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Text of pencil pen book pencil case eraser backpack dictionary ruler pencil sharpener

  • pencilpenbookpencil caseeraser

  • backpackdictionaryrulerpencil sharpener

  • Whats this in English?

  • Drills:Is that his/her ?/ No, it isnt. Yes, it is. Is this your ? Yes, it is. / No, it isnt.

  • Listen and repeat:1. A: Is this your ruler? B: No, it isnt. Its her ruler. 2. A: Is that your backpack? B: No, it isnt. Its his backpack.3. A: Is this your pencil? B: Yes, it is. Its my pencil.

  • Put something into the teachers bag. Take something out of the bag and find the owner. Game:

  • Listen and complete the conversation with the words in the box.Tim: Sorry, Sonia. Is this your ______ ? Sonia: Yes, thank you. And that is my ______. Tim: And Jane, is this your _______? Jane: No, it isnt. Its her ruler. Tim: OK, and this is my _____. And this is your ___________, Jane. pencileraserrulerbookpencil case

    eraser pencil ruler pencil case book

  • baseball

  • ID card

  • notebook

  • LOOK AND SAYwatchringkeycomputer gamebaseballID cardnotebookpen

  • A: Excuse me, Whats that in English?A: How do you spell it? B: Its aB:N-O-T-E-B-O-O-K.notebookA: Is that your notebook? B: No, it isnt. Its her notebook.baseballring

  • A: _____ ____ a pencil sharpener?A: How do you ____ it? B: ___,__ ___.B:P-E-N-C-I-L S-H-A-R-P-E-N-E-R.A: ____ you. Is this ____pencil sharpener ?B: ____, it _____.Its ____pencil sharpener ?

    IsthatYesherspellThankyour isnt Noisit

  • Listen and fill in the chart.watchID cardpenbaseball

  • Is this your watch?Call John at495-3539BULLETIN BOARD


  • Kunyang No.2 Middle School

    Class Class9 Grade1

    Name Jane Handschool ID card lost and found casea set of keysbulletin board

  • Put in order to make a messageMy name is Jack. A backpack.Found: Phone number 63752148.Please call CindyMy notebook.Lost:

  • Found: A backpack. My name is Jack. Phone number 63017047.

  • Lost: My notebook. Please call Cindy at 63752148.

  • LETS PLAY A GAMEA: Whats this?B: Is it a pen?A: Yes/ No

  • a set of keys

  • Unit 2 Revision Is this your pencil ?

  • Revision of Unit Two-------1.-----I------me he---him she-----her it-----it you---youeg. 1. I like him. He is my good student.2.----------eg.1.This is my pencil sharpener. 2. Is that your baseball in the lost and found case? 3. It isnt her dictionary. Its his dictionary.

  • 1.your pencil2. his backpack3. my eraser4.her computer game5. How do you spell watch? 6.Excuse me. 7. Thank you. 8. call sb. 9. call #10. call him at the lost and found case ID card13.a set of keys1. 7.8.9.---

  • Key sentences:1.Is that your bike? Yes, it is.2. How do you spell key? K-E-Y.3. Can you spell key?Yes, I can. / No, I cant.

  • .bebe yes no

  • Im Bill.-- Are you Bill? -- Yes, I am./ No, I am not.2. She is a student.--Is she a student?--Yes, she is. / No, she isnt.

  • . what, where, how, how oldwho yesno.Whats this? Its a computer.2. How do you spell key? K-E-Y.

  • Exercise

  • :dictionary, this, your, is _____________________?2. is, pencil, my, that _____________________.3. in, what, is, English, that _____________________?Is this your dictionaryThat is my pencilWhat is that in English

  • 4. an, is, it, eraser _____________________?5. spell, do, how, you, backpack _____________________?Is it an eraserHow do you spell backpack

  • Fill in the blanks

    1.Hi,Alice!_______this _______ English? ______a _______.

    2.________ that in ___________? ________ a___________. ________ it,please. B-O-O-K.3._____ this _______ key? Yes,____ is. ______ my key.

    4.Is this your_______ ________? Yes,______ you. _______ that is _____ _________.

    5.This is ______ ____________ What`s inIt`spenWhat`sEnglishIt`sbookSpellIsaitIt`spencil casethankAndmy backpack an eraser

  • ,: : Mary: 285-0836Found: WatchIs this your watch? Please call Mary at 285-0836.

  • : : Tom: 265-7780Lost:My school ID card.My name is Tom.Please call 265-7780.

  • Homework1 Unit 3 .