Upcoming Challenges in E-Learning & Online Learning Environments

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  • 1. Upcoming Challenges in E-Learning & Online Learning EnvironmentsMohamed Tawfik, Elio Sancristobal, Sergio Martin, Rosario Gil, Alberto Pesquera, Felix Garcia, Maria Jose Albert, Clara Perez, Gabriel Diaz, Juan Peire, Manuel Castromcastro@ieec.uned.es Electrical & Computer Engineering Department (DIEEC)Spanish University for Distance Education (UNED)

2. In a knowledge society,constant demand forlearning and forinformation isindispensableLifelong learning, continuing education, and vocational education 3. Despite the availability ofinformation and the varietyof programs at universitiesand institutions, its notquite simple for most ofthe people to acquire themowing to the todays rapidlifestyle 4. E-Learning is the Solution! DistanceEducationE-LearningInformation Technologies from teacher-centered to student-centered 5. Upcoming Challenges in E-Learning & Online Learning EnvironmentsBlended Learning 6. Learning Management Systems (LMSs)Provided ServicesStandard CompatibilityProprietary Solutions Open Source Solutions Administration Tools Shareable Courseware Blackboard Moodle Synchronous andObject Reference Model SharePointLMS dotLRNAsynchronous (SCORM) JoomlaLMS SakaiCommunication Tools IMS for content packing Claroline Multimedia sharing Tools IMS QTI (Question and Evaluation and TrackingTestTool Interoperability)Learning Object Metadata (LOM) Dublin Core 7. Learning Management Systems (LMSs) Interoperability with heterogeneous LMSs at other Institutions Access to remote laboratoriesService-oriented LMS Access to Web 2.0 components and other online services Access from and synchronization with other learning platforms and smart device s 8. Online Laboratories Virtual Laboratories Remote LaboratoriesPlugins independentsolutions: HTML 5 &AjaxPlugins dependentsolutions: Flash & JavaApplets 9. Remote Laboratory Management System(RLMS)...... RLMSUSERSCommon Access PortalEquipments Management Lab Servers Administrative Tools Communication Tools Diferent Remote Lab Systems ..(could be at different institutions) Other 10. Remote Laboratory Management System(RLMS)Institution 1 Exp A Exp BUsers. Exp C RLMS.StandardInterfaceInstitution 2 Exp X Exp YUsers .Exp Z RLMS. 11. Mobile Learning (M-Learning) 12. Mobile Learning (M-Learning) 13. Mobile Learning (M-Learning) 14. Traditional Online Authentication ModelsModel 15. Online Authentication Models 16. Online Authentication Models 17. Online Authentication Models 18. Conclusions Learning Management Systems Remote and Virtual Labs integration User and access Federation Mobile Learning Integration of location and user based actions New framework and deploying Authentication New biometrics systems Federation and web based certification (multiple identitites) 19. Research on Technologies for EngineeringEducationhttp://ohm.ieec.uned.es/ 20. Thanks for your Attention!Manuel Castromcastro@ieec.uned.esIEEE Education Society PresidentElectrical & Computer Engineering Department (DIEEC) Spanish University for Distance Education (UNED)