a pen an eraser a ruler a pencil ※ a pencil case

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Text of a pen an eraser a ruler a pencil ※ a pencil case

  • a penan erasera rulera pencila pencil case

  • A:Excuse me, Whats this in English?B:Its a pencil.A:How do you spell it?B:P-E-N-C-I-L,pencil.A : Thank you.B: Thats OK.

  • -- Is this a cake?-- Yes, it is.

  • B:Its an orange.A: Excuse me, Whats this in English?A: Excuse me, Whats that in English?A:How do you spell it?B:O-R-A-N-G-E, orange.A : Thank you. B :Youre welcome.

  • -- Is this an apple?-- Yes, it is. -- No, it isnt. Its an orange

  • Is that a telephone?Yes, it is.Is this a toy too?No, its an eraser.

    An eraser? Wow!

  • A:Whats this in English?B: Its a desk.A: Can you spell it ,please?

    B: Yes , D-E-S-K, desk.A: Thanks !B: Youre welcome.a deska blackboard

  • B: an eggA: Excuse me , Whats this ?AExcuse me , Whats that ?B an egg.A:How ____ you ____ it?B:______,______ .A:How ___ you ___ it?B:______,______ .

  • A: ____ ,____in English?B:__________.A: you.B: OK.A: How ____ you ____ it?B: _____, _____.toya car

  • Exercises:

    1Is this your pen? AYes ,this is. BYes, thiss. CNo ,this isnt. DNo,it isnt.2Is that a ruler? Its a sharpener. AYes ,that is. BNo,it is. CNo,that isnt. DNo,it isnt.3Whats this? AYes,it is. BNo,it isnt. CIts a eraser. DIts an eraser. 4Whats name? name is Ma Ling. Ayour ; My Byour ; my Cyour ; I Dyou ; myDDDAChoose the Correct answer().

  • Read the words1. a /an 2.pencil 3.pencil case 4. pen 5.book 6.eraser7. ruler 8.map 9.apple10.orange 11.egg 12.car13. box 14.desk 15.blackboard 16.spell 17.toy 18.double 21. bus 22.schoolbag 23.cake 24.class 25.grade 26.school 27.phone

  • fourpencilsbooksfivethreeappleseightrulers

  • 1.-s2.+y,y i,es;3.ffev,es;4.sxchshes;5.

  • applesbusesrulersbabiestoyserasers classeseggs applebusboxrulerbabytoyeraserclasseggboxes

  • What are these They are eggsTheyreWhat are these inEnglish

  • thatthesethose

  • Unit One Topic Three Section DJanetwelveTorontoOneOne88725400Huang HuatwelveChinaThreeOne62525233

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