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<ul><li><p>J U N E A U G U S T 2 0 1 3 </p><p>We exist to bring glory to God by calling all people into an abundant life with Jesus Christ </p></li><li><p>unwilling to let go for </p><p>the sake of someone </p><p>else trying something </p><p>new. When we work </p><p>with our kids, they </p><p>never get to try </p><p>something because </p><p>we have to do it for them. So they never own a new truth, learn a </p><p>new skill or get that sense of personal accomplishment. </p><p>Spiritually, if I share my faith with someone, I never let them </p><p>wrestle with Gods Word because we have to spend all of our </p><p>time unpacking it for them. They cant hear or see Jesus because </p><p>we are too busy preaching at them. </p><p>The coming summer months mean more time with friends, </p><p>acquaintances and family. Maybe we could put the lesson of the </p><p>rockets to work in our interactions with others this summer. </p><p>Lets take time to help our kids learn new things. These not only </p><p>include the skills and hobbies of life, but also the spiritual truths </p><p>that they need to grapple with. The same could be said for others </p><p>around us. Family members, friends and co-workers are all </p><p>opportunities to put Jesus in front of someone. </p><p>But if I hear the grandpas correctly, they dont put an emphasis </p><p>on preaching, on monologues or winning debates. No, the stakes </p><p>are much higher than that. When we facilitate a discussion with </p><p>others, our goal is to help them to not only see how things work </p><p>but to also own those truths for themselves. </p><p>So instead of preaching, ask questions. Instead of long </p><p>presentations, introduce truths from Gods Word. Instead of </p><p>knocking down every mistake, gently nudge back toward the </p><p>truth of God. </p><p>Whether it is our kids building a rocket or our friend grasping </p><p>Gods grace, the joy of leading them to a new discovery is </p><p>exhilarating. When they own that new truth, they will grasp it for </p><p>life. </p><p>As we move through the summer, may we be a family and a </p><p>church that is lovingly, graciously and patiently leading others to </p><p>discover all that God has for them. </p><p>By Pastor Mike Sindelar </p><p> Our astronomer in residence, Ron Schmit, tells the story of a </p><p>recent class he presented on model rocketry. Ron explained that </p><p>one side of the room was made up of fathers and their children </p><p>hard at work building a rocket. The other side of the room seemed </p><p>to be where the grandpas sat with their grandchildren. </p><p>As Ron observed the class, he noticed that the dads would build </p><p>the rockets while explaining to their kids just exactly how it should </p><p>be done. See how I am gluing this tail fin on? or now watch me </p><p>do this were the operating instructions for the dads. After all, a </p><p>model rocket is too important to let the kids practice on. </p><p>The grandpas, on the other hand, were giving different </p><p>instructions. They were much more hands-off with their approach. </p><p>They sat behind their grandchildren and offered up advice on how </p><p>they should build their own rockets. The outcome of the rocket </p><p>was less important than giving the kids the opportunity to own </p><p>the work. </p><p>If you are like me, you learn better if you can get in there and mess </p><p>with something. Whether its building a rocket, learning a new </p><p>hobby or sharing my faith with someone, I seem to learn much </p><p>more when I can build it myself. The process may be messy along </p><p>the way. There may be unnecessary mistakes made. But, at the </p><p>end of the day, the process and the outcome help us to know and </p><p>own our new field of knowledge. </p><p>The ultimate illustration of this is our Lord Jesus handing over the </p><p>future church to his disciples. Like a grandfather looking over the </p><p>shoulder of a grandchild, so Jesus left the work of the church, </p><p>under His leading, to his disciples. </p><p>Two questions come to mind. The first has to do with the fact that </p><p>we can be very reluctant to try new things. We wont share our </p><p>faith because their might be a question we cant answer. We wont </p><p>take on a new ministry role because we might not do it as well as </p><p>someone else does. Bottom line is that we are too afraid to mess </p><p>something up to actually try it. So obstacles are never faced. Faith </p><p>is never shared. Memories are never made. Rockets never get </p><p>built. Are you willing to take a risk, to step out in faith? </p><p>The second question is that of giving something up. Like the dad </p><p>who just cant trust his kid with the model rocket, so we are </p><p>P A G E 2 </p><p> Yes, It is Rocket Science! </p></li><li><p>P A G E 3 </p><p>Team Valley Free Calling ALL runners! First timers, veterans, adults, youth and kids. You are invited to join Team </p><p>Valley Free in the SayHey5K in Chaska, June 29th. There is a discount for pre-registering as a </p><p>group and registration includes race fee, pre-race meal, post-race meal, a tech shirt (limited </p><p>number), live music and more! Check out the event details at Contact </p><p>Team Captain Karee Koepp, 952-873-2738 for more information or to join the team. </p><p>Mascot Run Volunteers Are you full of hot air? We are looking for 6-10 volunteers to help inflate 1,000 helium-filled balloons for the Balloon Alley at the </p><p>Kid's Mascot Run on Friday, June 28. This will be a fun time of fellowship and a great way to rub shoulders with people in our </p><p>community. Balloon central will be set up at the Chaska Legion from 2-4pm. Please sign-up in the church foyer. </p><p>Valley Free Booth Get to know your Chaska neighbors. Sign-up with a friend to man the Valley Free booth for a couple hours. Entertain the younger crowd with a prize </p><p>wheel as you invite them to join the fun at Vacation Bible School. Share your love of </p><p>Christ and welcome the adults to join us for services on Sunday. Contact Jan Schmit for </p><p>more information or sign-up in the church foyer. </p><p>JSAW Skate Park Jonny Nelson and the JSAW crew will once again be setting up their skate park for adventurous River City Day patrons. We are recruiting volunteers to hang out and represent the Valley family by engaging visitors in conversation about the ministry of </p><p>JSAW and Valley Free. Contact Cory Jackson for more information or to sign-up. </p><p> Let everyone know you are part of the Valley Family! Whether you are volunteering or attending these events, we have a great opportunity to share our faith by wearing a Valley shirt. There are several styles to </p><p> choose from, each sporting the Valley logo. Pick up an order form in the church </p><p> foyer. The deadline for the first printing is June 9th in order for shirts to be ready </p><p>for the SayHey5K. Orders for blouses, button-downs and polo shirts received after the deadline will be filled immediately, but we need at </p><p>least 12 t-shirt orders before we reprint. All orders must be prepaid check or cash only. </p><p> The walls are painted, the carpet is laid, the chandeliers are hung. Now lets get outta here and fill up the church! This </p><p>summer there are several opportunities to introduce ourselves to the Chaska community. Do you love our church? Do you </p><p>serve an Almighty God, a Merciful Savior, a Glorious Redeemer, that wants to draw all people to Himself? Then let your light </p><p>shine by volunteering at one of the following community events: </p></li><li><p>P A G E 4 </p><p>Hello Valley Family! In last months Valley Views I shared some values and goals for the summer. Now, Ill take this opportunity to flesh out the events a little more so that you can get a better idea of what the structure of this summer will look like. </p><p>W ere trying something new this year called House Parties and the students are already excited for them! Every other Wednesday well have a get-together at the home of a different family within the congregation. Night Games, </p><p>testimonies, bonfires, worship and more will be at these parties along with a relaxed </p><p>schedule but plenty of high-energy activities mixed in! Looking for a way for your </p><p>students friends to get involved in youth group? This is it! </p><p>J ust a week after school ends, our Noahs Ark trip comes as a celebration of summer beginning and a new season of our students growing closer together. Leaving the afternoon of the 13th, we will travel over to Wisconsin Dells and spend </p><p>the night camping in tents. Can anyone say fun around a campfire?! The next day </p><p>well have the time of our lives getting to know each other better at Noahs Ark! </p><p>After an awesome day of hanging out at Americas largest waterpark, well head </p><p>back home and arrive back at Valley late the night of the 14th. Your students wont </p><p>want to miss this! </p><p>B ack by popular demandCamp of the Master in Ottertail, MN! This years theme will be Transformed, focusing on the life change of us Christ-followers that begins, matures, and is perfected by Jesus. The students who went last year go </p><p>on and on about all the memorable and fun adventures they had last year, and this </p><p>year will only produce more of the same! Canoeing, waterskiing, camp songs, night </p><p>games, delicious camp food, gross food gamesthese are just a few of the awesome </p><p>activities that your students will experience at Camp of the Master! </p><p>A dventure in the Northwoods awaits! Rock Ridge is a camp located in rustic Ely, MN. This trip will be a different kind of camp experience than Camp of the Master, focusing more on outdoor adventure skills such as canoeing, making a fire, </p><p>setting up a tent, and braving a ropes course in the trees. Well be staying in cabins </p><p>down by the lake, and at the end of every day well clean off by gathering in the </p><p>lakeside sauna (its quite an experience!) Any student is welcome! Your students </p><p>dont need to know all these skills, they just need to be willing to learn! </p><p>JUNE 12 to </p><p>AUG 21 </p><p>House Parties (every other Wednesday) </p><p>JUNE 27 to </p><p>June 30 </p><p>Camp of the Master </p><p>JUNE 13 &amp; 14 Noahs Ark </p><p>AUGUST 8-11 </p><p>Rock Ridge Adventure Trip </p><p>Its a privilege and an honor to be able to lead your studentsweve got a one-of-a-kind group here at Valley! I really feel like this summer </p><p>will be a time where well form new bonds between each other, strengthen the ones already existing, and continue to seek the Heart of </p><p>Jesus so that we continue to become more and more like Him. Im excited to have all of you along in this adventure! </p><p>By Cory Jackson </p></li><li><p>P A G E 5 </p><p>NATALIE WISELY Taylor University, Upland, IN </p><p>MAJORS: Political Science and International Studies </p><p>MINOR: History PLANS FOR FALL: American University, Washington DCpursuing a Masters in </p><p>International Peace and Conflict Resolution </p><p>DANIEL WEBER Northwestern University, Evanston, IL </p><p>PLANS FOR FALL: Northwestern University </p><p> Feinberg School of Medicine Chicago, IL </p><p>JARED &amp; NICCI CARPENTIER Crown College, St. Bonifacius, MN </p><p>DEGREES: JaredBiblical and Theological Studies </p><p>and is employed by Vertical Endeavors </p><p>NicciPsychology and is employed by Mt. Olivet Rolling Acres </p><p>Graduate School is in their future </p><p>KATIE WISELY HIGH SCHOOL: </p><p>Southwest Christian High School </p><p>PLANS FOR FALL: </p><p>AVEDA Institute, </p><p>Minneapolis </p><p>DAVID BARTHOLOW </p><p>HIGH SCHOOL: </p><p>Chaska High School </p><p>PLANS FOR FALL: </p><p>Minnesota State University </p><p>Psychology </p><p>JESSICA NKHATA HIGH SCHOOL: </p><p>Mound Westonka High School </p><p>PLANS FOR FALL: </p><p>University of Minnesota </p><p>ABIGAIL SCHMITT HIGH SCHOOL: </p><p>Main Street School of Performing Arts, Hopkins </p><p>PLANS FOR FALL: St. Cloud State </p><p>Health Sciences &amp; Dance Therapy </p></li><li><p>R E V E L AT I O N PLAIN AND SIMPLE </p><p> The Book of Revelation </p><p>fills most people with </p><p>fear or confusion...or </p><p>both! So many </p><p>interpretations, so many </p><p>opinions. Can we hope to </p><p>understand the message of </p><p>this book? </p><p>To further our understanding of </p><p>Revelation, Valley Free is hosting a free </p><p>seminar on June 23rd, but asked Jon </p><p>MacKinney, seminar presenter and </p><p>former Valley pastor, for a sneak peek of </p><p>what we can expect. </p><p>Describe the goal and </p><p>direction of the seminar. The goal of the seminar is to provide an </p><p>overview of the Book of Revelation in </p><p>such a way as to encourage us to believe </p><p>we can read and understand this book. </p><p> I have always considered </p><p>Revelation to be too difficult </p><p>to understand. Is it possible </p><p>for the average person to </p><p>understand the message of </p><p>Revelation? Absolutely!! The book was written to </p><p>average people, and God wants us to </p><p>understand it. Some of us will learn a </p><p>new word in this seminar: "Perspicuity" </p><p> How did you become </p><p>interested in the message of </p><p>the book of Revelation? After avoiding Revelation for 25 years, I </p><p>finally preached it because it was the only </p><p>New Testament book I had not preached </p><p>through in our church here in Chandler, AZ. </p><p>What a discovery for me!! I had believed, </p><p>like many people, that the book was "too </p><p>confusing." Was I ever wrong! </p><p>Is the book of Revelation </p><p>relevant for us today? Do you </p><p>think our world is living in or </p><p>approaching the end of the </p><p>age described in prophecy? Whether we are approaching the end </p><p>times, or they are thousands of years away, </p><p>the message of Revelation is incredibly </p><p>practical and relevant. There is a liar in the </p><p>world who seeks to destroy the wonderful </p><p>work of God. He is working now, he has </p><p>worked in the past, and he will continue to </p><p>deceive until God chains him up. We need </p><p>to recognize his lies in contrast to God's </p><p>truth expressed in Jesus Christ. </p><p>REVELATION </p><p>PLAIN AND SIMPLE </p><p>June 235:00-9:00 p.m </p><p>A Seminar by pastor, author and presenter, Jon MacKinney </p><p> Pastor Jon MacKinney is a graduate of Wheaton College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He has pastored Evangelical Free Churches in the towns of Wolverton and Chaska in Minnesota. He currently pastors Chandler Bible Church in Chandler, Arizona. Jon has taught Bible courses in Russia, Hungary, and Mongolia, and has traveled in other countries doing construction for missions work. Jon and his wife Jan have three children and three grandchildren. Pastor MacKinney will be speaking during the Worship Service on June 23, and will present the Revelation Seminar from 5:00-9:00 that evening. </p><p>P A G E 4 </p></li><li><p> One of the things we will learn in the </p><p>seminar is the clearest sign that the "end </p><p>times" have begun. I have no doubt that, </p><p>here in America at least, we are heading </p><p>with increasing speed in that direction. </p><p>Can I invite my friends to the </p><p>seminar? Will it be applicable </p><p>to anyone and not only </p><p>mature Christians? Invite not only young believers, but non-</p><p>believers as well. Most people have an </p><p>interest in "the end of the world." God </p><p>has given this book to us as both a </p><p>warning and a gracious "preview" of what </p><p>people will face if they are here at the </p><p>end. And always, throughout the book, </p><p>the wonderful message of salvation </p><p>through faith in Jesus Christ is proclaimed. </p><p>I have always been </p><p>intimidated by the subject of </p><p>prophecy. Will the seminar </p><p>put this in terms I can </p><p>understand? Why should I be </p><p>concerned about the </p><p>prophecy of Revelation? Revelation is a prophetic book, and gives </p><p>us many details about our future. But it </p><p>does so in a way that makes it very </p><p>relevant to our present. We are only going </p><p>to use one chart, and it will provide an </p><p>overview of how the vision of Revelation is </p><p>progressing. We will not be setting dates </p><p>or revealing the name of the Antichrist. </p><p>The flow of the seminar is...</p></li></ul>