Using Stations to Motivate and Engage

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Pamlico County presentation


  • Jessica

  • RationaleWhy use stations in the high school classroom?Engagement21st century skills

  • John Wilson, Executive Director, NEATo relegate todays students to rows of desks, a teacher at the front of the classroom espousing content, and a textbook with paper and pencil is to guarantee that our students will be left with the lowest skills and the lowest-paying jobs."

  • RationaleWhy use stations in the high school classroom?Engagement21st century skillsClassroom managementGardners multiple intelligences

  • Howard Gardners Multiple IntelligencesVerbal-linguisticIntrapersonalInterpersonalNaturalistBodily-KinestheticMusical-RhythmicVisual-SpatialLogical-Mathematical

  • Think about the sensesSightTouchTasteHearSmell

  • Think about subject matterEnglishMathScienceSocial StudiesWorld LanguagesCareer and Technical EdPhysical Education

  • Think about 21st century skillsCommunicationCollaborationCooperationCultural competenceTechnologyLaptopsSMART board/AirlinerVoice recordersFlip camerasDigital cameras


  • Microsoft PhotoStory 3

  • Smooth transitionsGroup ahead of time!Clearly label tables with numbers/colorsUse clear, concise directionsLower grades recording or pictureUpper grades recording or written outHave 2 or 3 good transition signalsClean upBegin to move to next stationBe at next station

  • TechnologyHow could you use technology in your class with small groups of students?Flip camerasDigital camerasSMART boardLaptopsDigital voice recordersCD player

  • Content AreasHow could you use stations in your content area?Scrabble termsDice game synthesizingMemory anything you want to matchFlashcard drill

  • TransitionsWhat can you do to make your transitions smoother?Clear, concise directionsRecorded directionsSignals for clean-up and movementTeacher monitoringGive students jobs

  • Other comments?What are some other considerations when using stations in the high school classroom?


    **15 minutes to here*What activities can you do to arouse each of these senses?

    *What can you do to incorporate each of these into your stations? ***6 stations - Fall:Use counting bears to create number sentences create as many as you can.Counting bearsChart paperMarkersListen to this story clip (Audacity or on CD) and add your own ending. Each student records at least 1 sentence.Laptop with clip ready to play Windows Media PlayerMicrophone and audacity openPass around papers with story and add to it. Change papers every minute.Papers with a story starterTimerDice game Make sentences from words on cubes. You get points for using them. Keep score.3 dice with subjects, verbs, predicatesScore cardScrabble board list as many words as you can that have to do with fall. Sentence Pumpkins are a part of fall!Drawing Draw a scene that reminds you of fall.Construction paperMarkers



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