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Shree Swaminarayano vijayatetaram Shree Narnarayandev Sahitya Series No - 48 In the memory of new temple of Lord Shri Narnarayan Dev Shree Vasudev mahatmyam Sanskrit with English Translation ISBN -13 978-81-909956-1-0 Translator M. A. Alwar By inspiration of Param Pujya 1008 Sri Kaushlendraprasadji Maharaj. Published by Mahant Purani Swami Dharmnandan dasji Shree Swaminarayan Temple - Bhuj Auailable at Shree Swaminrayan mandir, Shree Narnarayan Dev Kothar Opp City police Station Bhuj - Kutch Pi.No. 370001 All Rights reserved © Shree Swaminarayan Mandir - Bhuj First Edition :- Copies :- 3000. Samvat :- 2066 Vaishakh Sud 5 Date :- 18 - 5 - 2010 Price :- Rs. 60 Typing & set by :- Dr. Swami Satyaprasad dasji Printed in India at Shree Narnarayan Dev Printing press Bhuj 1 2

Vasudev Mahatmya English

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Shree Vasudeva Mahatmyam With English TranslationShree Swaminarayano vijayatetaramShree Narnarayandev Sahitya Series No - 48In the memory of new temple ofLord Shri Narnarayan DevShree Vasudev mahatmyamSanskrit with English TranslationISBN -13978-81-909956-1-0TranslatorM. A. AlwarBy inspiration of Param Pujya 1008Sri Kaushlendraprasadji Maharaj.Published by Mahant Purani Swami Dharmnandan dasjiShree Swaminarayan Temple - BhujAuailable atShree Swaminrayan mandir,Shree Narnarayan Dev KotharOpp City police Station Bhuj - KutchPi.No. 370001All Rights reserved Shree Swaminarayan Mandir - BhujFirst Edition :- Copies :- 3000.Samvat :- 2066 Vaishakh Sud 5Date :- 18 - 5 - 2010Price :- Rs. 60Typing & set by :-Dr. Swami Satyaprasad dasji Printed in India atShree Narnarayan Dev Printing pressBhuj1 2Shree Vasudeva Mahatmyam With English Translation3 4Chapter 1 Chapter 1ForwardIt is well known that the VasudevaMahatmya Parabrahm Lord Vasudevs impor-tance is depicted here hence without any doubt isrich in virtues. This important narration is told tosaint Narad muni by god himself utmost valuable.Lord Sahajanad Swami has himself confirmed thatthis Vasudeva Mahatmya is the root of Udhavahsect. it is also admired by Lord Sahajanand Swamias it compromises all the methods of how to wor-ship the god by his devotee. This volume hasthrown light on the religion, knowledge, non- at-tachment and importance of bhakti (devotion).As well the non-violence in chapter 28 ofGadhada middle, if really praised and its prideto be taken, one has no need of further readingof extra reading.The authentic eight scriptures believed byLord Sahajanand in Vachanaramit, of them highlypraised by him as the virtues of Shree Vasudevare described in the Vacchanamrit. Moreover ithas dealt with four varnas, four ashrams and rulesand regulations and the knowledge of soul andgod and praise of non-attachment is highly im-pressive and the above the Vasudeva Mahatmyais my favorite one. This the Vasudeva Mahatmyais being read all over the village and thousands oflisteners heartily believe that their Istadev (de-ity) is only Shree Swaminarayan and he is worthyto be devoted.Aksharnivasi Shastri Swami ShreeDharmajivandasji has published it Gujarati.Today the spread of Uahadev(Swaminarayan) Sect is fast developing. The devo-tees in thousands of abroad or local make theirlives worthy by praying to him. Originally writtenin Sanskrit with a view of understanding it easilyit is being translated in Gujerati and so many ad-ditions have been published so that the Gujaratiknowing devotees can easily understand. It is adialogue between god and the devotee, but it isobserved that NIR are not benefited, so if VasudevMahatmya is published with English translationmore number of devotees can understand, henceit is being translated in English by authentic knowl-edge by having Sanskrit and English learned per-Shree Vasudeva Mahatmyam With English Translationsons. Hence the proper stuff of the VasudevaMahatmya is being preserved properly with theview to being useful this the Vasudeva Mahatmyais being translated and published in English byBhuj Temple, first of all, which is worthy to betaken proud of.With a view to propagating it wide bySwaminarayan temple Bhuj about this, most cov-eted volume three additions in Gujarati languagehave been published, but English translation wasnot available here before, so SwaminarayanSatsang Stanmore situated Europe has taken inhand this work and with its active co-operation,this volume is being published by Swaminarayantemple-Bhuj with a prayer that all the devoteesmay be benefited by its reading, by and large ourblessings to all the persons who have extendedtheir active co-operation in getting this theVasudeva Mahatmya translated and published.Mahant PuraniSwami Dharmnandan dasjiShree Swaminarayan Temple - Bhuj56Introduction to the Vasudeva Mahatmya(found in the Skanda Purana)According to the Indian tradition, the Vedasenjoy the most exalted position in Indian literature.All branches of knowledge are said to have origi-nated from the Vedas only. However, it is verydifficult for the common man to understand theVedas because of the difficult language in which itsliterature has been formed. Therefore, our ancientsages authored the Itihasa-s and Purana-s to reachthe messages of the Vedas to the masses and thushelp them lead a virtuous life and also guide themin their quest for liberation. While the Ramayanaand Mahabharata are known as Itihasa-s, thePurana-s are eighteen in number. Some of the im-portant Purana-s are the Vishnu Purana, SkandaPurana, Bhavishya Purana and so on.The Purana-s speak about different mytho-logical stories in a very attractive manner. Throughthese stories, they convey the tenets of Dharmaand give us counseling regarding the way of life wehave to follow. They also let us know more aboutthe paths of liberation like Jnana, Bhakti,Shree Vasudeva Mahatmyam With English Translation 7 8Sharanagathi and so on, and also guide us in prac-ticing these paths.The Skanda Purana is one of the premier-most Purana among the eighteen principal Purana-s. The principal speaker in this Purana is LordSkanda, also known by such other names likeShanmuka, Subramanya and so on. This Puranais divided into different Khanda-s or divisions likeVishnu-Khada, Shiva-Khanda etc. The Vishnu-Khanda deals with the episodes that speak aboutthe leela-s (pastimes) that depict the greatness andsupremacy of Lord Vishnu or Narayana.Among the many Mahatmya-s found in theVishnu-Khanda, the Vasudeva Mahatmya is oneof the most important Mahatmya-s that we comeacross. These Mahatmya-s explain the greatnessof particular aspects connected to the Lord. As faras the Swaminarayana Sampradaya is concerned,the Vasudeva Mahatmya is one of the most im-portant texts. It seems that Bhagavan ShreeSwaminarayan advocated that all of his followersstudy the Vasudeva Mahatmya with great devo-tion and dedication. During His time, BhagavanShree Swaminarayan strongly opposed those Vedicsacrifices in which animals were killed and offeredto the sacrificial fire. He won many debates overthe Brahmins who argued there was nothing wrongin killing animals as long as they were within thepurview of the Sastras. One of the main instancesBhagavan Shree Swaminarayan quoted while win-ning the debates in this regard were instances foundin the Vasudeva Mahatmya, where a great sage isconsidered to be a sinner since he supported thekilling of animals as part of the Vedic sacrifices.Apart from this, we also see the descriptionof the Goloka, the blissful and exalted abode of theSupreme Lord Narayana in this part of the SkandaPurana.The Mandala of the Lord Maha-Vishnu is alsodescribed here in a minute manner. Further, themethod of worship of the Lord is also prescribedhere. It is based on this part of the Purana, thatBhagavan Shree Swaminarayan has prescribed themethod of worship to be followed by all His fol-lowers. The details of the duties and responsibili-ties of the four classes of people viz. Brahmana-s,Kshatriya-s, Vaidhya-s and Shudra-s are also de-scribed in great detail. The general principles asShree Vasudeva Mahatmyam With English Translation910well as the special principles to be followed by menand women during their various stages of life likechildhood, youth, old age etc too are described in avery beautiful manner. Finally the procedure ofperforming the Ashtanga Yoga (Yoga having theeight aspects) and the procedure to meditate andworship the Lord is explained in a very concise andbeautiful manner. At the end, the lineage of theknowledge of Vasudeva Mahatmya is described inthe final chapter.Thus, the Vasudeva Mahatmya is one of themost important and relevant Puranic texts in todayscontext. It is more venerable to those who belongto the Swaminarayan Sampradaya since BhagavanShree Swaminarayan Himself used to quote thistext and has advised that all devotees study andchant this great literature.Since the Original text is in Sanskrit language,it was not accessible to people not knowing San-skrit language. Later it was translated into Gujaratiand Hindi. Thus it could reach a large number ofdevotees knowing these languages. However,nowadays, there are many devotees belonging tothe Sampradaya in foreign countries. They are notwell-versed in Indian languages. This effort totranslate Vasudeva Mahatmya into English is aimedat reaching the noble message of the VasudevaMahatmya to all the Hari-Bhaktass (devotees) re-siding abroad as well as those in India too whoknow English. The Publishers are happy to bringout this edition during this an auspicious occasion.They also hope to bring out the English versions ofall the other works belonging to the SwaminarayanSampradaya in the near future by the grace ofBhagavan Shree NaraNarayan Dev and BhagavanShree Swaminarayan.Dr. Swami Satya prasad dasjiVedantacharya - BhujShree Vasudeva Mahatmyam With English Translation 12 tt -tt|-t-tttttt |t-tt-t -tt-ttttt-t + t-ttrt--t-tttt-tt .tttttt-t+ -tt-t-tttt-tt t t-t -tt -t 1 tr tt -ttt-tt|-t -t )t-tt -tt-t -t ttt tttt|+-t|+-tt|-t -t )))):|-trt-t t r |tt |t-tttt |-t -tt|-t -t )-ttt t|t -trtt a 1 t -tt-t--tt|-tt+t-t ))-))-tttt -t-t-tt-tt -t ++ttt -tt|-t -t )ttr -tt--tt--tttttt -t|--t|a|t + -t -tt ))-))ttt--t -tt|t -tr-tt t t t t ttt|-t|-t )-tt|t-tt-t|t |-tav|--t -tt|-t +t-t -t -t t-tt ))))-tt -ttt-t |s-tt-tt-tt-ttt-tttt -t -tttt ):ttt-t -t +t ttt -tttt :t+ ttr -t ))-))+ -t -t t -ttt-t -t t -t + -tt|t + |r-tt )--ttt|tr-t -tr+t +-t -tt-t ))-))-ttt-t -ttt-t -tt++ -t|t-ttt -trt-t-t 1 )|r-ttt -tt -tttt-tt + ttt t+ -tr |-t ))))Shree Vasudeva-MahatmyamChapter 1: The question of Sage SavarniSaunaka said:O Son of Suta Puranika! You have enumerated many meansof welfare (for the souls) like Dharma (virtue), Jnana (knowl-edge of the Supreme Lord), Vairagya (detachment fromworldly things) as well as the other courses that are to befollowed by them. (1)O one with a great intellect, You have also narrated manyhistorical events stressing the aspects that we have to specifi-cally understand and follow. We have listened to them withgreat reverence. (2)However, these aspects are extremely difficult to practicallyimplement, due to the impediments that trouble us from timeto time. Since we are not able to follow the prescribed pro-cedures in the right manner, the attainment of their fruits too isin doubt.(3)It takes a lot of effort even for the most dedicated persons toeven make an effort as you have prescribed. Even then, thefruits of these efforts are obtained only after a long time. There-fore, we beseech you, O revered one, to kindly let us knowthe means of salvation that are easy and achievable, withinyour capabilities. Please narrate the virtues that are to befollowed by the Brahmins, (together with the duties of therespective Ashrama-s), as well the shudra-s (people be-longing to the lower caste) and ladies too. The means shouldChapter 1Shree Vasudeva Mahatmyam With English Translation 13 14tt-tt+t+t-t+t-t tt-t-t -t-t+-t -t )-tt-tt|-t -tt-tt -t -ttt :t|r t-t--t-t ))c))-tt |-ttt-t-tr|t|t -ttt|t t-t t |r ttt -t+ 1 )|t-tt-t -+-+-tttttt-t -t tt +-t-+-t-t ))))-ttt|ttt-tt -tt -tt-tt|ttt t-tt -tt t-tt-t -t -t +tt )tt tt+t|-t -t+ +t|-t -ttt-tt|-t -ttt t r 1 ))))-t++t|t -t-t.r -tt|-t -t--tt++ttt |+-t )-tr-tt-t|t -tt-t tt + -e -tttt|-t t |-tt-t ))))-tt tttt-tt-tt tt-+--t+ -t t-t )-ttt-t -t-e --t-t t+ -tr |-t -t .t -tt ))-)):|-t t t -t -tt-: t -t -t |-t-tt-t -tt t r )tt-t+t r|+ ttt-+t|-t+t -t v|-ttt-t ))-))be such that, they should be very easy to follow, but the fruitsattained should be great. Such means should not be affectedby any impediments. After having thought about this well,kindly tell us the means that ensure the welfare of all beingsand enable them to attain liberation ultimately. (4-7)O learned one! By the grace of Balarama, Sage Vyasa andthe great Janaka, you know every aspect of this subject. Wetoo are very eager to know more about this. Please be kindenough to tell us what we have asked. (8)Sauti (the son of Suta Puranika) said:O Saunaka, Even the great sage Saavarni, similarly, modestlyquestioned Lord Skanda, the son of Lord Shiva: (9)Sage Saavarni said:O Lord Skanda, We have heard the many different Dharma-s such as the Sankhya (a branch of divine knowledge), Yoga(another branch of divine knowledge) as well as other suchaspects, that you have enumerated so far. (10)These Dhrama-s are extremely difficult and easier said thandone even for great souls. It is more so for ordinary peoplelike us. They also take an abundant amount of time. (11)Hence I request you to narrate, now, the precise, easy, meansthat will help them attain liberation in a very short span oftime. (12)Sauti (the son of Suta Puranika) said:Thus questioned by the great Sage Savarni, who was veryeager to understand the nuances of the divine path, LordSkanda, meditated upon the divine form of Lord Vasudevaand started his narration: (13)Chapter 1 Chapter 1Shree Vasudeva Mahatmyam With English Translation 15 16-+-+ -tt-tttt :t