Bridges to Opportunity: Linking VESL and Vocational Training Classes Donna Price, VESL/Technology Resource Instructor San Diego Community College Continuing

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Bridges to Opportunity: Linking VESL and Vocational Training Classes Donna Price, VESL/Technology Resource Instructor San Diego Community College Continuing Education Program October 27, Slide 2 San Diego Community College District 50,000 students in credit program 50,000 in Continuing/Adult Education About 25,000 ESL students Six Continuing Education sites 3rd largest continuing education program in California, within the top ten in the nation About 1,500 students went through the VESL program last year Slide 3 Background Vocational Training Programs Employer needs VESL Dilemma Slide 4 Solution Cluster Vocational English as a Second Language Auto Tech BIT (Business Information Technology) CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) Cosmetology Electronics (Assembler & Tester) Food Service Graphics Welding Slide 5 Communication To Link VESL & Vocational Class, VESL Instructors: Communicate with vocational instructors and employers Slide 6 Fairfax County, VA, The VESL teacher attends vocational classes, taking notes on troublesome vocabulary, idioms, slang, concepts, cultural differences, and then he/she addresses these things in the ESL class. This makes up most of the content of the ESL class with additional practice in the development of reading, listening, speaking, writing and problem solving skills. (Johns, Price-Machado) Communication in Virginia Slide 7 To be familiar with the students vocation/discipline, the VESL instructor must have some communication with the vocational instructor. Slide 8 To Link VESL & Vocational Class, VESL Instructors: collect form, charts, etc., used in vocational classes and in the workplace (target situation analysis/audit) Slide 9 Centre City / Skills Center 1400 Park Blvd San Diego, Ca 92101 PHONE 619-230-2319 FAX INVOICE Print Date : 08/09/96 Hanion, Greg1990 Hyundai Excel 123 W. Their RoadLic # :XLRATEDOdometer in: Santa Monica, Ca 72128Unit # : Home 619-234-7890 --- Office 619-39709876 Ext. 8359Vin # : Part Description/Number QtyList Extended Labor Description Extended : : Org. Estimate $0.00Revisions $0.00Current Estimate $0.00Additional CostRevised Estimate Warranty on parts and labor is 90 days or 4000 miles whichever comes first. Warranty work must be performed in our shop & cannot exceed the original cost of repair. Authorized by Date.... Time. Auto Tech Form Slide 10 VESL Class Form Mirrors Vocational Form Slide 11 Certified Nursing Assistant Graphic Chart Slide 12 VESL Graphic Chart Mirrors Vocational Chart Slide 13 Conclusion: Visit vocational classes. Build syllabus around the vocational class, emphasizing soft skills (small talk, clarification, request information, show understanding) Success: more credible to students; curriculum more relevant Challenge: instructors dont have time; arent paid extra; some vocational instructors feel intimidated Slide 14 Slide 15 Industry + Vocational Instructors + VESL Instructors Industry, If you want your students to get jobs in our companies, please do this in your classes Communication with Industry: Advisory Meetings Slide 16 Linking VESL & Vocational Training Classes: Models Concurrent Enrollment Example: Welding class is M-F, 6 a.m-12 p.m. Welding class: 6-8 welding lecture/demonstration VESL class: 8-10 VESL reading & math Welding class: 10-12 hands on Slide 17 Linking VESL & Vocational Training Classes: Concurrent Enrollment Business Information Technology (BIT) M-F 8:30-12:30 VESL class: 8:30-10:30: VESL (listening, speaking, reading, writing) BIT class: 10:30-12:30: computer technical skills, using a manual to learn Power Point, Word, etc. Slide 18 Concurrent Enrollment: Conclusion Success: Students are more motivated; greater persistence Challenge: students arent ready for vocational demands, but dont have time to take VESL and then vocational class Slide 19 Linking VESL & Vocational Training Classes: 2 nd Model 3-6 months in the VESL class 6 months in vocational training class Slide 20 VESL and then Vocational Training Model: Conclusion Success: Students are more prepared for vocational training; vocational instructors are appreciative. Challenge: students dont have time to go through VESL & vocational training sometimes this takes over a year; vocational instructors need the attendance hours; students resent not being able to go to the vocational class right away; in a hurry to get a job Slide 21 Quotes from vocational training instructors to VESL instructors: Welding: Ricardo is a great welder, but hes got a bad attitude. Teach him not to be grouchy. Teach reading and mathwell take care of welding. Teach how to act at an interview. Electronics Assembly: Teach clarification skills. Teach them to ask questions if they dont understand. Slide 22 More Quotes from Vocational Training Instructors: Graphics: Thank you for teaching them how to take notes. We give a lot of information in our lectures and we see how prepared the VESL students are. BIT: Tell them not to speak their first language to a classmate when others are around that dont understand. Slide 23 COMMUNUNICATE VESL and Vocational Instructors (observe, collect, adapt, reflect) Instructors and Industry Slide 24 Bibliography Grognet, Allene (June 1997) Integrating employment skills into adult ESL instruction. Project in Adult Immigrant Education: National Clearinghouse for ESL Literacy Education. Johns, Ann & Price-Machado, Donna (2001) English for specific purposes: Tailoring course to student needsand to the outside world. In Celce-Murcia, Marianne (ed.) Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language, pp. 43-54. Marshall, Brigitte (2002) Preparing for Success. Center for Applied Linguistics. Price-Machado, Donna (1998) SCANSThe missing link. CATESOL News, April: 19-21. Price-Machado, Donna (1998) Skills for Success. Cambridge University Press. VESL Clearinghouse Catalog: A list of public domain curriculums in different career fields. 619-388-4941 West, Linda (1984) Needs assessment in occupation-specific VESL or How to decide hat to each. English for Specific Purposes 3: 143-152.