VESL (1) By Lintao Fang, Crystal Shen , Polly Leung

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VESL (1) By Lintao Fang, Crystal Shen , Polly Leung. Area served : Worldwide (its spared in more than 40 countries . ) Employees : 53,546 (2012 ) Revenue : 3 Billion a month Headquarters : Googleplex ,  Mountain View , California , United States. Brief of. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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VESL (1)By Lintao Fang, Crystal Shen, Polly Leung

Area served: Worldwide (its spared in more than 40 countries.)Employees: 53,546 (2012)Revenue : 3 Billion a month Headquarters: Googleplex,Mountain View, California,United States

Business: Global Internet CompanyFounder: Larry Page,Sergey BrinBrief of

History of1995Larry Page and Sergey Brin meet at Stanford1997The search engine got its name.Google sets up workspace 1998 2000 Google AdWords launches

2003Google Adsense was published2005Google Maps goes liveCooperated to develop Android20072010Google introduced Nexus OneAdvertising: Web Search, Adwords, AdsenseCommunication: Gtalk, Gmail, Google+Maps: Gmap, Google Street View, Google EarthSystem Application: Chrome, Android, Nexus one, Google APPSActual Products: Google Cars, Google Goggles(Glasses), Google TV, ChromebookPublishing: Picasa, Blogger, Google ReaderFinance: Google Finance, Google WalletGoogle Main ProductsTechnology. Business Model Innovation. Brand. Focus On The User Experience. Why it is successful?

Google is a largest advertising platformDeliver Relevancy: BrandInternet, Media, MobileCreating products that many people love


When I meet a problem which I dont know how to doWhen I want to find a placeWhen I want to see a videoWhen I check my E-mailWhen I..Im Feeling Lucky

Headquarters: Googleplex

Google Scholarships and AwardsGoogle Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship, USA Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship, Canada Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship, Europe, Middle East, and Africa Google WSDM Conference Travel Award for WomenGoogle ASPLOS Conference Travel Award for WomenGoogle GRAD CS Forum, North America Google BOLD Immersion Programme - France Google BOLD Immersion Programme - Germany Google BOLD Immersion Programme - Ireland Google BOLD Immersion Programme - UK Google Disability Scholarship Europe & Israel Google AdCamp, New York Google Chrome Academy Google European Android Camp Generation Google Scholarship Google Android Camp (North America)