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  • 1. Ezio Auditore da Firenze [Character Analysis] By Tristan Poh (s3260143)

2. Gender & Gender Behavior

  • Ezio is a young Florentine nobleman at the beginning of the game. He exhibits self-confidence, is somewhat of a womanizer and is a playful young man. He is also prideful, willing to start fights with other youths who speak badly of his family, the Auditores.

3. Stance & Posture

  • Ezio takes a somewhat aggressive posture when he stands idle, with feet apart and arms at his side, ready to make a move, whether It is to walk, sprint, or attack. His head is usually tilted slightly forward- this, along with his signature hood keep most of his facial features hidden.

4. Kinesthetics

  • Ezios gait is purposeful and fluid, much like the rest of his actions, and he walks with what could be described as a saunter. Being incredibly dexterous, he is capable of Free-running (Parkour) to get to places normally inaccessible. Like most Assassins, Ezio also knows how to blend in with the crowd, or to hide in plain sight. This usually makes him invisible to guards or the unsuspecting target, until he does something that draws attention to himself. He is also very skilled at combat, being nimble enough to dodge, while capable of counter-attacking his adversaries. Out of combat, Ezio is very respectful towards most nobles he meets, often bowing low in greeting.

5. Gestures & Facial Expressions

  • Being Italian, conversations, especially intense ones often have a lot of hand gestures. Ezio displays a wide range of facial expressions during the game, from happiness, to extreme sadness and despair, to blinding rage. He rolls his eyes at times, smirks when a companion does something amusing, and displays a solemn expression during an assassination.

6. Tone, volume, accent and other non-liguistic voice elements

  • Ezio speaks with a brash and up-beat manner in his youth, fueled by his self-confidence. Ezio often allowed his emotions to overcome him, his tone often loud in such cases. As he matures however, and he grows in skill as an Assassin, his voice deepens and matures, making him sound calmer and talk slower. Ezio speaks with a noticeable Italian accent, and can speak fluent Italian, as well as Latin.

7. Proxemics

  • Being the womanizer that he is, Ezio usually does not shy away from a womans touch. He also doesnt shy away from hugging his close friends or family in greeting or thanks.

8. Clothing (Style, colour, etc)

  • Ezios assassin garbs, by default, are comprised of whites, silver, red and brown. The silk shirt he wears beneath his tunic is white, with the outer layer, his tunic being a more silvery colour, with streaks of red sewn into the material. His right shoulder is covered by a short but layered sleeve, while his left shoulder and half of his chest is concealed by a layer of leather and a cloak, which usually displays a certain design, like a family emblem.
  • Ezios head and half his face is concealed by a large silver hood with a beak-like design sewn into the tip. Around his torso is a red sash, as well as a series of belts with intricate silver buckles forming the symbol of the Assassin Order. Ezio wears his bracer and hidden blade on his left forearm. The bracer is made from a combination of leather and metal. In contrast, on his right arm his hidden blade bracer appears to be underneath his silk sleeve, and he wears a leather glove on his right hand. His silk shirt terminates around his waist, while his tunic seems to layer out down to his knees. He wears brown pants and leather guards protecting his knees down to his ankles, and leather boots. Around his neck Ezio wears a black lace adorned with charms.
  • His clothes are layered to simulate the feathers of a bird.

9. Their home

  • Ezios original home is in the Palazzo Auditore in Florence, where his family lived. But after that his base of operations is the Auditore familys villa in the town of Monteriggioni, within the Italian region of Tuscany.

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