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  • Trinity Tidings Trinity Lutheran Church

    Appleton, WI August 2018

    Feeding the Hungry . . . Serving the Community

    Lunch & Story Adventures.  Begins July 31 with 8 kids registered as print time! That is a great

    starting number, and will most likely increase with word of mouth as the program gets underway.

     Volunteer spots are still open. Talk to Sarah Bultman if you can help out even one time. Watch your emails as well for opportunities to volunteer.

     Please continue to pray for the children & their families, the food & all those involved with its preparation and for the opportunity to read with children to help them keep their skills sharp before school resumes.

     THANK YOU for ALL the support for Lunch & Story Adventures!

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    Worship in

    August Sundays at 9:00 a.m. Tri-County Chapel 1592 Oneida St.

    Menasha, WI 54952

    August 5 Worship at 9:00 a.m.

    Ruth: Loss & Loyalty Ruth 3:1-18

    August 12 Worship at 9:00 a.m.

    Ruth: Loss & Loyalty Ruth 4:1-22

    August 19 Worship at 9:00 a.m. Stewardship / Generosity

    Matthew 6:19-34

    August 26 Worship at 9:00 a.m. Stewardship / Generosity

    Mark 10:17-31

    Midweek Worship

    Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at Grace Lutheran Church

    Trinity Tidings - - August 2018

    Every Sunday is Special August 5: S ’mores Sunday S’mores are on the top of many people’s summer treats list. Join us after worship on August 5 to indulge in a version of this sweet & sticky delight.

    August 12: Children’s Songs Sunday Do you have a favorite children’s church song? All the music during worship on Sunday, August 12 will be classic children’s music from “Jesus Loves Me” to “This Little Light” and everything in between. Let us know if you have a favorite song to share. (Sue Ruppel, Katie Mueller or Sarah Bultman.) August 19: Church Picnic & Timber Rattlers Game Plan a Sunday with your church family on August 19. We will worship together at 9:00 a.m., then hang out at the Chapel for a church picnic including lawn games and activities for the kiddos. Bring a dessert or a salad to share. The main dish will be provided as well as drinks and tableware.) After the picnic everyone is invited to attend the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers baseball game that begins at 1:05 p.m.

    against the Cedar Rapids Kernels. Cost for tickets is $11.50. Please make checks payable to Trinity Lutheran Church and reserve your spot no later than Sunday, August 5. Seats are behind the netting for safety and give us entrance to the air conditioned area on the second floor. (There are great activity areas for kids to play at the ballpark. If your family would prefer to purchase grass seats, please let

    me know. Those seats are a bit cheaper and provide more room to move around for the kiddos.) August 26: Backpack (or Bag) Blessing Returning again this year is the backpack (or bag) blessing. Kids & people of all ages, bring your school bag, briefcase, craft bag, purse or whatever bag you use. We will bless those bags for the coming school year and give you something special as a reminder.

    Flat Jesus at the Zoo.

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    Core Values Asking questions about our core values helps us better understand their intent. Here are some questions from Seeds for Growth about our core values. We would invite the congregation to ask their questions and direct them to our Seeds for Growth group, as many will have different interpretations. Seeds Team members are Shirley Hoogacker, Judy Natz, Jim & Brenda Rasmussen, Mary Robertson, Dorothy Warren, Leanne Meidam-Wincentsen, Sarah Bultman & Pastor Brian.

    Living Through God’s Love  Are we seeking understanding of God’s love by reading and studying His Word regularly

    and attending church services to hear the Good News?  Is God’s love visible in Trinity’s actions and behavior?  Do we reach out into the community regularly to share God’s love with others?  Do we pray for God’s love to be present in our lives and the lives of others?

    Connecting Generations  Does Trinity promote intergenerational events?  When a ministry question arises in the congregation do we include all ages, young, old and

    in-between, in seeking answers?  Is it apparent that we value the opinions of all ages?  Are all ages welcome at any event planned by Trinity?

    Serving Others  Do we support one another as a church family, as supporting and loving one another is

    serving them, as Jesus did?  Does the congregation fully support, through financial resources and physical presence,

    identified needs of others in the community?  Do we joyfully praise and thank God for the opportunity to serve others?

    Child Friendly  Do we openly and lovingly accept all children as gifts from God?  Do we enjoy their exuberance and vocal expressions at all times(even during a service)?  Do we spend time and effort to teach them about God’s love for them?  Do we reach out to children in the community who are in need?  Do we regularly pray for all the children of the world?

    Food/Community  Does Trinity spend time sharing food, drink, and conversation

    every Sunday and do we make it inviting for all? (members and non-members)?

     Are we willing and able to feed others in the community both spiritually and physically?

     Do we recognize that food is essential to life, as is spiritual and emotional sustenance?

     Do we remember that sharing food with others in any setting, allows people to connect in a loving manner?

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    Word from the Council President

    Dear Trinity friends, I am writing this as I survived a busy week of extremely hot humid rainy weather and going to Lifest. That is not a good combination for me. As my friends know, I’ve had heat stroke in the past and my body cannot regulate its temperature very well. It was a good combination of music, friends and the Holy Spirit working in miraculous ways. I couldn’t go to Lifest on Saturday, but I ran into someone (a stranger) wearing the Lifest bracelet and we talked about it for about 15 minutes. Even if we hadn’t gone on Saturday, we both lit up with the Holy Spirit pouring out our words of praise and thankfulness. Lifest is the ultimate ‘party with a purpose’ and worth every hot humid rainy minute! As the Council proceeds to sort through options for our future, we are focusing on the next place we will worship. Pastor Amy Engebose (Trinity member & Bishop’s Associate for Rostered Leadership & Congregations in Transition) has conducted a survey of several members as to our Facility Needs for our future. These results were shared with the Council and they voted to proceed with these assessments and secure a commercial realtor to start to look. We all love worshipping at Tri-County Chapel, but it’s not for sale! Believe me, I asked the owners within six months of our worshipping there! When the construction is finished, Tri-County Chapel will be a great location to have a business, which is why it’s not for sale. We will keep you informed as we pursue looking at buildings. We aren’t in a hurry to lease or purchase anything. Now we have a good foundation of what we need in a building, so when one comes on the market, we’ll be ready. Peace,

    Sue Ruppel Council President

    ONEIDA ROAD CONSTRUCTION DILEMMA It doesn’t look like the street behind the Tri-County Chapel will be opened up after all. If someday it does open up, that will be great. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has not confirmed that statement which was made by the Fox Crossing

    official. Also, it’s very hard to interrupt the maps and ideas shared at the latest DOT meeting that Pastor Brian attended. The businesses will be accessible from Oneida. This does not say that Oneida street will be completely closed. It may keep ‘open’ like it is now or it may be closed one Sunday and open the next. The answers to those questions are not consistent. BOTTOM LINE --- Appleton Road is open and Midway Road is open. From Midway Road to Oneida Street (traveling north) to Tri-County Chapel should be open. Try that way first.

    Flat Jesus at Lifest . . . Where’s Sue?

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    Trinity Tidings - - August 2018

    Trinity 14th Annual Charity Golf Outing & Silent Auction Says “Thank You!”

    THANK YOU to the following members, friends and businesses who have supported this golf outing with gifts of cash, gift certificates, tickets to sporting events and tasty treats. Special thanks to all the people from Trinity who took on a portion of the responsibility, so this event could be made possible. All the proceeds will be given to Homeless Connections!

    Hole Sponsors Pastor Brian & Mary Bankert Peter & Jeanne Beckley Casperson Marketing Services Concept Financial Planning Dean & Ann Einspahr Jackie Froehlich Roger & Sharon Helms Sandy & Jerry LeMoine Dan Kroiss - Northwestern Mutual Sharon Radtke Mary & Ron Robertson Steve & Sue Ruppel Savides Group/ Baird Marilyn & Ken Schucknecht Tom & Judy VanElzen Dorothy Warren Alison & Rusty Witthuhn Golfers & other Monetary Contributors Steve & Zach Krueger Jeff Dorow Terry Cornelius Jim & Barbara Fett Steve & Peggy Nothem Jean