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    RAKAAG- KG Newsletter Term 1


    A note from the Head of Section – KG Wow! What a wonderful Term 1 we have all enjoyed. We welcomed our students new & old on our Open Day session September 6,

    2018. Term 1 in KG section for most of the students had been exciting. The lessons

    have been full of fun and enriching activities. One of the targets was to

    ensure our students enjoy speaking a different language, French. It was

    sheer joy to see them coming to class with a smile on their faces and to hear

    them say, “We are having French, How great. Term passed quickly with the

    students settled and managing the daily routines expected of them. Many thanks to all the parents for their cooperation. When we work as

    partners, we achieve better outcomes. While participating in the activities

    the children were able to gain valuable experiences in socializing, expressing

    their views constructively and challenging their minds. With your cooperation we were able to develop strategies in helping your

    child overcome some setbacks. We were able to achieve better results and

    with it came emotional security for your children. I have seen great progress

    in such a short time. We will continue to work to as we move towards more challenging and

    extended experiences to meet the ever changing and developing needs of

    your children. Thank you for your support and wishing you all a very happy and

    prosperous New Year. Head of Section – KG

    Mehnaz Chauhdry

  • School Trip to

    KG1 NEWS

    Term 1 - 2018

    Our KG1 students are so AMAZING !!


    In October, many of the

    KG1 children went on a

    school trip to Kidzania in

    Dubai. We travelled by

    bus to the interactive fun center where the

    children could take part

    in role- playing activities. Above

    you can see the girls from KG1d being fire-fighters. They

    dressed up, travelled n

    a fire truck, and even

    got to use a fire hose to

    extinguish a fire! Best of

    all, they got paid for

    their hard work, and

    they could use their money to buy

    something nice.

    Quick Tip

    It is hard to believe it has

    only been 12 weeks since

    the brand new KG1 children

    began their exciting school

    journey here at RAKAAG.. If

    we think back to everything

    they have learned, we can

    see how truly amazing they

    all are. During their first few

    weeks they were

    practicing classroom

    procedures, such as the

    morning routines, how to sit

    on the mat, classroom rules,

    how to clean up materials,

    how to use the bathroom,

    what to do during snack and

    lunch times, and dismissal

    routines. Some of the

    children were also working

    very hard at regulating their

    emotions as they found it

    difficult being away from

    their parents during this

    important transition to

    school. Over the last 12

    weeks, the children have

    settled into

    KG1a students being pirates and preparing to go

    on a number treasure hunt in the playground!

    their routines, and have gotten to

    know all 7 of the teachers that they

    encounter during their weekly

    timetables. Apart from all the new

    academic work they have covered,

    many of the children are learning to

    speak English for the first time. They

    have also been practicing their social

    skills, such as turn-taking,

    sharing and forming new

    friendships. To top it all off, they are

    ending this term by performing on

    stage for the National Day

    celebrations. We really must

    congratulate these wonderful

    children in all they have achieved

    already. Well done boys and girls..

    .You are amazing!!

    Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play

    children learn how to learn! - Fred Donaldson

  • 2 |


    Dress Day

    Monday 11th

    November was

    Traditional Dress Day at RAKAAG.

    Quick Tip

    Please put away

    those screens and

    spend some time

    reading with your

    child daily.. See

    what research tells


    KG1 NEWS

    Term 1 - 2018

    دروس اللغة العربية

    :فعاليات ورشه الماء-

    ومنهاتعرف الطالب على استخدامات الماء

    غسل األواني والمالبس وغسل الفاكهه

    .والخضراوات وري األزهار

    تعرف -تشكيل وتلوين الحروف الهجائيه:

    الطالب على الحروف الهجائيه وتمييزها

    وتشكيلها باأللوان المائيه

    .وخامات البيئة


    During science lessons we have

    Morning Circle Time is our favorite

    covered many interesting topics, part of the day… this is when we all

    such as the parts of the body, the 5 gather together on the mat and greet

    senses, healthy habits, what plants each other . We sing songs, tell

    need to grow, and the parts of a stories, practice our calendar skills,

    plant. The children have recently talk about what we are going to learn

    enjoyed starting to learn all about that day, and we also take time to

    animals. Here are the “wild” KG1e share our news. Here are the happy

    children trying to scare Miss Jordan! children from KG1b just finishing their Circle Time routine.

  • KG 2 NEWSeachotheridentify numbers and Term 1, 20 shapes through hands – on activities

    TERM 1-2018

    Wow what a term it has been here

    at RAKAAG! An author once said,

    “you’re off to great places, today is your day, your mountain is waiting so get on your way!”. The students of KG2 have gotten on

    their way and conquered a few

    mountains on the way. To imagine

    that we have come this far so

    quickly. If we think back to the first

    few weeks, it was a challenge for

    the students to settle back into the

    schooling environment with

    classroom routines. However, the

    students put in huge amounts of

    effort to settle themselves and

    their emotions in order to begin

    learning. The students were

    remembering how move around

    the classroom and sit on the mat.

    They also had to remember to

    clean up after themselves after

    snack and lunch time. Snack and

    lunch time were the best, the

    students were always sharing

    stories with each other and

    playing games. “Time spent playing with children is never wasted” – unknown. In kindergarten we encourage play

    based learning. In the classroom the students are academically challenged

    with hands on activities to shape their

    learning experience. These activities

    include, forming letters on sand trays,

    count and clip, etc. Apart from all the

    academic learning the students have

    covered they have also learning

    through song and dance. The students are engaged

    in movement and visual aids. In

    RAKAAG, we strive to Environmental

    awareness teaching while having fun

    recognizing numbers. The students

    enjoy helping

    motivate the students in being

    well rounded people in the world,

    this includes wearing blue to

    support anti bullying around the

    world, pink day to honor cancer

    and cancer survivors, as well as,

    friendly competition with UAE hat

    competition and best classroom decorations. We further

    encouraged the students with

    healthy eating week where the

    students provided healthy meals.

    To top off a successful term the

    students displayed their love for

    their beloved country by

    celebrating Flag Day and National

    Day, we also honored those who

    sacrificed their lives for Their

    country by observing Martyrs Day.

    students were dressed in

    traditional attire and shared a variety of

    performances, ranging from

    dances to poems and plays.

    Overall, the afternoon was a

    great success. The highlight of

    the evening being Sheikh Faisal attendance the celebration.KG2E

    KG2A National Day The kindergarten enjoyed a

    wonderful National Day celebration,

    held at the Cultural Center in Ras Al

    Khaimah on Wednesday, November


    Quick Tips “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more place you’ll go.” – Dr Seuss

    • Spend time reading with your children – enjoying books together is the most important part of learning how to read.

    • Practice sight and CVC


    • Please check student