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  • Heart Centered SharingEducate! Empower! Inspire!

  • Young Living

    We're creating a new paradigm in natural health AND we're creating a new paradigm in network marketing.

  • How do we do that?

    The focus of Heart Centered Sharing is to genuinely help people.Its about creating unlimited abundance through being of service to others.Its about people helping people, helping people, all over the world.

  • How many of you have an aversion to network marketing?

    I DID!

    Lets make it easy

  • How many of you would love to build amazingly successful businesses?

    Well switch hats and talk about building a successful structure.

  • Many people assume that enrolling 2 people a month, consistently, would give us wonderful results over time.

    Unfortunately, not so. At the end of the year, we would have enrolled 24, and that increases our monthly income by about $100.

  • What if, instead..We enroll 2 people a month, and each month, we go back and help the people from the previous month(s) share with 2 of their friends? How many people would we have in our group at the end of that year?Turn to page 21.

  • 24 vs. 531,440*

  • Even if we FAIL by 99%, at the end of the year, we will have added over 5,000 people to our group!!!

  • Potential Income?*

  • Can you envision taking a year, and sharing with enough people that you can find 6 who want to do this business with you? Turn to page 53


  • Another Structure:6 who have 6 who have 65 levels deep

  • Having a successful duplication model is imperative since you can't talk to 531,440 people, or even 9330, personally. Everything that you do has toempowerothers and it has to beduplicable.


  • Yesterday, I asked, How many of you would love to be able to share Young Living with others?

    Most people want to share!

    What if the main thing we have to get really really good at is simply presenting in a simple and yet profound way?

    So that were helping people help their friends and families in a way that anyone can duplicate, if they want to?

  • People get stuck in 3 places:Not knowing what to say to friendsNot understanding how to get very interested people to eventsBeing concerned that they will look like theyre selling to their friends.

  • As you learn to master the skills of sharing with others and helping them enroll, order, and set up their autoships, let all thoughts of money and judgment leave the building.

    Then you will be free to focus on them and truly encourage them to get what they need to change their lives.

  • Your First Year in Network Marketing, (by the Yarnells) taught us that however you introduce someone to your products is how they MUST share with others.


  • So what are some of the ways we love to share the oils?Expo?As health care practitioners?Raindrop classes?Others?

    Are these ways of sharing duplicatable?*

  • The concept of HCS is for us to consistently hold as many introductory events as we can that are the same each time - so that people will learn that they can trust the format, and that it's a safe place to bring their loved ones.

    And then offer members only trainings to educate, empower, and inspire others so that they can do this business with us, if they want to.Why do they have to be duplicable?


  • Truth: We get paid on the volume generated within our group each month.Randy Gage in Making the First Circle Work says:We produce volume in only two ways:Getting people to presentations where they join the business.Getting people to presentations where they dont join the business but they decide to become customers.

  • The HCS Process:

    We invite someone to an intro. They enroll.They come back with a friend or two. Their friends enroll.They come back again with another 1-2 friends. Often, those folks come up to us afterwards and say, "You know, I'm thinking about doing this.We say, I think youd be really great at sharing the oils! Ill even be happy to come to your first event, and answer any questions that might come up that you cant answer.

  • Why not just do it for them?

  • What if someone says, right away, This is so much fun, and I want to do this business!?Put them on the fast track! Train them and get out of their way!*

  • How Do We Get People To the Events? Successful inviting:Discussed on page 32, we would apply the same skill sets as we would if we were having a birthday dinner party for our best friend, and have seating available for 10 people at the table.


  • Personally call people or send out invitations, and THEN call them.

  • Weve found that if there are only 1-2 guests there, the experience is not as profound for everyone attending.

    If there are more than 5-6 guests, the enrollments may go down instead of up depending on whether you have enough help and we become less duplicable.

    If you have more members than guests, the guests can feel overwhelmed, and may not enroll.*

  • We want 3-4 members to each bring 1-2 "very interested" guests (who are not yet Young Living members), and we're the presenter. That's the perfect mix.

    If more people respond, we open up another event, or simply start filling the next one that is scheduled. *

  • Having 1 event a month is how we can get started. If you want to build a fabulously successful business, you have to eventually participate in many, many events, of all kinds. Schedule as many events as you can, and fill them with very interested guests.


  • The Keys to Your Success (on page 26): 1. Consistency, sustainability, duplication, and fun.2. Being "just another person in the room" and not an expert. (We let the desk reference be the "expert."3. Personalizing each guest's order including lifestyle products.4. Having the next event scheduled and invitations printed and available at every event.*

  • Action Plan:1. Using the mathematical model on page 21, draw out circles on a poster board, representing the first 4 months of the model and, as quickly as possible, fill in the initials of the people enrolled in each of the positions. 2. Commit to holding at least 10 introductory events, as quickly as your schedule allows and set a schedule for events for the next 4-6 months.3. Develop the skills of successful inviting discussed on page 32 to insure your success at these events.*

  • Action Plan:4. Become very conscious of giving everyone in your downline the opportunity to bring friends to introductory events every month.5. Practice the model. "Practice makes perfect." There's no short cut to the experience you will gain from these events. Practice becoming duplicable.6. Once you can see that what you're doing is working well, mentor others who would like to have successful businesses.7. Have FUN!*

  • Other Training:Turn to the bottom of page 57.

    After youve committed to and scheduled as many duplicable introductory meetings as you can, begin to plan some members only events for the people in your group. If they want to bring guests, make sure that their guests get to an introductory meeting first. *

  • Remember what Randy Gage says:We get paid on the volume generated within our group each month.We produce volume in only two ways:Getting people to presentations where they join the business.Getting people to presentations where they dont join the business but they decide to become customers.

  • Final Words:1. Plan to work hard and play hard. The more time and effort you put into holding duplicable presentations, the faster your group will grow.2. Protect your integrity. Once its lost, its hard, if not impossible to recover no-cross sponsoring of other groups people Randy Gage calls that poaching. No sharing other MLM opportunities within the YL network. Thats poaching too.3. You may not have the upline leader that you want, but be the leader that you wish you had.*

  • Final Words:4. Build wide and deep at least 7-8 legs all at once. Otherwise, as your group gets bigger and bigger, you get so busy, its really hard to go back and build new legs.

    5. Build to the Rising Star Bonus as youre first getting started. Then all you need is volume to get to Royal Crown Diamond.*

  • Final Words:

    Remember that were creating a new paradigm in network marketing. Be willing to think out of the box. NEVER NEVER NEVER give up!

    8. Find your FUN SIDE, and have lots and lots of fun helping people, all over the world live longer, healthier, happier, and more abundant lives!!!!!*

  • Thank you!