Unit 5 Receiving Visitors

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<p>Unit 5Receiving Business Visitors</p> <p>a visitor A person who visits</p> <p>a caller A person who goes to a house or a building</p> <p>a business card</p> <p>ObjectivesStudents will be able to 1. Tell the meaning of the expressions frequently used in receiving visitors. 2. Use vocabularies and expressions with visitors appropriately 3. Greet and receive visitors with and without an appointment</p> <p>How often do you meet foreigners? Once a week? Twice a week? Four times a week? Every day?</p> <p>Foreigner = a person who comes from a different country</p> <p>Page 69 - VocabulariesGreet Inform Arrangement Caller Satisfactory Arrange Appointment Call on </p> <p>VocabulariesCall up Regarding Have a seat Discuss Call in At the moment To satisfy </p> <p>Reading (P. 86)Read the conversation between Chitraporn: secretary Chan: caller</p> <p>Reading (page 86) A. Receiving Visitors1.What does Mr. Chan want? He wants to see Mr.Wong 2.Who does Mr. Chan work for? He works for Bangkok Electronics Company. 3.Can Mr. Wong see Mr. Chan? Why or why not? No, he cant. Mr. Chan is busy</p> <p>P.87 reading4. What does Mr. Chan want to discuss? He wants to discuss a new order. 5.Will Miss Chitraport call him to arrange an appointment? Yes, she will.</p> <p>B. Vocabulary and Expression 1. b 2. a 3. b 4. d 5. d at the moment = now discuss = talk about unfortunately = unluckily arrange = plan contact = communicate</p> <p>Listening (page 89)Chitraporn: Visitor: Good afternoon. May I help you? My name is Izawa Tanaka. Im with Japan Electronics Company. Here is my business card. I would like to see Mr. Wong regarding a new product. Im sorry. Hes in a meeting now. When do you think hell be finished? Well, it could take more than an hour. Since I see your phone number here on your business card, I could call you sometime tomorrow to arrange an appointment. I would appreciate that. Thank you for your trouble. Not at all.</p> <p>Chitraporn: Visitor: Chitraporn:</p> <p>Visitor: Chitraporn:</p> <p>Listen and Answer (page 89)1. True or False 1. F 2. F 3. T 4. F 5. F 2. Answer these questions 1. No, he cant meet Mr. Tanaka at the moment. 2. He is in the meeting at the moment. 3. She will call Mr. Tanaka tomorrow.</p> <p>A visitor without an appointment</p> <p>A visitor without an appointmentSecretary: Good morning. Can I help you?</p> <p>Visitor :My name is Annop Sinchai. I am from Chiangmai Electronics Company. Here is my card. I would like to see Mr. Masao Ichida concerning our new product lines with a special offer.</p> <p>A visitor without an appointmentSecretary: Mr. Masao has someone with him at the moment, but he will be free in a few minutes. Will you have a seat?</p> <p>?</p> <p>A visitor without an appointmentVisitor : Secretary: Thank you. Mr. Masao is ready to see you now.</p> <p>Please come this way.</p> <p>A visitor with an appointment</p> <p>A visitor with an appointmentSecretary: Good afternoon, Mr. Watsan. The receptionist informs me that you wish to see Mr. Wong.</p> <p>Visitor: Yes, I have made an appointment with him for 3 pm.</p> <p>3</p> <p>Secretary: Certainly, sir. Now, Mr. Wong has someone with him at the moment, but he will be free in a few minutes.</p> <p>Please take a seat</p> <p>Visitor :</p> <p>Thank you</p> <p>(A few minutes later)</p> <p>(Secretary:</p> <p>)Mr. Wong is ready to see you now.</p> <p>Come with me, please</p> <p>C. Vocabulary and Expressions (page 91)Matching the meanings 1. to greet 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. to inform to have a seat to arrange to discuss to satisfy (1) = e. to welcome with words or actions = d. to tell = a. to sit down = b. plan or prepare = f. to talk about = c. to please</p> <p>Matching the meanings1. arrangement 1. appointment (2) = d. a plan or preparation = c. an agreement of a time and place for meeting = b. someone who visits = a. concerning</p> <p>2. a visitor 3. regarding</p> <p>Writing (page 91) A.Make a meaningful sentence by joining the two columns.</p> <p>Writing (page 91) 1. 2. 3. 4.</p> <p>5.</p> <p>Writing1. Please take a seat. 2. Ive got an arrangement with Miss Jones 3. Id like to see the manager concerning new contracts. 4. The secretary informs me that you want to see Mr.Smiths 5. Ill call you to arrange an appointment later.</p> <p>Matching the meanings1. Certainly 2. Satisfactory pleasing 3. Ready 4. At the moment (3) = c. sure = a. good enough to = = d. willing b. now</p> <p>B. Conversation Complete (page 92) Complete these dialogues with the most appropriate terms in the blanks</p> <p>1. A customer arrives without an appointment</p> <p>Secretary: Good morning. Can I help you? Visitor: Good morning. Id like to see Mr.White. Secretary: Do you have an appointment, Sir?</p> <p>/</p> <p>Visitor:</p> <p>No, but I think he wants to see me, I am Tom Wong of RC International Company.</p> <p>.........Secretary: I am sorry, but Mr.White is busy today. Ill tell him that you were here.</p> <p>Visitor:</p> <p>Thank you.</p> <p>2. A visitor comes in for his appointmentSecretary: Visitor: Can I help you? Yes, please. My name is James. Here is my business card. I have an appointment with Mr.John David at 2.30 Oh, yes. Right now Mr.David is with someone. Would you mind waiting?</p> <p>Secretary:</p> <p>Visitor: Secretary:</p> <p>No. Mr.David is ready to see you now. Please come this way. Please come with me. Please follow me.</p> <p>,</p> <p>,</p> <p>Visitor:</p> <p>Thank you.</p> <p>Pronunciation (page 97)Oo moment welcome ready product order special contact oO arrange inform enough discuss Ooo company foreigners possible satisfy business certainly oOo appointment arrangement regarding concerning agreement</p> <p>Grammar FocusFuture Tense: indicate the action in the future. 1. Statements - I will call him back later. - We will contact you later. - I will arrange an appointment for you later. - I will order some stationery.</p> <p>2. Negatives - I will not call him back later. - We will not contact you later. - I will not arrange an appointment for you later. - I will not order some stationery. - We will not send her a letter. - I will not tell him about this problem. - Mr. Wong will not make a phone call to you tomorrow.</p> <p>3. Questions - Will you call him back later? - Will we contact you later? - Will you order some stationery? Yes, I will. No, I will not. wont.</p> <p>Exercise 3 : P 981. Mr Masao Ichida will return home next June. 2. My friends will visit me at 3 this afternoon. 3. I will write a letter to my professor. 4. All workers will attend the meeting tomorrow. 5. We will travel to Chiangmai next Monday.</p> <p>Exercise 4: P 98 4 Answering with will1. Yes, I will. 2. I will go to see Mr. Paisan next Saturday. 3. The next meeting will take place at Friday Hotel. 4. Mr. Passakorn and Miss Mattana will attend the seminar in Bangkok. 5. I will see him about new employees.</p> <p>Future Tense with Adjectivewill + be + adjectiveWe usually use be after will to express the future time with adjective. - Mr. Winston will be glad to see you. - It will be good if you come to see me at my office. - Mr. Franklin will not be back to the office.</p> <p>Exercise 1 : P 991. Teachers will be happy when the students get good grades. 2. My friend will be glad to see you. 3. I will be ready for the final examination. 4. The General Manager will be back to the company soon. 5. They will be quiet if the teacher comes into the classs.</p>


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