2015-2016 TEACHING TEAMS First Unitarian Universalist ... First Unitarian Universalist Society of
2015-2016 TEACHING TEAMS First Unitarian Universalist ... First Unitarian Universalist Society of

2015-2016 TEACHING TEAMS First Unitarian Universalist ... First Unitarian Universalist Society of

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Text of 2015-2016 TEACHING TEAMS First Unitarian Universalist ... First Unitarian Universalist Society of

  • First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco

    September 13, 2015 11:00 AM

    The Longing for Belonging U P CO M I N G E V E N T S

    1187 Franklin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109 415-776-4580 ; FAX 415-776-4400

    www.uusf.org/ info@uusf.org/ #UUSF

    Senior Minister Rev. John Buehrens 132 jbuehrens@uusf.org Associate Minister Rev. Alyson Jacks 232 ajacks@uusf.org Assistant Minister Rev. JD Benson 162 jdbenson@uusf.org Director Finance & Administration Emily Wilson 152 ewilson @uusf.org Center Facilities Director Kerry E. Parker 202 reservations@uusf.org Building Manager Donald Johnson 272 djohnson@uusf.org Communications Manager Jonathan Silk 192 jsilk@uusf.org Young Adult Coordinator Joseph Chapot youngadults@uusf.org Music Director Dr. Mark Sumner 252 sngwtme@gmail.com Organist Reiko Oda Lane 282 reikolane@gmail.com Administrative Assistant John Wright 102 jwright@uusf.org Seminarian Zeb Armstrong-Green zgreen999@yahoo.com

    UUSF STAFF Title Name Ext. Email

    Membership Matters - Invitation to Membership 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM, Chapel (TODAY!)

    If you've found your spiritual home at UUSF and wish to become a member of our beloved community, please join Associate Minister Alyson Jacks and members of this community in Chapel for an Invitation to Membership.

    Last Week for Small Group Ministry Registration! 12:30 PM, Gallery (TODAY) Small Group Ministry Facilitators will be present in the TSK Room after the service today to provide information about the program and to take registrations for our 2015-16 groups. Questions may also be addressed to sgm@uusf.org.

    2015 All-Church Retreat

    2015-2016 TEACHING TEAMS

    Chalice Children (Pre-K) Sarah Beth Chionsini Gemma Dimatteo Nova Nevraumont Alice Sozbi

    Creating Home (K-1) Sara Ferree Nikki Hunt Megan Lehmer Courtney Young-Law

    Faithful Journeys (2nd-3rd) Summer Andreasen Chandra Egan Zeb Armstrong-Green Christine Patch-Lindsay

    Windows and Mirrors (4th-5th) Teresa Goebel Kirstin Hove Jan Hutslar Elena Perez

    Neighboring Faiths (6th-7th) Simmy Cover Chris Dean Audrey McDougal

    Coming of Age (8th-10th) Alex Darr Rachel Frothingham Gary Lorentzen

    Buildings and Grounds - Mini Clean-Up! 12:30 PM, Meet in the Courtyard (TODAY!)

    Help needed! September 13 after services is the mini Cleanup. Work from 5 minute to 30 minutes picking up trash on Franklin, polishing brass, sanitizing doors, removing finger marks, weeding, raking, or tending your adopted planter in the court yard. Meet Dave Chabot and Fran Chan near the courtyard to sign in, choose a job, and pick up tools and supplies.

    Sign-up to be in our new Church Photo Directory! 12:30 PM, TSK Room(TODAY!)

    Lifetouch studio photographers will be at UUSF between October 6 through October 16, times will vary to best accommodate member’s schedules. Weekday appointments will run from 1PM - 8:50 PM. Saturday appointments on October 10 will run from 10AM - 5:50 PM and Sunday, Oct 11 between 10AM to 6PM. Go to uusf.org to sign-up! We (REALLY) need a group of volunteers to work 2-4 hour shifts to check-in individuals and families for their photo session. If you can volunteer, please go to www.uusf.org to sign-up online or email ajacks@uusf.org.

    UUSF 20s & 30s @ SF Fringe Festival Friday, September 18, 7PM - 8:30 PM, EXIT Theater

    The UUSF 20s & 30s Community is going to see "Wretch Like Me" at this year's San Francisco Fringe Festival. This one man play is about the performer's experience coming of age in a deeply religious, conservative home. Should attendees desire, we may meet up for dinner before, or go out for a drink/ bite afterwards. Contact youngadults@uusf.org for more information.

    The Society for Community Work - Opening Luncheon Tuesday, September 15, TSK Room

    Speaker: Rev. Dr. John Buehrens, Senior Minister. Business Meeting 11:15 AM., Mixer 11:30 AM, Lunch Noon, followed by program. Reserve by 7PM today with lesliebader1899@gmail.com or call Leslie Bader at 415-821-1307. Stop by our table after services for info on Membership and how to pay for a whole year of lunches--no reservations required! $10 to $15 Sliding Scale, no one turned away due to lack of funds.

  • Upcoming Service

    Days of Awe Sunday, September 20, 11AM, Sanctuary STARTING OVER

    The Rev. John Buehrens, Senior Minister, preaching

    Meet with John!

    Rev. Buehrens is eager to meet with church members and friends individually. Contact John to schedule an appointment at 415-776-4580 x132

    * Please rise if you are able.

    Second Sunday of the month Caring and Gratitude Card Table.

    Come after the Sunday service to write a card of caring or of gratitude to a congregant, friend of the church or staff member! Pastoral Care Ministries table will be in the gallery today!

    Upcoming Events Tuesday, September 15, 11:30 AM, TSK Room The Society for Community Work 2015 Meeting Opener! With Rev. John Buehrens! - Sign-up lesliebader1899@gmail.com

    Friday, September 18, 6:30 PM, MLK Room FILM: "Broken On All Sides" Sensible Cinema

    Saturday, September 19, 11AM to 1PM Join UU Animal Ministry for a Marin Headlands Hike! Info: Dolores Priem to RSVP. 415-595-7306 or doloresmp@aol.com.

    Sunday, September 20, 9:15 AM, MLK Room “San Francisco Under the Microscope” with Scott Wiener Sunday Forum 2015-2016

    Sunday, September 20, 9:30 AM, Fireside Room MARTIN BUBER: To Hallow This Life. An Introduction & Tribute Minister's Seminar with Rev. John Buehrens

    Sunday, September 12:30 PM, MLK Room Humanist and Non-Theist Committee present highlights from the 2015 UU Association General Assembly that includes a video presentation of Rev. Dr. Cornel West delivering the prestigious 92nd annual Ware Lecture, the climax of the General Assembly weekend. This presentation will end at 1:45 PM to enable folks to join the celebration of Anna Rind's life at the Sequoias one block away.

    Sunday, September 20, 1PM, Sequoias Auditorium A Celebration of Anna Rind's Life! Come any time before 3PM.

    Saturday, September 26, 2PM, TSK Room The first of a three-part series exploring the Criminal Justice System in this country, sponsored by the UU-Unitarian United Nations Office and the SFStopmass Incarceration Network will be Saturday, September 26 at 2PM in the TSK Room. Look for more information in the Flame or contact Liz Cormier at Elizabethcormier@att.net.

    Saturday, September 26, 7PM, Chapel Celebrating the Harvest Join the Pagan Interest Circle for a special full moon service!

    “in returning and rest shall you be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.” Isaiah 30:15

    Sermon In Returning and Rest Rev. John Buehrens

    Offertory Sentence


    Offertory Sonata for Violin, K 296 Michael Yokas, violin

    Postlude Festive Toccata Percy Fletcher

    *Hymn 209 O Come, You Longing Thirsty Souls Forest Green

    September 13, 2015

    Anthem Sanctus from Requiem Gabriel Fauré

    Concerned About Your Blood Pressure?

    Pastoral Care Ministries: NEW! Today our Health Education and Advocacy Team (HEAT) Ministry begins its good works offering blood pressure checks. Check in at our table in the TSK Room. Thank you, Susan Russo-Kleuker, RN & Linda Harris, RN, Coordinator.

    September is Bring a Friend to Church Month! The Welcome Table will be open every Sunday. Every time a new yellow Visitor

    Card is in their hands, they will ask, “Did one of our current members invite you?” At the end of the month, the member who has invited the most new people to UUSF will be declared the winner – and given not only a surprise prize, plus a

    lunch at a nice restaurant with the Senior Minister, but special commendation for truly living the welcoming, inviting spirit that we UUs so value.

    Join us for coffee hour in the Thomas Starr King Room following the service.

    Welcome Visiting today? Please fill out the yellow Newcomer Card located in the pew rack to sign up for our weekly e-newsletter, The Flame. And please stop by our Welcome Table after the service or speak with a minister to learn more about our liberal religious home. If you share your UUSF experience on Instagram or other social media, please include #UUSF.

    Service Animals & Scent Free Zone In our Sanctuary are two dedicated areas. The left pews as you face the chancel are for people with assistance dogs. The right pews are for those sensitive to fragrances such as cologne and/or perfumes. Questions? Our Sunday Worship Ushers located in the Narthex (entry way of Sanctuary) can answer them.

    Building Tour, Sanctuary If you are new or just visiting the church and would like to tour the church building, please meet your tour guide at the front of the Sanctuary immediately after the service. Tours last about 15-20 minutes. George Mayer coordinates Building Tour Guides.

    Sermon Talk-Back, Kincaid Room Each Sunday at 12:25 PM you are welcome to join members and friends for an after-worship discussion of the sermon session led by Donald Matusen.

    Worship and A Message for All Ages! Each Sunday children and youth will join their parents in the sanctuary for the Message for All Ages. After the doxology, children leave the sanctuary