Unit Introduction 2019-10-30آ  framework of Inspire, Empower, Act, Reflect and Share. Each lesson starts

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Text of Unit Introduction 2019-10-30آ  framework of Inspire, Empower, Act, Reflect and Share. Each lesson...


    3rd Grade  Unit Introduction 

    Sub-Concepts Covered: Self-Care, Kindness   

    Kindness in the Classroom lessons teach kindness skills through a step-by step  framework of Inspire, Empower, Act, Reflect and Share. Each lesson starts with the  ‘share’ step to reinforce learning from previous lessons. The ‘act’ piece is woven into  the lessons but really takes place in the projects.   Welcome to the new school year! This is our first unit out of six that we will cover this  year. There are four lessons and two projects in every unit. The focus of this Respect  Unit is on students learning how to respect themselves, others, and their community.  Lessons will allow students to explore self care, respectful communication, and  problem solving.   

      Unit Objective    Students will:   

    ● Learn how to show respect to others both in the classroom and at home.  ● Demonstrate how to use respectful communication with others.  ● Work respectfully during both independent and work related activities. 

      Student Introduction     Welcome to our new school year! We are going to take these first few weeks to explore the concept of  Respect. This means we think about how our words and actions affect our friends, our families, and anyone  else we meet up with in our day. It’s so important to treat others with kindness and respect, even when we  might not agree with what they are saying or doing. To help us learn how to do this, we are going to explore  these areas:   

    ● Respecting ourselves, others, and our community!  ● Using respectful words in our conversations!  ● Practicing kind ways to problem solve during difficult times! 

      Let’s dive deeper and explore Respect!    Note- the RAK interactive notebooks are an optional, 3rd grade specific activity that is presented as a project  here under Respect. However, if you decide to do this activity, the notebooks can be used as a natural  reflection/independent journaling activity after every lesson throughout the entire year. Look under the  extension heading for specific instructions within every lesson on how to incorporate these fun notebooks! 

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  • Activities under this heading are varied to include writing, poetry, crafts, art, and graphic organizing. This allows  each student to have a comprehensive notebook illustrating their kindness journey from start to finish! 


    Unit Lessons    Lesson Title    Lesson Objectives    Materials Required            Lesson 1  Respect Fortune Tellers 

      ● Identify the three levels of respect  exercised each day at school. 

    ● Demonstrate concrete methods for  practicing Self Respect, Respect for Others,  and Respect within the School 


      ❏ Paper  ❏ Scissors  ❏ Pencils 


    Lesson 2  Treat Myself with  Kindness 

      ● Explain how self-care demonstrates respect  for oneself. 

    ● Identify ways they can treat themselves  with kindness and respect. 


      ❏ Cardboard or Cardstock for each student  ❏ Magazines or printed images  ❏ Glue sticks  ❏ Scissors  ❏ Basic Art Supplies 

      Lesson 3  Time Out! 

      ● Develop interpersonal skills used in conflict  resolution and teamwork. 

    ● Persevere by expending additional effort  and seeking help from others. (SEL goal  under self-management)  

    ● Recognize that listening is an important part of resolving conflict. 


      ❏ Internet Access for video:  http://www.values.com/inspirational-storie s-tv-spots/121-timeout  

    ❏ Large Screen to view video clip   

    Lesson 4  Building a Respectful  Community 

      ● Examine their community for opportunities  to show respect throughout their day to day  lives. 

    ● Explain how to show respect in a variety of  contexts within their local community. 


      ❏ “What if Everybody DId That?”   by Ellen Javernick 

    ❏ Legos (Can use clay as an alternative)  ❏ Cups or Bowls 


      Unit Projects    Project Title    Project Overview    Materials Required            Project 1  RAK Interactive  Notebook 

      Students will create their own RAK interactive  notebook for use during the entire school year. This project will focus on designing the cover  and building the table of contents and tabs  needed for the remainder of the year.   

      ❏ Composition Notebook (standard  notebooks work as well)  

    ❏ basic art supplies   ❏ construction paper   ❏ glue  ❏ tabs (can use masking tape to  

    make tabs if needed)   

    Project 2  What Does Respect   Look Like? 

      The class will create a bulletin board  illustrating what respect looks like (through  both illustrations and words) to each of them.  Passersby are also invited to add their own  interpretation.   

      ❏ Basic Bulletin Board supplies   ❏ 1 box of tacks   ❏ index cards  ❏ a pocket (can be made with construction 

    paper)  ❏ 2 markers or pens for writing/drawing   

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    http://www.values.com/inspirational-stories-tv-spots/121-timeout http://www.values.com/inspirational-stories-tv-spots/121-timeout



    Respect  3rd Grade • Lesson 1   

    Respect Fortune Tellers  This is the initial lesson in the Respect Unit. In addition, it is the very first lesson for the  school year. It reviews the three tiers of respect: self-respect, respect for others, and  respect for our community. Students will work in pairs to create respect catchers (also  referred to as paper fortune tellers) as a fun way to identify ways to show respect in  various settings.      Respect Sub-Concept(s)  Self-care, Kindness    Lesson Timeframe  45 minutes    Required Materials  ❏ Paper  ❏ Scissors  ❏ Pencils    Standards Map  This lesson aligns with CASEL  Competencies, National Health  Education Standards, and Common  Core State Standards. Please refer to  the ​Standards Map​ for more information. 

      Lesson Objective    Students will:   

    ● Identify the three levels of respect exercised each day at school.  ● Demonstrate concrete methods for practicing Self-Respect, Respect 

    for Others, and Respect within the School. 

      Teacher Connection/Self-Care     It is extremely important to be kind to yourself as a teacher before you can  expect to share that same level of respect within your classroom. How do you  practice self-respect personally? Fueling your body, ensuring proper sleep  and carving out some quiet time each day are all terrific options to be kind to  yourself in preparation for your classroom each day.   

    Tips for Diverse Learners    ● Draw simple pictures next to words that show self-respect to help 

    English Language Learners connect better during the discussion  ● Pair students up with varying abilities as they complete the craft 

    portion of the activity  ● Allow students to draw pictures on their craft to represent the different 

    types of respect if written skills are not fully developed. 


      3 minutes    Gather your class together in your community/morning meeting area.   As a class, answer the following question:   

    ● What is one thing you did independently this morning to get ready for  school? 

      Self-Care is a terrific example of how we naturally show respect to ourselves!  As we start our school year together, we will be exploring respect for  ourselves, others, and our community. 


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        Inspire    3 levels of Respect    7-10 minutes    Explain that the first thing we must establish in our classroom is Respect.  Respect allows us to learn, enjoy our time together and feel safe in our  classroom. Since today is our first day, we will learn about Respect before we  do anything else. That way each of us can show kindness to ourselves, others  and our school every single day. We define Respect as treating people,  places, and things with kindness.    Explain the 3 levels of Respect for our classroom. Make sure you allow time  for the students to identify examples within each category as well. You may  wish to write them down on the whiteboard as well.  ● Self-Respect: Respect starts with yourself! Being kind and respectful to 

    your body and mind will help you feel happy and be ready to show that  same level of respect toward others when you come to school.  (Examples include getting ready for school, remembering homework,  etc.) 

    ● Respect for Others: Think about how you treat others. When you respect  them and show them kindness, they enjoy your company and want to  spend more time with you! (Examples include using kind words/gestures,  not bullying, helping others, respecting boundaries, etc.) 

    ● Respect for Our Community: Your behavior in our school, at the park,  and even at the grocery store can also show respect. The