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  • Smart Solutions for a Connected World.

    Unified Healthcare Solutions

    Unified Communications Healthcare

    Unified Communications for Healthcare With healthcare costs continuing to rise, healthcare

    providers are searching for potential savings. The

    move to automation for patient interaction offers

    a significant cost reduction opportunity. ADTRAN’s

    NetVanta® Unified Communications (UC) solutions

    help healthcare operations, both large and small,

    improve the efficiency of patient interaction and

    care with benefits such as:

    • Sending health alerts automatically • Streamlining after-hours contact • Automating appointment reminders • 24/7 self-service patient hotline

    NetVanta Unified Communications NetVanta UC software solutions from ADTRAN®

    enable healthcare providers to drive productivity

    and improve responsiveness.

    NetVanta UC solutions provide:

    • Windows-based VoIP telephony and legacy PBX integration

    • Simple, centralized administration using Microsoft Active Directory®

    • Calls, messages and notifications, when and where employees need them

    • Back-office integration tools that link it all together • Reduced costs and complexity • Automated and streamlined functionality


  • IP Business Gateways for Trunking and Hosted VoIP with IP Phone NetVanta 6355 and IP 700 Series

    Fixed-port Access Routers NetVanta 3100 Series

    Wireless Access Point NetVanta 150

    Multiservice Access Routers NetVanta 3448, 1335

    Modular Access Routers NetVanta 3000, 4000, 5000 Series

    IP Communications Platform with IP Phones NetVanta 7100, 7060 and IP 700 Series

    Ethernet Switches NetVanta 1200, 1500 Series

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    24/7 Self-service Patient Hotline Administrators and nurses in many healthcare practices spend hours

    of their days booking appointments, retrieving patient information and

    relaying test results. ADTRAN’s NetVanta UC solutions can automate

    these typical “search and speak” tasks, while providing a higher level

    of access, security, and accuracy of information for patients. Utilizing

    UC functionality also frees up office administration time for other time-

    sensitive tasks.

    Benefits of 24/7 call service with UC are:

    • Quick Return on Investment (ROI) with user-friendly set-up • Provide a consistent experience for patients • Reduction in future administrative costs

    After Hours Hotline Doctors’ offices and health clinics have long offered after-hours

    access for patients in need. These services are typically provided

    through expensive third-party answering services. This type of service

    can create delays and introduce the potential for human error

    when leaving messages and tracking doctors on-call. NetVanta UC

    is changing that. NetVanta UC solutions can be implemented as an

    automated after-hours emergency hotline providing patients with emer-

    gency 911 options, electronic message service, or escalation until a

    call is acknowledged by an on-call doctor.

    This solution:

    • Can be implemented into both existing and new phone systems • Will reduce the potential for processing errors • Reduces costs associated with third-party services

    Automatic Appointment Reminders Appointment reminders are a labor-intensive daily exercise for doctors’

    offices and health clinics. The time required to pull the list and manu-

    ally dial each patient could be better utilized for other tasks. With

    NetVanta UC, outbound calls can be automated, programmed to

    re-queue unanswered calls, and present patients with options like

    rescheduling, if needed.

    The benefits of this scenario include:

    • More efficient use of staff’s time, addressing only patients who need to change their appointments

    • Improved patient-practice relationships • Ability to perform reminders at night with no staff requirement

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