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Tuyen Quang Attractions - TakingITGlobal Quang... · PDF fileTuyen Quang Attractions Tuyen Quang has a total of 467 places of interests including such nation-wide important sites

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Text of Tuyen Quang Attractions - TakingITGlobal Quang... · PDF fileTuyen Quang Attractions...

  • Tuyen Quang Attractions

    Tuyen Quang has a total of 467 places of interests including such nation-wide important sites as Tan Trao, Kim Binh, Kim Quan, and Lang Ngoi - Da Ban. Rich in revolutionary traditions and diversified ethnic identities, Tuyen Quang is not only the starting point but also the place for gathering and exchanging cultural features of ethnic minorities in the North of Vietnam through festivals, legends and folksongs, etc, to attract tourists.

    Na Hang, Tuyen Quang, Viet Nam

    With its diversified tourism resources which create favourable conditions for development of tourism, the province will focus on historical and cultural tours, eco- tours, and sanatorium tours. There are great potentials for development of eco- tours in combination with historical and cultural tours.

  • The planning for development of tourism to 2010 and the orientation up to 2020 have been approved by the Provincial People's Committee. As such, focus will be put on development of 3 main tourism regions, including: (i) historical and cultural tourism region covering all historical and cultural relics in the Safety Zone (ATK) in Trung Yen, Tan Trao, Minh Thanh, Binh Yen, Hop Thanh, Tu Thinh communes of Son Duong district, Kim Binh commune of Chiem Hoa district, and Kim Quan, My Bang communes of Yen Son districts as well as Tuyen Quang township; (ii) Sanatorium tourism region covering the hot spring in Yen Son district and other sites in Tuyen Quang town; and (iii) eco-tourism region covering Na Hang, Chiem Hoa districts and Tuyen Quang town with such places of interests as natural conservation area of Tat Ke - Ban Bung, Pac Ban water fall, Tuyen Quang hydroelectricity reservoir, Cham Chu jungles, Thien Dinh and Fairy caves, Dat stream and Dum mountain, etc.

  • Main tours include Tan Trao - ATK historical and cultural tours; My Lam hot spring tours; Na Hang eco-tours; historical and cultural tours in Tuyen Quang town; Chiem Hoa historical and ecological tours; and Ham Yen eco-tours.

    Focus to be put in tours inside the province, tours by boat and inter-provincial tours.

  • Priorities will be given to such activities as: advertisement of Tuyen Quang tourism; finalization and issuance of incentive policies to attract investors from different economic sectors in tourism development; mobilization of all available resources to embellish the historical remains and put more investment in historical and cultural, eco and sanatorium tourism sites; planning and construction of infrastructure system including roads, electricity, communication lines, clean water and environmental pollution treatment in tourism sites; fast but firm development of tourism services such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, entertainments, etc with suitable sizes and forms. Source:

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