so much of your time on this. Anyway I will close with one last veteran statement again and move on. We veterans who survived wars speak for the soldiers buried there. We veterans went through hell, were wounded, saw friends die, heard the pain filled screams of mortally wounded men, put friends body parts into body bags, accompanied friends caskets home. We served our country with honor and integrity. We feel it is wrong to steal soldiers memorials and especially ones which show soldiers honored service to future generations for whom they fought and died. They at least earned their name on a granite memorial and this grave robbing gang has no right to steal soldiers memorials they don't own out of our cemetery. Now visitors including young people will not be able to see who these soldiers were. Now many of our soldiers have no marker at all because the only one they had was stolen. We want them replaced. Persons buried at Warren Union Cemetery First is a list of persons buried in Warren Union Cemetery from Warren Township records. Note death records only give name of cemetery but not location in cemetery. At the end of this document is an additional list of persons who may be buried here. This is not a wish list but a probable list. As this is from obituaries, death records, family records, township records, etc. In the old days John Beebe for example of a famous person from Warren history lived here most of his life, raised his children here, they got married here, his wife and some of his children are buried here in Warren Union Cemetery. His son was the village undertaker also. He was the Township supervisor, ran the toll gate, had a business here for many years. His church service was in or near the cemetery. A cemetery search was made and he was not listed being buried anywhere else. Also no records have been discovered indicating that he was buried anywhere else. The logical conclusion is that he is probably and most likely buried here. Is there a record not any longer as it has been lost by negligence. That is why his name will be with many others who are probably here in Warren Union Cemetery. Here are a few remaining Township records. Fred Austin Reddick b Troy township Oakland Co. Feb 4, 1875 d oct 27, 1937 son of Frank Austin Reddick of Belleville One & Fannie Janette Wilson, Troy. Husband of Mazie Reddick. Inspector Ford motor Co. informant Lloyd F Reddick. Died in Warren Michigan. William Henry Smith b Vermont, d Dec 25, 1898 aged 41 son of A Smith and Sarah J Sentus of Vermont. Married- physician. Gunshot wound to head. Dr Geo G Robinson-Undertaker, P Dusenbury, Utica. This was our Doctor Smith. It may have been an accident although accounts called it a suicide. Accidentally dropping a rifle and trying to catch it could have caused this. I have had correspondence

with his family and they are also unsure. But he is in Warren Union Cemetery with a big marker. Transit permit from Detroit #393 to bring for burial at Warren, Mi Thos R ? Hutton aged 39, who d at Detroit, jan 16, 1891 of Heart failure. Undertaker, Blake-medical attendant, Hal. C Myman, MD(order dated Jan 17, 1891. So he is in Warren Union Cemetery. Jacob Rickabus b Belgian d Jan 19, 1899 age 38-3-9 to St Clements cem parents unknown Married farmer. Went to St Clements Cemetery. Jesse Mason b Mi d Feb 22, 1899 age 38-9-5 buried M Cem Warren son of J C Mason b Mass & L Davy, England, married-druggist. So he is in Warren Union Cemetery. Ester Beebe, b England d April 1, 1899 age 70-1-30 burial ME Cem at Warren Mi dau of Chas Davy & Liddy Gravy, England. Widowed-housekeeper. She is in Warren Union Cemetery. She was the wife of the famous John L Beebe Toll gate keeper, Tinsmith, and Warren Township official. We think her husband is in Warren Union Cemetery also as his service was here just a years earlier and there is no record of him anywhere else. Lambert Diselrod b Mi d Apr 1, 1900 age 1-3-0 son of John G Diselrod & Minnie Wilson of MI. Is in Warren Union Cemetery. Willie Lyons b Mi d Nov 16, 1901 ag 22-0-15 son of W?C Lyons & Lillie Beebe, Mi single. Probably son of A C Lyons the painter and census taker probably in the Davy rows in Warren Union Cemetery. Charles Clayton Reddick b MI d Nov 30, 1901ag 0-0-1 son of ? Reddick Mi & ?arnes Kelly Ill. I checked with family they are not sure where he was buried but some other family members are in Warren Union Cemetery. Christian Buhl b Germany Apr 11, 1852 d Feb 21, 1930 son of Ludwig Buhl & Maria Saner of Germany. Husband of Christina Buhl. Retired farmer Informant Wm Buhl, New Haven Mi res. Next to Methodist Church on 7th St Warren always in memory of FAC. Well that church is just down the street from Warren Union Cemetery. Christina Buhl b Germany Jan 11, 1853 d May 8, 1928 dau of William Schrieber & ? of Germany. Wife of Christ Buhl. Most likely in Warren Union Cemetery but no record. Harry Didier (infant) b June 13, 1930 d June 13, 1930 son of Guy W didier of Bay Co Mi & Annie Mitchell of England. Died in Warren and if they were not catholic is probably in Warren Union Cemetery but no record and no stone. Frank A Reddick b Belleville, Ont May 11, 1849 d Jan 9, 1931 son of John Reddick & Elizabeth Reddick of Ont Canada Retired farmer. Husband of Fannie J Wilson. Has family buried in Warren Union Cemetery. Talked with surviving family no one alive knows where he is buried but is in Warren Union Cemetery. John Metro b Warren Sep 12 no yr, d June 10, 1931 ag 75 yrs. Son of Joseph Metro of France & Mary Jane Winecoup of Penn retired butcher. Husband of Della Metro lived at 8833 Chicago Rd near Warren Village. Lived in Warren. Other Metro folks buried in Warren Union Cemetery. But no record. Mary Steffens b Feb 9, 1830 d Sep 22, 1932 dau of Paul Mildebrant of Germany wife of Ernst Steffens. Another unknown.

Archie Lyons b Detroit May 3, 1859 d Dec 15, 1935 son of Archie Lyons Mi & Amelia Delezenne, NY. Husband of Lillian Beebe. Father of Merton Lyons. Res corner Fillmore & Mound rds Warren Mi. FAC. He was a famous Warren government official, painter, census taker. Is likely he is in Warren Union Cemetery but again no actual record of burial. Nathaniel Ames b MI d April 24, 1934 ag 74-3-5 son of ? Husband of Sarrie Ames. Farmer. Other Ames buried in Warren Union Cemetery but no actual burial record. This family owned some of the original lots in Warren Union Cemetery. Fredericka Steins b Germany Sep 19, 1858 d July 20, 1934. dau of ? Fredericka Forgwardt of Germany. Wife of Henry Steins. Informant Earl Steins. Another unknown. Caroline Meynert b Germany Nov 10, 1848 d 21 1935, dau of Louis Zeiby ? Of Germany Wife of Gustav Meynert. Mother of Fred Meynert, boat builder, FAC. Another unknown Wright Tharrett b Mar 22, 1843 d Jan 24, 1928 ag 82-10-2 Van Dyke MI son of John Tharrett of England & Mary Tyson of Eng. Sad story. Most likely at Warren Union Cemetery. Michael Wills married b Hamtramk, MI May 4, 1852 d May 21, 1826 son of Henry wills & Catherine Wilson both of Germany. Wife Catherine Berger. William Pennow b Germany Apr 6, ? d June 18, 1926 age 80-2-12 son of Gottlieb Pennow & Firudia of Germany. Widowed laborer. Hannah D Moore b Warren Dec 24, 1867 d Jan 22, 1928 bur OakView, dau of George Heartline & Fredicka Ecksteine of Germany. Wife of Calvin B Moore. Both were Warren area families. A Moore family built the Moore Store which still exists. Eckstein lived near the creek was a business owner. Ben Johnson Marshall b Ithica MI Mar 3, 1870 d May 27, 1940 son of ? & Sarah Cleveland of Mi. Husband of Jennie Crabtree. Was a butcher in general store. Informant Edw Mills, 5731 Chicago Rd Warren. William Ramus b Wayne Co Mi May 25, 1869 d Jul 26, 1940 son of ? Worked at Warren brick yard. Informant son Fred Ramus.

And many pioneers and hundreds of stillborns, hour old babys, day old babys infants and children who died terrible deaths from the many childhood diseases which we not have cures for such as Whooping Cough, Scarlet Fever, Diphtheria, Typhoid Fever, Inflammation of Bowels, Summer Complaint often with severe pain.

It is a fact of history that over 99% of the graves in the world are unmarked and also that the dead soon become forgotten. Paupers were also buried in this cemetery in unmarked graves. Note many stones are difficult to read so families should check the original stone. This list also includes recordings made in 1938, 1940, 1997 and Wesley Arnolds 2004 and 2010 studies. This is a list of stones and the people buried nearby. Both the stones and the bones below are slowly returning to dust. Stones are listed by Lot Rows starting as S W corner and proceeding East. Lot rows run South to North. Wes donates all of this free. It is on the website The* symbol means that it was listed on a walk thru prior to 2004. In some cases the stone no longer exists but I have listed the person buried nearby. Example of numbering: R2-9ur translates to Row 2 nine yards North ur = unreadable Hs = head stone fs = foot stone cs = corner stone us = unknown kind of stone partly buried Stones are numbered in order from South to North as of June 2010. Names are listed on the stone. More means there are more difficult to read words. If there is no number in front of name stone is gone. People buried there are listed if known. Note many epitaphs are so worn that they cannot be read. And the grave robber gang may be responsible for the stealing of epitaphs. These are the only people we know of who are stealing memorials out of this cemetery. They have a written policy that allows them to steal any stone they do not like without public notice. If you doubt this statement just ask for a copy of their new rules. Row 1 from W most SW stone Landmark is Remington George medium size gray stone Row-yards from south fence. If no number location is unknown. 1-2 Remington George D Jun 5, 1880 Apr 16,1918* in SW corner 4 feet from s Fence 1- head stone unreadable 1-3 Remington Catherine Nov 1, 1882 Dec 5, 1936* 1-3 head stone unreadable 1-9 unmarked grave and old well or drain For Additional information on old over 3,000 Warren families contact Historian Wesley Arnold 1-10 Langel corner stone 1-11 Langel Arthur Joseph Oct 4, 1904 Nov 21,1923* 1-12 Langel Warren J 1912 1933 1-13 Langel Monument gray by fence 1-14 Langel Joseph M 1877 1945* 1-15 Langel Cordelia M 1876 1948* unmarked grave 1-17 Langell corner marker The fence curves in. There is cemetery property on other side of fence and possible graves. Totals: probable persons based on stones 6 ; total graves 48 ; total unmarked graves 41 Row 2 from W. Landmark is BERGER BIG TALL gray STONE 15 feet from south fence 2-6 Berger Nicholas 1836 1920* CIVIL WAR VETERAN 2-1 Berger Johanna 1840 1899* 2-7 head stone FATHER 2-8 head stone MOTHER 2-9 head stone BABY PROBABLY R2 Berger Esmelia female 3m 1893 Summer Complaint 2-16 foot stone 2-17 foot stone 2-18 flat stone face down

2-19 Gesch Monument lists Lottie & Ferdinand Gesch Lottie nee Gesch Jul 23, 1874 Oct 8, 1902 father Ferdinand Gesch* Mar 1842 Jul 1879 2-22 unreadable Gesch mother b 1874 d 1902 Gesch Emilie* Gesch Martha* Gesch Ferdinand Gesch 1842 1879* stone face down 2-27 BIG STONE Metro Monument now face down listed Phebe Stella, Geo, Richard Metro Phebe 1869-* STONE FACE DOWN Metro Geo 1867 1920* Metro Stella 1893 1895* Metro Richard 1891 1892* Metro, Frank b Warren d Jul 24, 1898 ag1-10-13 son of Jos Metro of Warren and Agnes Giddly, Detroit. A marker has been stolen. 2 MISSING MARKERS Totals: probable persons based on stones 15 ; total graves 48 ; total unmarked graves 33 Row 3 from W. Landmark is Reddick big gray stone (Skinner on back) 4 yards from fence 3-4 Reddick-skinner monument Reddick Tom 1865 1940* Reddick Emma B 1865 1948* Reddick Melvin A 1904 1951* other side Skinner Monument listed are Alonzo, Electa, Id J other side Skinner-Reddick Alonzo May 21, 1826 Sep 6,1898* Skinner-Reddick Electa J 1837 1910* Skinner-Reddick Ida dau or A & EJ Skinner Oct 23, 1879 ag 20 yrs 4 mos* 3-7 base monument gone ond monument had inscription We miss thee, yes, no tongue can tell, How much we loved thee, nor how well Mother unreadable unreadable several unmarked graves 3-15 Mother 3-16 Father ur 3-17 Crawford-Tanner monument Tanner Ida A Apr 23, 1871 d Jan 15, 1896 dau of David & Alice Wilson* Half blown the rose, half withered and died. Sweet perfume lingers around us still, and Mid the thorns at its faced side, But one bud remains to fill the place now left. {Tanner Ida d Jan 15, 1896 marr 25 bright disease rec 271 } Crawford J M Nov 30 1824 Jan 31, 1912* CIVIL WAR VETERAN Crawford Elizabeth wife of J M Crawford Oct 8, 1830 Jan 12, 1908* Crawford had six small stones Mother Father, Ida, baby Emma One stone had lodge marker FGB and R N A* 3-19 FATHER 3-25 Giff Effenie d Jun 15,1888 ag 70 yr 2 mo 15ds plus four graves Father, small stone E Giff Giff Thistherod William 1881 Jesus, while our hearts are bleeding, O'er the spoils that death has won, We would at this solemn meeting, calmly say Thy will be done, Though cast down, we are not forsaken, Though afflicted not

alone, Thou didst give and now has taken, Blessed lord, Thy will be done. 3-29 Distlrod monument east 3-29 west Thistherod William Dec 28, 1881 ag 4 1m 5d white stone presented from Grandpa Giff* Diselrod Lambert Feb 2, 1844 Apr 7, 1892 ag48 2mo 5d* 3-29 Diselrod Effie 1873 1944 Distelrath Lydia 1885 1923 unmarked grave Note another Lambert Diselrod b Mi d Apr 1, 1900 age 1-3-0 son of John G Diselrod & Minnie Wilson of MI is buried in an unmarked grave here at the Warren Union Cemetery MARKER MISSING LAMBERT DISELROD D1900 Totals: probable persons based on stones 25; total graves 48; total unmarked graves 23 Row 4 from W. Landmark is John Gamble tall old gray stone 4-5 Gamble monument Gamble John d Feb 5, 1895 ag62 7mo * At Rest Gamble Infant children of J & I Gamble, had small stone father* several unmarked graves 4-8 Gillett James H 1859 1907 Gillett Emma E 1863-1950 unmarked unmarked grave is a stone face down MARKER MISSING

4-13 Walker Louis C 1869 May 7, 1898 ag 22-10-11 son of B Walker & Mary Hoyt single laborer* 4-14 Walker George B 1837 1914* 4-15 Walker Mary J 1843 1924* unmarked grave 4-16 Halsey C Frank 1860 1938* 4-18 Halsey Edith M 1865 1938* stone under ground 4-20 La Croix Julie 1888 1938* 4-21 La Croix Edith Anna 1905 1917* 4-24 square corner stones Kircher 4-26 Gotlieb Kirchner red stone 4-25 flat face down no words needs to be cleaned and re read 4-27 Kirchner Gottlob Father 1852 1927 tall gray* SERIOUS TILT Kirchner Marie Justine wife of Theo Kirchner Feb 25, 1824 Sep 6 1885* 4-28 Distelrath Lydia E 1885 1923 4-29 Distelrath Lambert H 1886 1929 4-30 Distelrath monument only one side has words Distelrath Kirchner Lydia E 1885 1923 Mother* had two foot stone marked Mother 2 graves had IOOF emblem stone under ground unmarked grave fence 33.5 yards Totals: probable persons based on stones 17; total graves 48; total unmarked graves 31 Row 5 from W. Landmark is Cole tall gray granite 7 yards from S fence 5-4 head stone FATHER had IOOF emblem 5-6 head stone MOTHER 5-7 Cole monument tall gray

Cole Wm 1848 1908? CIVIL WAR VETERAN Cole Wm L b1840 d no year on stone* Cole Viola C his wife 1845 1909* Cole Elvin ag 3 1867 1870* Cole Clara R May 9, 1869 Jun 3, 1884 * 5-9 foot stone Clara there are several unmarked graves here 5-24 corner stone 5-25 Tatro Francis 1843 1885 low stone 5-26 Schuster Loretta nee Tatro 1846 1931* 5-27 Tatro monument Francis Tatro d Oct 19, 1883 ag 39 10mo CIVIL WAR VETERAN 5-28 Harwood Ahas 1790 Dec 10, 1867 ag 78* 5-29 Tatro Francis 1843 d1883 ag39* Harwood Minard 1851 1926* MARKER MISSING Harwood Daisy B 1876* MARKER MISSING 5-34 fence Totals: probable persons based on stones 11 ; total graves 48; total unmarked graves 37 Row 6 from W. Landmark is Halsey low gray granite medium size tree 2 yards from S fence Halsey Hiram 1852 1933* 6-2 Halsey Hiram C 1832 1933 6-3 Halsey Edith A 1858 1946* at least ten unmarked graves 6-12 foot stone 6-13 Elvin 6-14 Hoard monument words on 3 sides tall Hoard Levi Jun 24, 1807 Jan 20, 1888* CIVIL WAR VETERAN Hoard Lucina wife of Levi Hoard Sep 7, 1807 Oct 28, 1886 * Hoard G W Aug 1, 1878 Nov 1910 on Hoard monument* Hoard Elizabeth Sep 12, 1885 Jun 1, 1901 on Hoard monument co record shows dau of John Tharrett & Maria Tyson of Eng. Married* Walker Gusta B wife of C E Walker Mar 16, 1872 Jun 18, 1900 on Hoard monument* and co records ag 29-3-2 dau of Hoard b Mi, & Elizabeth Tharrett or NY state. Married. Walker Lewis C b May 18, 1900 d Jun 27, 1901 on Hoard monument ag 1-1-9 son of Chas Walker & Gusta Hoard Mi* 6-16 PA 6-17 unreadable and Hoard small stones mother father pa ma Mama* missing or unreadable 6-20 Osborne Maria 1860 1925* 6-21 Osborne Clinton E 1855 1902* Near Osborne small marker Clifton* MARKER MISSING stone underground 6-24 Wilson William 1818 1904* {Wilson William Mar 22 1904 marr 85 6 21 senile-- b Canada farmer John Wilson unk} stone underground 6-25 Wilson Margaret 1835 1917* 6-27 Wilson John H 1859 1934* 6-29 Wilson Lizzie 1863 1951* 6-30 Wilson Mary 1866 1931* Warren township record d Apr 12, 1931 ag 35-1-2 dau of Henry Jessop & Elizabeth White of England. Wife Thomas T Wilson. 6-32 Wilson Thos T 1868 1934*

6-34 fence Totals: probable persons based on stones 20; total graves 48; total unmarked graves 28 Row 7 from W. Landmark is Evarts low standing light gray about 2 yards from fence 7-2 Evarts Wallace Oct 26, 1885 ag 76 yrs* leaning not bad 7-3 Evarts Permaniah Penininh wife of Wallace O Jun 18, 1808 Nov 14, 1900 footstone mother* {Evarts Permaniah 1890 Nov 14 ag82 widow Paralysis rec 237} 7-4 Evarts Alison A May 27, 1886 ag 38 yrs 3 mos* Farewell Friend in this space are four unmarked graves had foot stone Alison 7-9 Hoxsey James son of E Hoxsey Aug 27, 1854 Mar 22, 1887* 7-9 head stone FATHER 7-14 head stone Hoxsey Thos son of James no date * Hoxsey James died of consumption 4 graves clearly outlined on Hoxsey lot two unmarked graves 7-15 Pereira monument big gray monument Pereira M J Jan 20, 1843 May 2, 1919* CIVIL WAR VETERAN Pereira Cordelia his wife MJ Dec 18, 1843 Dec 2, 1899 * Pereira Frank A Apr 20, 1884 Jun 20,1928* Pereira Arthur L Mar 4, 1906 Jan 20, 1914 * had stones Mother, IOOF, K of C unmarked grave 7-18 Pearsall Monument BIG Pearsall Ira C Nov 3, 1891 ag 56 yrs 10 mo 26 days* is only name on monument foot stone W P, Father 7-20 unreadable tall marker William son of Iria and Anna Pearsall d Sep 9, 1876 ag 2 yrs 1 mo* MARKER MISSING there are about 10 unmarked graves four corner markers 7-25 Peck Monument big gray no names 7-26 Buckley John L uncle* 1890 May 12 ag 33 married farmer b MI John & Margaret of Warren Drownded Macomb County Record 239 per Wes Arnold historian 7-27 Buckley Sarah aunt* {Buckley Sarah A 1889 Mar 8 widow ag 73 record No 254 cancer in chest b NY } 7-28 Peck Celia J wife 1853 1927* 7-29 Peck Roy E 1881 1902* 7-30 Peck Harold E 1888 1902* 7-31 Peck Martha R wife 1860 1878* 7-32 Peck Edward H 1857 1941* 7-33 Peck May V 1885 1980* 7-34 fence Totals: probable persons based on stones 22; total graves 49; total unmarked graves 27 Row 8 from W. Landmark is Tharrett Monument 8-2 unreadable 8-3 stone unreadable 8-4 stone unreadable \ Big BIG gray 5 yards from fence

8-3 Tharrett Robert Jan 29, 1837 Sep 5, 1906 BIG* + foot stone FATHER {Tharret Robert Sep 3 1906 marr 69 8 3 cause ?cranatatic Insufficiency b MI farmer John/Maria} 8-4 Tharrett Diana wife of Robert Sep 21, 1843 Nov 3, 1912* + foot stone MOTHER 8-5 Tharrett Monument big tall 8-7 Tharrett Julia dau of R & D d Apr 17, 1874 ag 1yr 28 ds* 5 ft stones unreadable , Mother Father from here to VanFleet are 12 unmarked graves or unused 8-15 VanFleet monument tall SERIOUS TILT VanFleet Frederick d Sep 27, 1888 ag 73* VanFleet Judiah H Mar 21, 1846 May 27, 1864 ag 18 VanFleet Frankey Oct 15, 1861 Oct 4, 1863* just under 2 years VanFleet Theodore F Jun 23, 1842 Sep 18, 1864 ag22 CIVIL WAR VETERAN 8-16 4 lot corners T 8-16 Theodore also had stones, Judiah, Frankey 8-16 MOTHER Edna L 1873 1931 8-17 LaDoucour monument no words BIG BIG 8-19 LaDoucour Edna L Mother 1873 1931* 8-20 LaDoucour Dr Edward W Father 1869 1927*Twp record b Blissfield, Lenawee Co Mi Aug 13, 1868 d Warren Jul 16, 1927 Wife Edna. Son of Joseph of Canada. Was M.D. In Warren Had son Harold who m Carrie and had children F C 8-21 LaDoucour Ralph E 1918 1924* stone underground 8-24 STONE BENCH 8-31 Brandon Hazel 1886 1948* 8-32 Brandon Daniel S 1883 1953* 8-34 fence 34 Totals: probable persons based on stones 16; total graves 49; total unmarked graves 33 Row 9 from W. Landmark is Cartwright worn white sandstone about 2 yards from fence 9-2 John F son of F W & E d Feb 19, 1869 Cartwright ag 2yrs 4 mos 24 ds 9-2 foot stone J F C 9-4 Murthum monument tall gray worn Murthum Minnie A wife of Wm Apr 22, 1884 ag 19 & 1 day* A loved one has gone from our circle On Earth we will meet her no more, She has gone to her home in heaven, And all her afflictions are o'er. unmarked grave William Murthum Had Addl stones Freddie, Minnie A 9-6 Cartwright BIG DARK GRAY MONUMENT Cartwright Frederick W 1843 1911* Emma Cartwright 1844 1938 9-8 head stone Emma Cartwright Emma wife of Frederick 1844 1938* 9-9 head stone Frederich Murthum-Cartwright 4 lot corners marked C* 9-13 Tharrett John d Apr 22, 1876 ag77 3ms* affliction sore I long have bore Physician skill were vain, till Christ the chief, he brought relief, and eased me from my pain 9-14 Tharrett Maria d Aug 7, 1889 ag 80 7ms 3 ds* widow ag 82 record 282 b England Pralysis of Heart Macomb County Record Mother, you have gone and left us and we miss you in our house, But we hope again to meet you,

where no parting will be known. 9- J & M and had stone MT 9-13 Tharrett Theadore son of J & M d Jul 27, 1860 ag 11 yrs 4 mo 19 ds * 9-14 five stones unreadable ??lett ? W 1835 aged 2 yrs worn needs careful read and another stone underground 9-17 Big Tharrett monument grey Tharrett Willie R son of A & E d sep 17, 1885 ag2 3 ds* Good Bye Tharrett Willie R 1883 Sep 17, 1885 ag 2 yrs 3 ds* Tharrett Alonzo 1845 1903* Tharrett Ella 1849 1929* township record b Norwalk, Conn Apr 11, 1840 Sep 21 1929 dau of James M Hoit & ? of Conn wife of Alonzo Tharrett 9-17 Theodore, son of J & M Tharrett d Jul 27, 1860 ag 11 yrs 4 ms 19 ds. 9-20 Smith George A 1845 1923* 9-21 Smith Dora 1859 1895* {Smith Dora June 27 1896 fe marr 35 tumer b Canada rec 273} this area has 6 unmarked graves 9-28 Hearn Sarah 1849 1929* 9-27 Hearn Robert 1851 1927* three unmarked graves had Hearn corners 9-30 fence Totals: probable persons based on stones 18; total graves 49; total unmarked graves 31 Row 10 from W. Landmark is Smith BIG big gray about 4 yards from fence 10-2 foot PAPA 10-4 Smith big gray monument Smith W H MD Oct 4, 1856 Dec 26, 1899* I have a family story on this man. had stones Papa, lodge marker FGB unmarked grave with lodge marker RNA 10-6 Hoxsey Bertha M 1872 1923 umarked grave 10-7 big gray monument Halsey Halsey Nathan W Oct 3, 1826 Jan 27, 1910* head stone FATHER Halsey Harriett E Mar 3, 1838 Feb 12, 1908 on Nathan stone* 10-8 MOTHER 10-9 FATHER stone underground unmarked graves Totals: probable persons based on stones 4; total graves 50; total unmarked graves 46 Lot Row 11 from W. Landmark is Harwood big gray monument 3 yards from fence 11-3 Harwood new BIG gray monument Elizabeth b 1837 d 1925 wife of unmarked grave of Arnold Harwood Aug 25, 1816 May 21, 1914 MARKER MISSING 11-6 unreadable 11-6 Old Harwood monument Harwood Children of A* E G Harwood all on tall monument* several children died Harwood Alma E d Jul 11, 1882 ag18yrs 7ms 23ds * Harwood Byron E d Aug 14, 1884 ag 17ys 11 mo 23ds*

Harwood Elmer d Dec 9, 1861 ag 6mo* Harwood Elizabeth 1837 1925* MARKER MISSING Harwood Elvira wife of A Harwood d Nov 13, 1858 ag36yrs 9ms* MARKER MISSING 11-6 Alma, 11-6 Byron 11-7 Evira 11-7 Harwood Elmira d Sep 22, 1851 ag 2yrs 4ms 21ds dau of A & E G Harwood* 11-9 Elmer 11-10 8 foot stones unreadable 11-14 Hoxsey Almeda dau of Edward and Margaret Jun 15, 1851 Dec 17, 1856 ag5 ys 6ms 8ds* has foot stone MH needs help SERIOUS TILT 11-16 Hoxsey tall big monument Hoxsey Edward Jul 26, 1827 May 6, 1896* + foot stone {Hoxey Edward May 7 1896 marr 68 Cancer of Stomach b MI farmer rec 289 } Hoxsey Margeret d Jul 25, 1884 wife of Edward ag 50yrs 8mo 23d* 11-16 foot stone Margaret 11-16 stone laying on face can't read two corner stones unreadable five unmarked graves 11-20 Hoxsey Catherine wife of George d Dec 21, 1875 ag 83 foot stone Catherine foot stone E G 11-21 Hoxsey George d Apr 12, 1867 ag 67yrs 4 mo 7 ds* five unmarked graves 11-27 Gillett Peter died May 13, 1862 age 73* west side had foot stone PG 11-27 Sylvester Royce stone on east side 11-29 Gillett Sally wife of Peter Gillett d Apr 16, 1851 age 60 yrs* had foot stone SG 11-30 Gillett Mary dau of P & S d Feb 28, 1863 ag 39 yrs 4mos 21ds* lot had Gillett stones Mother, Father, George* 11-31 head stone George Jame wife of Fredrick banks d Sep 4, 1874 ag 74 stone broken on ground foot stone JB MARKER MISSING 11-32 head stone unreadable 11-33 Gillett monument tall Gillett monument tall shows Gillett William Nov 20, 1813 May 25, 1894* Gillett Jane Jan 11, 1817 May 17, 1897 on Wm monument* Totals: probable persons based on stones 18; total graves 50; total unmarked graves 32 Row 12 from W. Landmark is Barton tall pink stone 12-5 foot stone unreadable 12-6 foot stone unreadable 12-7 Barton monument tall pink monument Barton Oliver Jan 31, 1822 Mar 15, 1897* Barton Frances M wife of Oliver born Apr 13, 1826* also lists John and Chloe Barton Chloe d May 16, 1850 ag 69 yrs John H Barton d Dec 5, 1856 ag 76 yrs had stones MOTHER, FATHER JHB, OB foot stone JHB two unmarked graves two stones underground four unmarked graves 12-13 Davy Isaiah May 4, 1822 May 31, 1891*

12-16 Davy Willie R son of Isaiah & Sophronia d Mar 13, 1855 ag 5 ys 9ms 18ds* 12-16 Davy Izora A dau of Isaiah & Sophronia d Mar 3, 1855 ag 3 ys 7ms 6ds* 12-17 Denizon James Orison son of Avery and Mary d Mar 18, 1842 ag 20 ys 2m 6d* unmarked grave 12-19 Denison David A W son of David T and Augusta A ag7 mo* unmarked grave 12-20 Denison David son of Avery & Merck Denison Denison David son of David and Mercy L djUL 26 1853 ag27 9 6* MARKER MISSING His dying words Farwell dear friends, I leave you here, With her to me who is most dear, For health decline and I must die and go to Mansions in the sky, I leave you in the hands of God, who purchased you with His own Blood, Though I must bid you all goodbye, I hope to meet you in the sky. 12-21 Denison Elsey Hough wife of D A d Oct 23, 1840 ag 24 5ms 1 dy* Farewell my dear husband, the Lord bide me come, Farewell my dear sistersI am now going home . Bright angels are whispering, so sweet in my ear, away to my Saviour, my spirit shall steer. I am going, I am going, but what do I see, 'Tis Jesus in glory appears unto me, To Heaven, to Heaven, I am going, I'm gone, All glory, Oh Glory, 'tis finished, 'tis done. six unmarked graves 12-27 Royce Sylvester W d Jul 12, 1862 ag 47ys 7ms + foot stone five unmarked graves 12-27 Mary J Royce d Dec 12, 1867 ag 48y 11m 6ds had foot stone Our Mother two unmarked graves 12-29 Wood Sylvia A Nov 10, 1838 Sep 3, 1880 on the Mary Barr stone* and daughter Mary A Barr Oct 23, 1860 Jun 9, 1881 only 19 ys old 12-31 Walker Archie Hoyt 1891 1911* 12-32 Walker Burrett 1889 1920* 12-33 Walker Burrett Sr 1866 1936 12-34 Walker Etta 1870-1948 unmarked grave Totals: probable persons based on stones 18; total graves 50; total unmarked graves 32 Row 13 from W. Landmark is Ames BIG BIG GRAY STONE 13-3 Ames Elton M Jun 9, 1867 Nov 5, 1867* 13-4 Ames big gray stone 13-5 Van Antwerp Sarah wife of Wm d 1867 ag 75y flat on ground + footstone S A* Van Antwerp Brother* unmarked grave 13-6 Ames Milo Aug 4, 1840 Dec 7, 1920* 13-7 Ames Cordelia W May 5, 1842 Jun 2, 1916* Ames Polly wife of Smith Ames 1855 ag 48y by M Ames* Ames Smith husband of Polly d 1858 ag 51y by M Ames* BELOW TWO MARKERS MISSING Ames, Polly wife of Smith Ames d feb 15, 1855 ag 48y 5m 12d stone Polly by M Ames Ames Smith husband of Polly died Feb 3, 1859 aged 51y 4m 27d by M Ames 13-9 flat face down needs careful read NEEDS READING unmarked grave 13-9 foot stone u