Developing Learning Environments

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Developing Learning Environments. Dr Barry Lewis Director GP Education. Educational programme. Workplace Experience. Clinical Supervision. LEARNING ENVIROMENT. Defining the Learning Environment. The ‘fabric’ – rooms, equipment and people. The ‘Fabric’. Standards for Better Health - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Developing Learning Environments

  • Developing Learning EnvironmentsDr Barry LewisDirector GP Education

  • Defining the Learning EnvironmentThe fabric rooms, equipment and people

  • The FabricStandards for Better HealthConsulting roomsSizeSuitabilityResourceslibrary/study areaRecords and ITPractice based team

  • Workplace experiencePatientsList sizeMorbidityAccessServicesChronic disease managementAdditional servicesMultidisciplinary team

  • Educational programmeIn practice educational processesPHCT meetingsCase based discussion meetingsClinical educationTutorial arrangementsProtected?sharedRelevant to stage of training

  • Clinical supervisionOrganisation of supervisionAvailability and accessTraining as supervisorAppropriate to stage of trainingNon medical supervisors TrainingTime in usual roleSupport for role as supervisorSessional vs overview processes defined

  • Expanding and extending GP trainingNumbers in NWST1 recruitment 240 in 2009ST1 recruitment ~300 in 2011All to do minimum 18 months GPExtending to 5 yearsPilot in NW for ST4 and 5ST4-5 in GPMore placements neededNew practicesNew slots in existing practicesHub and spoke arrangements BUT environment conditions still apply

  • FundingExisting Learning Environment GrantEstablished processSupport needed from PCTPoints for undergrads, AHPs, FY2s as well as GPST slots

    New LEGAdditional money 09-10 onlySame parameters but removal of matched funding etc

  • Funding (2)Developing remuneration for trainingTrainers grantGraded based on supervision requiredAcknowledges service delivery by traineesEnvironment paymentFee/slotSlot may be used by any of the range of learners