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  • Tapestry Unitarian Universal ist Fel lowship o f Athens

    February 2015

    Board of Trustees

    Merridy McDaniel President@uuathensga.org

    Jane Mayer President-Elect

    Karen Solheim Secretary@uuathensga.org

    Rich Rayburn Treasurer@uuathensga.org

    Marguerite Holmes Past-president

    Penny Oldfather Member-at-large

    Carol-Lee Baker Member-at-large

    Lee Cornell


    Jim Thomas


    Lay Ministers

    Fun & Fellowship:

    Ange Kahn Fellowship@uuathensga.org


    Michelle Leebens-Mack Connections@uuathensga.org

    Justice: Karen Solheim Justice@uuathensga.org

    Stewardship: Herb West Stewardship@uuathensga.org

    Lifespan Development:

    Aleta Turner & Vivian Sellers Education@uuathensga.org

    Spiritual Arts:

    Myrna Adams West SpiritualArts@uuathensga.org

    Let’s Communicate!

    * Yourself

    * The Minister

    * Programs,

    governance, or

    anything else that’s on your mind

    4. The Committee on Shared Ministry


    * Getting feedback on Fellowship gov-

    ernance or ministry from members and


    We’re happy to assist you with any ideas

    or concerns you may have. If you don’t

    know who to contact for something not

    named above, you can contact the Con-

    gregational Administrator, Shaye Gam-

    brell (Wed - Fri), to ask for assistance.

    Also, be sure to look at the bulletin

    boards in the Fellowship Hall or on the

    website (uuathensga.org) for names and

    contact info for the members of the

    Board of Trustees and Ministry Council.

    Do you wonder where to take your ideas

    or concerns? If so, contact the follow-


    1. A member of the Board of Trustees


    * Management or governance

    * Policies or procedures

    * Where UUFA is headed


    * What UUFA is doing (mission)

    * About UUFA’s Minister

    2. A Ministry Council member (the

    Minister, Dir. of Religious Education,

    or Music Dir., or a Lay Minister)


    * Programs or activities

    * Policies and procedures

    * Leadership development

    * What’s going on

    * How to get involved

    * How to communicate activities

    3. The Minister about

    * Staff

    Selma Trip Deadline Extended to Feb. 8! Reserve Your Seat Now! Limited seats

    remaining! Because of interest ex-

    pressed, UUFA has booked a 43-person

    bus to take a one-day trip to Selma for

    the 50th anniversary re-enactment of the

    crossing of the Edmund Pettus Bridge. At

    least 10,000 people from around the

    country are expected to participate.

    If you want to be part of this trip, please

    register by the February 8 deadline,

    understanding that the cost will

    range $50 to $100, depending on the

    firm number of passengers and cost of

    luncheon, which will be held in Mont-

    gomery at St. Jude's Church.

    Payment will be due at UUFA by Febru-

    ary 13. Plans are to leave Athens on Sun-

    day, March 8, at approximately 6 am to

    arrive in Montgomery before 11. The ac-

    tivities in Selma should end around 5 pm,

    so Athens arrival should be between 9 and

    10 pm Sunday evening.

    Please reserve your seat by February 8!

    Even if you have previously expressed

    interest about this trip, you will still need

    to reserve your seat! Click here to register

    (or call the office) and note scholarship

    need. For further information, contact

    Betsy Bean (betsybean@gmail.

    com or 706.850.7268).

    mailto:President@uuathensga.org mailto:Secretary@uuathensga.org mailto:Treasurer@uuathensga.org mailto:Fellowship@uuathensga.org mailto:Connections@uuathensga.org mailto:Justice@uuathensga.org mailto:Stewardship@uuathensga.org mailto:Education@uuathensga.org mailto:SpiritualArts@uuathensga.org http://uuathensga.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=b2a5586457250a0c97c108ffe&id=8ea4a9d64f&e=11ac7b574c

  • February 1 – Insight from A Flow-

    er Legend says a disciple received

    Buddha’s teachings in a flash of in-

    sight while viewing a flower.

    Are we receptive to such in-

    sight? Rev. Alison Eskildsen

    with a guest musician

    February 8 – Loving Mer-

    cy “Have mercy on me” is an

    oft-used prayer. Is it yours?

    Rev. Alison Eskildsen with

    the Chalice Choir

    February 15 – Love Keeps

    Us Together Committed relation-

    ships can be challenging. Hear three

    couples share their journeys and sing

    love songs with UUFA’s You

    Band. Blurb and title to come from


    February 22 – Abundant Good For-

    tune Need a second chance on your

    New Year's resolu-

    tions? Well, it's out

    with the old and in with

    the new on this Chinese

    New Year celebration.

    A Dragon Dance and

    other festive surprises

    inspire prosperity for

    all ages. All are invited

    to wear red or Asian-

    inspired clothing.

    Worship begins with everyone in the

    sanctuary for the first 20 minutes or

    so. Typically we share a welcome,

    light our congregational chalice, sing

    Spiritual Arts

    This Month’s Worship Services

    Worship Arts Committee

    Share Your Thoughts!


    a hymn, and experience a storytelling

    or brief conversation. Children and

    teachers are recessed from the sanctu-

    ary by congregational singing. Chil-

    dren and teachers go to their class-

    rooms or to a special children’s wor-

    ship in the Fellowship Hall. Parents

    are welcome to accompany their chil-

    dren if they wish.

    Remaining adults hear a sermon, spe-

    cial music, sing, meditate or pray, and

    share brief joys and sorrows within

    the community on most Sundays.

    Some Sundays all ages remain in the

    sanctuary for the entire service. For

    more on UUFA’s worship services,

    visit the Spiritual Arts page at


    The Worship Arts Committee is gathering information

    about Sunday morning participation at UUFA as it con-

    tinues to evaluate the Sunday morning schedule and

    makes plans for the future.

    Please go here: http://uuathensga.org/spiritual-arts/

    worship-arts-committee/ to complete a very brief sur-

    vey that will help the committee determine how to best

    serve the congregation on Sunday mornings. It is only a

    couple of questions and takes just a few minutes to

    complete. Thank you for your time!

    The Worship Arts Committee meets Feb. 3 at 6:30 pm.

    Sundays ~ 10:15-11:05 am

    February 1 -- Dr. Phillip Lanoue,

    Getting Schooled about Clarke Coun-

    ty Schools

    February 8 -- RE and Green Sanctu-

    ary, Bee Friends - an intergenerational

    program on Mason bees

    February 15 -- Members of UUFA

    Childcare is available!

    Forum Topics for February reproductive justice class, Reproduc-

    tive Justice: What it is, what it isn't,

    and how it affects you and others”

    February 22 -- Lauren Barineau,

    MBP, CHES Training and Technical

    Assistance coordinator, Exploring the

    Impact of Teen Pregnancy in Georgia

    If you would like to be part of the team

    selecting Sunday Forum speakers, at-

    tend the next Forum Committee

    meeting. The committee meets the

    second Monday of each month. The

    next meeting is Tuesday, February

    10 at 4 pm.

    For further information about Fo-

    rum, contact any of the following

    members of the Forum Committee

    team: Betsy Bean, Bob Bitowft,

    John Bleyle, Al Bergins, Jim Thom-

    as, Karen Solheim, Terry Jones, Bar-

    bara McLaughlin, or John Bleyle.

    NEW Adult Summer Camp

    Peace Camp for Adults~ March 27-28 Enjoy an overnight event of yoga, meditation, labyrinth

    walking, Dances of Universal Peace, non-

    violent communication, and conflict resolu-

    tion to build peace within, peace with each

    other, and peace with nature.

    Camp Thrive for Adults~ April 24-25 Get in touch with your inner nature child with these wil-

    derness adventure skills including fire and shelter-building,

    cordage, orienteering, first aid, plant and animal identifica-

    tion, and more! Don’t just survive, thrive!

    Contact Morgan for details (dre@uuathensga.org).

    http://www.uuathensga.org http://uuathensga.org/spiritual-arts/worship-arts-committee/ http://uuathensga.org/spiritual-arts/worship-arts-committee/ http://uuathensga.org/60th-anniversary-news/


    accepted the following reports and

    discussed when necessary: Minis-

    ter's, Treasurer's including Share the

    Plate, Funding UUA's GIFT program

    through Enjoyable Entertainment

    Events, Annual Budget Drive (ABD),

    Facilities Planning Committee.

    To r