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http://NakedHippiesRoadTrip.com Sometimes as you're going through the emails you receive daily, when you're bombarded with the latest launch, the newest Facebook "secret," making $500 a day with YouTube etc., you may not realize what is actually happening.

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  • 1. Empowering You - Empowering UsLife isTooSometimes as youre going through theShortemails you receive daily, when youreTobombarded with the latest launch, the Waitnewest Facebook "secret," makingFor$500 a day with YouTube etc., you maySomeday!not realize what is actually happening.NakedHippiesRoadTrip.com

2. Empowering You - Empowering UsLife isTake notice sometime and youll see Toothat the same marketers are sendingShortyou different "free gifts each day. ToWaitYou should also notice that should youForopt-in for said free gift that you Someday!would, of course be taken to a salespage and a down sale page and an upsell page.NakedHippiesRoadTrip.com 3. Empowering You - Empowering UsLife isTooThese marketers make their livingShortselling solo ads. You are one of maybe To10,000 people on their list. They knowWaitthat every time they send an email at Forleast 300 people are going to click theSomeday!link in the email.NakedHippiesRoadTrip.com 4. Empowering You - Empowering Us Life is TooShortThey could care less if you are Tosuccessful, if their "gifts" are evenWaithelpful to you. The only thing they areForconcerned with is if you click the link.Someday! NakedHippiesRoadTrip.com 5. Empowering You - Empowering Us Life is TooShortThey can sell a click for about .35 cents.To WaitThat is what you are worth to Forthem...thirty five cents.Someday! NakedHippiesRoadTrip.com 6. Empowering You - Empowering Us Life is TooThe marketer selling the solo ad, in theShortabove example is making about $100 aToday sending an email someone elseWaitwrote. ForSomeday! NakedHippiesRoadTrip.com 7. Empowering You - Empowering UsLife isToo ShortThe person buying the solo ad is hoping Toto make his money back on the up sellsWaitand down sells that come after the freeForgifts and then to make a profit by Someday!selling solo ads to someone else.NakedHippiesRoadTrip.com 8. Empowering You - Empowering Us Life is TooShortThese marketers buy solo ads to growTotheir list so they can sell solo ads toWaitmake a profit. ForSomeday! NakedHippiesRoadTrip.com 9. Empowering You - Empowering UsLife isTooThere is not anything inherently wrong Shortwith this method of marketing, I justTohad an issue with it because I wasnt Waitsupposed to be concerned with YOURForresults. Someday!Just get the click, the 35 cent click.NakedHippiesRoadTrip.com 10. Empowering You - Empowering UsLife isToo ShortI strive to get the click too, but itsToalways going to the exact same place... WaitFor NakedHippiesRoadTrip.com. Someday!NakedHippiesRoadTrip.com 11. Empowering You - Empowering UsLife isTooWe try to give value in each and every Shortblog post. ToWaitWe know that a certain percentage ofForpeople will fall in love with what weSomeday!write and want to work closer with us.NakedHippiesRoadTrip.com 12. Empowering You - Empowering Us Life is TooShortSo, have a look around, if what youToread doesnt touch something with you, Waitno problem look around find someone Forwhose writing does inspire you..Someday! NakedHippiesRoadTrip.com 13. Empowering You - Empowering UsLife isToo ShortIf you like what you see and want to Tolearn to make a living by writing about Waitwhat you love click a banner and lets Forsee if we make a good team.Someday!NakedHippiesRoadTrip.com 14. Empowering You - Empowering Us Life is TooShortTohttp://NakedHippiesRoadTrip.comWait ForSomeday! NakedHippiesRoadTrip.com