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This book is a compilation of stories and photo essays contributed by PYs, National Leaders (NLs) and Facilitators from all the 37th SSEAYP participating countries.

Text of Ticker Tapes


    The throwing of colorful ticker tapes when leaving a Port of Call is definitely in every PYs list of

    the most memorable experiences in SSEAYP. No doubt, all PYs have shed a tear in at least one port of call, if not in all.

    Ticker tapes to others are nothing but continuous paper ribbons, but to a PY, it is sentimentally different.

    This has been instrumental in our bidding of goodbye to the once strangers,who eventually became our families.

    As we throw the ribbons, we carry in our hearts the hope that one day our paths will cross again.

    As we shed tears while throwing those ribbons, we remember sweet and wonderful memories we shared in the span of two days

    that made us closer to everyone we encountered.

    As we look at the other end of the ribbon, we are assured that there will always be a family who will welcome us should we visit the place again.

    The colorful ribbons will always remind us of the wonderful memories and the special BOND

    that we consciously allow to linger for a lifetime.

    PYs will never see a ticker tape the same way again, never.

  • Our present is greatly influenced by the great visionaries of the past,people who create worthwhile encounters that can last a lifetime.

    SSEAYP has once just been a big dream, but is now a defining reality to countless people.

    We dedicate this book to all the BIG Dreamers in the world who unceasingly find means to realize the desires of their hearts.

    This is also for the generous people who, without hesitations, go out their way to help every dreamer carry out his dreams.

    We especially dedicate this book to the men and women of International Youth ExchangeOrganization of Japan and the Japan Government,

    who tirelessly find means to make each years SSEAYP a tremendous coming together of the youth in Japan and ASEAN.

  • Thank you! Salamat! Arigato! Khob kun ka! Xie xie! Terima kasih!Orkun! Khob chai! Cam on! Chezu tinbade!

    My warmest and sincere appreciation to everyone who made this Book Project possible especially to the following:

    To my dear SSEAYP Batchmates who are contributors to this book, for going out of your way to write your SSEAYP stories and share your photo essays. Your generosity of time and effort mean a lot. May you never cease to inspire and bless the world with who you are and

    with what you do.

    To SNL Desmond (Boey Tien Cheong) and PNL Jing (Jocelyn Patrice Deco), for the encouragements to pursue this project. May you touch more lives, especially that of the

    youth that you cross paths with.

    To Facilitator Tong-Tong (Ari Yuda Laksamana), for your very significant contribution to this book. May you tirelessly support projects of the succeeding batches and

    may you be an INL soon.

    To fellow PPY Basil Sali, for your generosity in providing funds for the printing of the initial copies of this book. May your cup overflow for a lifetime!

    To SPY Jed (Jed Senthil Jivaraju), for giving our batch the venue to virtually convene through the FB group you made. This project was conceived and materialized through our

    exchanges there . May your foresight bring more wonders.

    To my friend, Jackner John Borja, for your kindness in sharing your skills and ideas to concretely realize this book.

    To the National Youth Commission (NYC) and SSEAYP InternationalPhilippines (SIP), for your ardent love for the youth as shown by your unwavering

    commitment to youth programs especially to SSEAYP.

    To my family, especially to Mama Charit and Papa Bert, for allowing me to nurture my dreams and for being there with and for me when I make them happen.

    To God who works wonders, glory to you forever!

  • Office of the President of the PhilippinesNATIONAL YOUTH COMMISSION

    The Malacanang Palace


    The National Youth Commission extends its congratulations to the writers and editors of this book led by the highly energeticMalou Eudela. It is a great compilation of the countless narrativesthat make the SSEAYP a truly life-changing experience. Now on its 38th year, it is but timely and fitting to document theamazing stories that the Participating Youth have to share. Storiesof adventure, friendships, families, and leadership challengessurface along with the sense of fulfillment in having to represent the country as a young ambassador.

    SSEAYP has produced a number of leaders in different areas in our country today and most of them, if not all, are career officials serving the government while others are corporatemanagers. But without a doubt, all of them continue to serve their country in their own fields of influence. Having been part of SSEAYP is both a privilege and a responsibility. It is a privilege offered to a limited few. And since only a few gets to partake in this journey of partnership and teamwork, it carries with it the responsibility of not only representing the country onboard the ship, but to continue to take on the reins of service and leadership even after one has reached the final port of call.

    The Fuji Maru and Nippon Maru have both become the icons of friendship in the Pacificregion. The ship forever reminds us that the journey is far more important than the destination. SSEAYP brings more than an album fraught with wonderful memories. SSEAYP brings with it a lasting legacy of friendship, respect, and camaraderie.

    The National Youth Commission remains the voice and advocate of the youth!

    Mabuhay ang SSEAYP! Mabuhay ang Kabataang Filipino! Long Live the youth of Japan andASEAN!

    Yours truly,

    LEON G. FLORES III, CSEEUndersecretaryChairman and Chief Executive Officer

  • SSEAYP INTERNATIONAL PHILIPPINES, INC.Alumni Association of the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program Philippines

    Aristotle tells us that we are the sum of our actions andmotivation. In all the 38 years of my SSEAYP experience, his words resonate deeply in my heart.

    In our trainings at SSEAYP, I have learned to appreciate thepremise that an individuals cumulative actions leads to surprisingresults and you have taken this even further, when youauthored this book and I can only pay tribute to the outcome. Through this undertaking, you have indeed grasped with both hands the clear-cut opportunities made available to you and SSEAYP batch 2010. You have all worked hard and have been exemplary ambassadors ofgoodwill and most importantly proved to yourselves that the experience was worth all the anxieties, sacrifices and joys that brings about encounters to be relived over and over again.

    I totally believe in your sincerity and commitment towards social responsibilities where the Ship for SOUTHEAST ASIAN PROGRAM is concerned, therefore, I am totally committed to put value to each and every stakeholders inputs and motivation in the specific needs of the program and in a broader sense, towards the progressive development of the SSEAYPcommunity.

    Congratulations, may your tribe increase.

  • The SSEAYP Jargons:

    SSEAYP - Ship for Southeast Asian Youth ProgramPY - Participating YouthNL - National LeaderAdmin - Administrator/Administrative StaffFaci - FacilitatorCOC - Cruise Operating CommitteeOBSC - On Board Ship ConferenceROB - Reunion on BoardPOC - Port of CallSG - Solidarity GroupDG - Discussion GroupCA - Club ActivityBPY - Brunei Participating YouthCPY - Cambodia Participating YouthIPY - Indonesia Participating YouthJPY - Japan Participating YouthLPY - Lao Participating YouthMaPY - Malaysia Participating YouthMyPY - Myanmar Participating YouthPPY - Philippines Participating YouthSPY - Singapore Participating YouthTPY - Thailand Participating YouthVPY - Vietnam Participating YouthASEAN - Association of Southeast Asian NationsJASEAN- Japan and ASEANEx-PY/XPY - Former Participating Youth


    If there is one topic I cannot run out of things to say, it would be SSEAYP! I have countless experiences which a lifetime cannot accommodate for story-telling. Some are left unsaid. Some are better kept in the heart and memory.

    This may sound unbelievable and quite ironic for we have this book already, but one of my fears is to write a story about SSEAYP. Curious? It is because I am fully aware that no amount of words put together can ever encompass the beauty of everything we have felt and encountered throughout the program. I am afraid not to give justice in conveying the bliss, love, laughter, realizations, awe, kindness, sacrifices, and many others, which we came across with in every family we stayed with, in every activity we shared together andpractically in everything we experienced in SSEAYP.

    I reckoned however that fears should never hinder us from sharing something wonderful andsignificant to us. Thus, my batch, the 37th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program, has bravely attempted to give everyone a picture of our youthful cruise towards a closer Japan and ASEAN.

    This book is a compilation of stories and photo essays contributed by PYs from allparticipating countries, National Leaders (NLs) and Facilitators. These are real accounts

    from the people who experienced it firsthand. Some are funny yet some are serious, some may sound crazy but most of which can cause a teardrop, not really because the stories are sad, but they allow readers who have been part of any SSEAYP journey, to flashback andsavor the bliss brought by the program to their own lives.

    This is a celebration of our significant encounters and experiences in the program. This is ourconcrete keepsake, our way of thanking everyone who made it all possible for us. We hope to relive the SSEAYP memories of the batches ahead of us. We also hope to inspire the youth that are aspiring to be PYs in the comi

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