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Unit 7 progressivism People to Know (to help with free-response “specific factual information”)

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Unit 7 progressivism People to Know (to help with free-response “specific factual information”). The muckrakers. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Unit 7 progressivism People to Know (to help with free-response “specific factual information”)

Unit 7 People to Know

Unit 7 progressivismPeople to Know

(to help with free-response specific factual information)The muckrakersJournalists who began to direct public attention toward social, economic, and political injustices; theodore roosevelt accused one of raking up muck through his writings; first aimed at trusts and the railroads; ex. charles francis adams jr., ida tarbell, lincoln steffens; helped inspire americans to take action Charles sheldonWrote in his steps (1898); spread the social gospel ideaWalter rauschenbuschProtestant theologian; published a series of works on the possibilities for human salvation through Christian reform; opposed darwinism (survival of the fittest)William graham sumnerSocial darwinist; believed in survival of the fittest; peoples fortunes reflected their fitnessJacob riisPhotographer that exposed living conditions in crowded immigrant neighborhoodsJane addamsSocial worker; opened hull house (settlement house for immigrants in chicago)Thorstein veblenSocial scientist; proposed a new economic system in which power would reside in the hands of highly trained engineersLillian waldreformer in the settlement house movementFrances willardTemperance movement; led the Womens christian temperance union (wctu)Anna howard shaw

elizabeth cady stanton

carrie chapman cattSuffrage movementCharlotte perkins gilmanWrote women and economics (1898); argued against strict gender rolesAlice paulHead of the national womens party; proposed the equal rights amendment (ERA) to declare women legally equal to men still has not passed (women could be drafted)Tom johnson (cleveland)

newton d. baker (cleveland)

hazen pingree (detroit)

samuel golden rule jones (toledo)

Reform mayors; tried to bring spirit of reform into city governmentRobert m. la follette(wisconsin)Very progressive governor; instated direct primaries, initiatives, referendums; regulated railroads and utilities; passed laws protecting workers Samuel gompersLeader of the american federation of labor (afl); believed workers should not rely on the government to help themCharles francis murphyLeader of nys tammany hall; fused boss rule and social reforms to improve working conditions and protect child laborers; supported by senator robert f. wager and assemblyman alfred e. smithHiram johnson (california)

george norris (nebraska)

william borah (idaho)Western progressive leadersw. e. b. du boisAdvocated that blacks should accept nothing less than a full university education; met at the niagara falls conference (founded the NAACP remains intact today); openly opposed booker t. washingtons reform methodsBooker t. washingtonBorn into slavery; encouraged african americans to put down your bucket where you are and work for immediate self-improvementMadison grantWrote the passing of a great race (1916); known as americas most effective nativist (opposed to immigrants)Eugene v. debsRan for president in 1912 as a socialistwobbliesIndustrial workers of the world (iww); led by william big bill haywood; advocated a single union for all workersLouis d. brandeisProgressive reformer; wrote other peoples money (1913) in which he supported decentralization of the us government