Unit 4. dictionary pen eraser ruler The first lesson Review: — What’s this in English? — It’s a / an book pencil box pencil schoolbag

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Text of Unit 4. dictionary pen eraser ruler The first lesson Review: —...

  • Unit 4

  • dictionarypeneraserrulerThe first lessonReview: Whats this in English? Its a / an bookpencil boxpencilschoolbag

  • Whats that? Its a ______.tablePresentation

  • Wheres Tom? Its in the case.Im Tom.wheres = where is----What's its name?

    ----Its name's Tom.

  • Wheres Tom? Its on the case.Wheres Tom? Its under the case.

  • 1. table __2. bed __3. bookcase __4. sofa __5. chair __6. schoolbag __7. books __8. keys __behgdabcMatch the words with the things in the picture.1a

  • Listen and number the things in the picture [1-4].2341b

  • Practice the conversation in 1a with your partner. Then make your own conversations using the words in the box.on, in, underA: Where is the schoolbag?B: Its under the table.1c

  • Where are my books?Theyre on the sofa.Wheres my pencil box?Its in your schoolbag.Wheres my computer game?Its under your bed.

  • A: Wheres the ?B: Its Wheres the pencil?Its in the pencil box.

    ruler backpack watchbaseball dog box

  • Where are the ?They are Where are the keys?They are on the table.

  • Ask and answer in pairs.

  • The second lesson

    Review:A:Where's the ruler? B: It's on the desk. A: Where are the books? B:They are in the desk.

  • Listen and number the things [1-6].234562a

  • Listen again. Find the things from 2a and number the things in the picture.234562b

  • Ask and answer the questions about the things in the picture in 2b.2c

  • Are the keys on the sofa?No, they arent.Theyre on the table.

  • Read the dialogue in 2d. Then match the right things. on his desk on the sofaon grandparents bedon his headJacks map hat bag

  • Role-play the conversation. 2d

  • Mom: Come on, Jack!Jack: Oh, no! Wheres my bag?Mom: Hmm is it on your desk?Jack: No. And its not under the chair.Mom: Oh! Its on the sofa.Jack: Thank you, Mom. Err wheres the map?Mom: I think its in your grandparents room.Jack: Yes, its on their bed! And my hat?Mom: Its on your head!Jack: Oh, yeah! Haha!

  • 1. where where where Wheres the schoolbag? Its under the table.

  • underinon2. in / on / undere.g. The ball is on the box. The ball is under the box. The ball is in the box.

  • A VS B

  • There are five differences in the two pictures.Can you findthem?ABIn picture A, is/are on/in/underIn picture B

  • AB

  • The third lessonGrammar Focus : Ask students to read the questions and answers twice.3a:Ask students to look at the pictures and complete the conversation.Check the answers:are on table book Is under are Are schoolbag

  • Lets chant:Drawer, drawer, in the drawer;Table, table, under the table;Sofa, sofa, on the sofa;Dresser, dresser, on the dresser;Bookcase, bookcase, in the bookcase;Desk, desk, under the desk;Schoolbag, schoolbag, in the schoolbag.

  • SS,X,SH,CH-es,YYI-es,O-es,-s1Chinese,Japanese,sheep,deer,2womanmanwomenmen. 3,childchildren.pen------- pencil------ eraser------key------- toy ------ family------watch---- brush------ class-------box------- sheep------ Chinese---tomato--- radio------- photo-------woman--- man------- child---------

  • headhatbackpackdresserkeysbaseballchairbedbookssofatablebookcase

  • They are under the chair.

    2. My clock is on the table.

    3. His keys are in the drawer.

    4. Tommy is at school.

    5. Annas books are on the bookcase. Where are they?Wheres your clock?Where are his keys?Wheres Tommy?Where are Annas books?:

  • 1. The baseball is under the chair. ( __ ___ ________ under the chair?2. The keys are on the table. ( ____ ____ ____ on the table?Is the baseballAre the keys

  • 3. Are the pencils in the backpack? ( ___, ____ _______.4. The backpack is under the table. ______ ___ the backpack?No they arentWhere is

  • 1. ______ ___ the books? ____ ___ ___ the bookcase. Are the pencils on the bookcase? ___, ____ ____.2. ______ ____ the baseball? Its _____ ____ _____. Is the pencil box in the drawer? No, __ _____. Its ____ ___ _____Where areThey are onWhere isYes they areunder the chairit isnt on the chair.

  • 1. inonunder2. Preview Section A 3c.