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  1. 1. Vacation Side Travel is very proud to announce a new travel program that will raise significant funds for your organization with very little effort or even a single fundraising event. Its called the Vacation Side Travel Credit Program and its a Win-Win for your organization and your members too. Heres how the program works...its so easy! 1. You contact your members and tell them you have great money saving news. Your organization has entered into a strategic partnership with Vacation Side Travel that offers its members travel discounts and other money saving benefits. 2. The next time your members need to travel for business or that much needed vacation, they call Vacation Side Travel. They will receive exceptional service, discounts and free upgrades when available just by mentioning your organization. 3. Once your member completes their trip with Vacation Side Travel, an incentive check will be sent to your organization. Your payment will be based on the total cost of the commissionable part of the trip, exclusive of taxes and surcharges. When your members plan their next trip with Vacation Side Travel theyll receive exceptional service, any perks or incentives we have going on plus your organization receives a commission check too. Now, thats a Win- Win! Contact Steven Talbott or Lindy Hunter at 855-822-8747 and well show you how easy it is to raise funds for your organization with very little effort. Our number is 855-822-8747. Well bring your members a wealth of knowledge and experience. Travel can be fun and without stress knowing Vista Side Travel has taken care of all the details. Much has changed in the world of travel in recent years. The influence of internet technologies has given those making vacation or business travel plans more tools to use than ever before. This is a great opportunity for all of us to be better prepared and make more educated decisions regarding how we can spend our discretionary dollars better. When your members are ready to travel, it is more important than ever to partner with the right travel agent. Here at Vacation Side Travel, we take your newfound knowledge, combine it with our years of experience and develop a cost-effective travel program that will not only meet your needs, but also exceed your expectations. In addition, you will receive value-added benefits for making your plans through Vacation Side Travel. Here are just some of the many benefits: Competitive Instant Price Match Exclusive Value-Added Benefits Group Cruise Space, Exclusive Supplier Benefits & Perks Cruise category upgrades/shipboard credit free of charge A return trip voucher with every Trip