Victorian Artefacts

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Victorian Artefacts. S14 flat iron S15 horse shoe S16 hotwater bottle S17 jelly mould S18 jug and bowl S19 lantern S20 posser S21 school bell S22 sheep shears S23 sickle S24 slate S25 wash board S26 wash tub. S2. carpet beater S3. abascus S4. back board S5 bill hook - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Victorian Artefacts

  • S2. carpet beaterS3. abascusS4. back boardS5 bill hookS6 blacksmith tongsS7 brush for grooming horsesS8 butter patsS9 candleS10 dollyS11 dances capS12 finger caffS13 flaskS14 flat ironS15 horse shoeS16 hotwater bottleS17 jelly mouldS18 jug and bowlS19 lanternS20 posserS21 school bellS22 sheep shearsS23 sickleS24 slateS25 wash boardS26 wash tub