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Bailey Stefano38465period:2My Dream Vacation

Table of contentTitle side Table of contentsVacation spotClimateHow to get thereHotelsMain attractionFood & diningWhat to packFeature pictureClosing side

Vacation spot to Hawaii

climateHawaii's climate include mild temperatures throughout the year, moderate humidity, persistence of northeasterly trade winds, significant differences in rainfall within short distances, and infrequent severe storms.

How to get thereI will get there by a planeIt will cost $1,700 Hotels

The hotel Ill be staying at is the Grand WaileaIt cost $369.00 a nightIm staying for 2weeks so it will cost 5166.00Main attractionWhale watchingBody glove boat tripVolcano watch tripRainbow fallsParker ranch landsSwim with sharks

Food & diningbistro(800)-873-3650

POLLO CACCIATORE Cost: $22.00Casanova(800)-572-0220CARPACCIO DI BRESAOALCost: $9.00Charleys(800)-579-8085fishCOST: $12.00LULUS(1-800)-879-9944Ooh Ooh Bacon BurgerCOST: $11.99Kula lodge(1-800)-233-1535Crab Stuffed PrawnsCOST: $12.99What to packI will be Staying at MAUI, HAWAII for 2 weeks.I will be leaving on April 18 TIL MAY 1I will pack 16 shirts,17 pairs of pants, a bikini, a camera, socks (e.c.t) Feature photos

Closing sideThank you for watching and letting me tell you about where I want to go to.