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  • Unlocking places, delivering growth

    Tuesday 30 October 09:15 - 16.00Pinsent Masons, 30 Crown Place Earl Street, London EC2A 4ES

  • Programme

    The conference represents the culmination of the year long partnership between the LGA, BPF and Local Partnerships. This invite only event will bring together senior figures from local government, the property industry and the wider business community to explore how councils, the private sector and central government can work together to overcome barriers and develop new mechanisms for raising finance and ensuring investment is targeted towards unlocking growth.

    09.15 Arrival and refreshments

    10.00 Welcome and Introduction

    Sir Merrick Cockell, Chairman of LGA Ken Dytor, Managing Director at Regeneration

    Investments and Chair of the BPF Regeneration Committee

    The LGA and BPF partnership have been exploring the

    ways in which councils can work with partners from the

    property sector to stimulate local economic growth. The

    lessons from this work will be detailed in a publication,

    launched at the conference, which will outline a plan for

    growth. Sir Merrick Cockell will introduce the conference

    and this publication by announcing this plan.

    10.25 The Plan for Growth panel discussion

    Liz Peace, Chief Executive of the BPF


    Tony Travers, Director of the Greater London Group, London School of Economics

    Dr. Adam Marshall, Director of Policy and External Affairs, British Chambers of Commerce

    Amelia Henning, Vice-President, Royal Bank of Canada Alan Aisbett, Partner, Pinsent Masons

    11.15 Break

    Rt Hon Danny Alexander MPChief Secretary to the Treasury

    Sir Merrick Cockell Chairman of LGA

    Howard BernsteinManchester City Council

    Ken Dytor Managing Director at Regeneration Investments

    and Chair of the BPF Regeneration Committee

    Dr. Adam Marshall Director of Policy and External Affairs,

    British Chambers of Commerce

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  • 11.30 Promoting growth through partnership A focus on place

    The Cornwall Deal Cllr Alex Robertson, Leader, Cornwall Council Kevin Lavery, Chief Executive, Cornwall Council

    Funding Supporting Infrastructure for Growth Cllr. Russell Roberts, Leader, Kettering Borough Council David Cook, Chief Executive, Kettering Borough Council

    Kickstarting the economy in an area of low-growth Cllr. Steve Houghton, Leader, Barnsley Metropolitan

    Borough Council Diana Terris, Chief Executive, Barnsley Metropolitan

    Borough Council

    The LGA and BPF partnership has supported three place-based studies that have explored how councils can take the lead and work with their partners to drive economic growth. Three very different councils were chosen with very different challenges. The findings and outcomes from these studies will be discussed, with the opportunity for delegates to discuss with the Chief Executives and Leaders what learning there is for the rest of the sector from these studies.

    12:30 Funding Infrastructure in a Cold Climate

    Chair Clive Dutton, Clive Dutton OBE, Executive Director for Regeneration, Planning and Property, LB Newham

    Howard Bernstein, Manchester City Council, City Deal and Earnback model

    Edward Twiddy, Chief Executive, Northeast Local Enterprise Partnership

    Chris Murray, Director, Core Cities Group

    As central government capital grants are reduced, how can local authorities fund the infrastructure that will unlock economic growth and facilitate further development? A range of new non-grant based funding mechanisms are becoming available for local authorities, such as Enterprise Zones, Tax Increment Finance and Earn Back. In this session experts will explore when and how these mechanisms could help kickstart growth, and whether other options are needed.

    13:15 Lunch

    14:00 Unlocking local governments role in driving economic growth

    Rt Hon Danny Alexander MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury

    The Governments City Deals have demonstrated that the devolution of substantive freedoms and responsibilities is necessary for promoting economic growth at a local level. Following the agreement of the first 8 deals, how will government approach further devolution of powers across the local government sector, and where do the limits of this devolution lie? Following the speech there will be the opportunity for a Q&A Session.

    14:45 Break

    14:55 Stimulating economic growth for the long term - what needs to change?

    Chair: Ken Dytor, Managing Director at Regeneration Investments and Chair of the BPF Regeneration Committee

    Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, Minister for Decentralisation and Cities

    Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

    While the immediate focus of many central policy makers is on securing the short-term economic recovery, the actions taken to do this will have profound implications for long-term economic growth. In an increasingly competitive global economy, ensuring that growth is sustainable in the long-term is a major policy challenge of this parliament. How government, both central and local, interact with and support a thriving and competitive private sector in the future? How can central and local government ensure that there is the right framework of incentives and devolved responsibilities in place to facilitate this? And how can this thinking help the public sector to generate effective strategies for encouraging private sector growth?

    15:55 Closing Remarks

    Sir Merrick Cockell, Chairman of LGA

    16:00 Close