Unit 18 evaluation part 2

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Ben EverittUnit 18 Evaluation Part 2

Weaknesses: The weaknesses of Unit 18 I thought were that one of the team members didnt wear the appropriate costume. This was bad because it took the effect of us trying to make a professional TV, it clearly showed that we were in a school. There were bags in the shot of our TV advert that I was unable to remove in after effects. This also takes the effect from the professional advert, but this is what we can do to improve next time. Another weakness was that we were unable to use the GoPro which give s really nice effects that you on moving fast on your feet and emulates the Nike football advert, which Im guessing they have used a GoPro, but for next time we can make sure that we give enough time in advanced to book the equipment.

The things I would do better next time would organize the set for example the bags by the goal and make sure everyone knew the dress code that we had to wear in out advert.