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Unit6 Unit6 Global Global warming warming

Unit6 Global warming

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Unit6 Global warming. Can you tell what we use energy for? Energy lights our cities Energy heats our buildings Energy entertains us ( watching TV; playing computer etc.) …. Wind mills. 风力. Where does all the energy come from?. 更多资源 xiti123.taobao.com. a coal power station. 燃煤发电站. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: Unit6  Global warming

Unit6 Unit6 Global warming Global warming

Page 2: Unit6  Global warming

Can you tell what we use energy for?

Energy lights our cities

Energy heats our buildings

Energy entertains us

( watching TV; playing computer etc.)

Page 3: Unit6  Global warming

• Where does all the energy come from?

Wind mills 风力


Page 4: Unit6  Global warming

a coal power station


Page 5: Unit6  Global warming

an oil refinery 炼油厂

Page 6: Unit6  Global warming

a nuclear power plant 原子能发电站

Page 7: Unit6  Global warming

太阳能接受器Solar panels

Page 8: Unit6  Global warming

a hydro dam 水坝

Page 9: Unit6  Global warming

What’s the difference between wind power and coal power?

Wind will never run out while coal is a limited source.

What is renewable energy and what is non-renewable energy?

Page 10: Unit6  Global warming

Try to tell as many as possible

Things that use energy

Sources of energy Renewable/

Non-renewablelightsheatingtelevisioncassette playercomputerfridgewashing machinehairdryer…

coal Non-renewable

oil Non-renewable

wind Non-renewable

nuclear Non-renewable

sun renewablewater

renewable(hydro-electric power)

(solar energy)

Plant waste renewable

hot spring renewable

Page 11: Unit6  Global warming

negative effects of using energy

Increasing CO2 pollution

global warming

Page 12: Unit6  Global warming


Page 13: Unit6  Global warming

Pre-readingWhat is it in the picture?It’s a greenhouse made of glass.What is it used for?It’s used for growing plants, especially during

cold weather.How does it work? The air inside is warm because the glass traps

the heat from the sun and keeps it from escaping. This makes the greenhouse heat up and so the plants can grow throughout the cold period.

Page 14: Unit6  Global warming

What is greenhouse gases?

The gases surrounding the earth, including carbon dioxide, methane and water vapor.

What do you think greenhouse gases do?

They trap heat from the sun and therefore warm the earth.

Page 15: Unit6  Global warming


The earth is becoming warmer— but does it matter?


Page 16: Unit6  Global warming

Main idea of each part Writing techniquesWhile- reading

Paragraph 1Introduce a debating overthe issue of global warming

Paragraph 2-4Illustrate how global warming comes about

Paragraph 5-10List 2 different attitudes among scientists towards GW.

Paragraph 11whether people should do something about GW. or not.

raising a question

giving examples,using graphs, explanation

give examples, making contrast

Using a question, leaving readers to think over the issue

Page 17: Unit6  Global warming

Should we do nothing about global warming?