Receiving Visitors. Viewing, Listening & Speaking OBJECTIVES ★ understand the procedures involved when receiving business visitors ★ receive business

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  • Receiving Visitors
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  • Viewing, Listening & Speaking OBJECTIVES understand the procedures involved when receiving business visitors receive business visitors who (do not) have an appointment -- meet visitors at the airport -- participate in small talk about travel, weather or accommodation
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  • Warm-up Warm-up Listening Practice Listening Practice Watching and Discussing Watching and Discussing Lets Talk Lets Talk Language Focus Language Focus Home Assignment Home Assignment
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  • Warm-up What is the duty of a receptionist? What do you do and say when you receive a business visitor at your office or meet him/her at the airport or in the office for the first time?
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  • Listening Practice Task 1: p 94 Task 2: Listen to the passage about work receptionists perform an d choose the right answers to each questions:p95
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  • Watch two videos and focus on the tasks respectively.
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  • Watch the video and decide whether the statements are tru e or false. Complete the dialogue according to what you hear.
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  • Video 2 Task : Story-retelling Try to retell what you have seen in it. Then tell the whole class your interpretation of the story.
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  • Activity 1 Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 3 Activity 4 Activity 4 Let s Talk
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  • Activity 1: Reference >> The following is a register of visitors made by Judy, a receptionist of a business company. Make dialogues according to the register, and then take to act out one or two of the visits. Let s Talk
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  • Activity 2: Reference >> You (Mr./ Ms. Li) are the Export Manager of Guangzhou Cosmetics Company, and now at Baiyun Airport to meet your Canadian customer, Mr. Wilson. Youve been dealing with each other through correspondence for one or two years, but have never met before. After you exchange greeting, say a few sentences about his flight and the weather, and make a small talk on the way to the hotel..
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  • Activity 3: further development of 2 What happen to Mr. Wilson when he stays at the hotel? Make a dialogue about it and focus on such places as dinning hall, entertainment center, etc. Roles: Mr. Wilson Waitress/waiter You (Mr./ Ms. Li )
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  • Activity 4: Create a dialogue and focus on the seeing off of Mr. Wilson. Roles: Mr. Wilson You (Mr./ Ms. Li )
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  • Transportation for leaving
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  • Receiving visitors at the office Meeting guests at the airport Taking guests to their hotel Small talk topics Seeing off Reference >>p96/100 Language Focus
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  • Do the rest of the listening practice. Group presentation: create a story of receiving a visitor. Assignment


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