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This Week’s Schedule. Today: Literary Devices Review Game Open Question Time Quiet Self-Study (if time). Review Game Groups. 1. Matthew, Annabel, June: Act 1 2. Joel, Christopher, Brian: Act 1 3. Molly, Michelle, Clara, Amy: Act 2 4. Anna, Min Woo, Joseph, Terry: Act 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • This Weeks ScheduleToday: Literary Devices Review GameOpen Question TimeQuiet Self-Study (if time)

  • Review Game Groups1. Matthew, Annabel, June: Act 12. Joel, Christopher, Brian: Act 13. Molly, Michelle, Clara, Amy: Act 24. Anna, Min Woo, Joseph, Terry: Act 25. Janice, Jennifer, Jin, Christine: Act 36. Kane, Johnny, Peter: Act 3

  • GroupsSo Yeon, Michael, Jin, Nick: Act 1Yoon, Hye Lin, Tae Woo, Erica: Act 1Peter, Phil, Su Jee, Stephen: Act 2Aerin, David, Nam Hee, Jeff: Act 2Su In, Sunglae, Jinni, Kenny: Act 3Kathy, Sophia, Min Sung, Monica: Act 3

  • Stuff You Might Want to Study1. Acts 1-3 of Julius Caesar...know them backwards and forwards.2. Literary devices: protagonist and antagonist, direct and indirect characterization, foreshadowing, allegory, metaphor, irony (all three kinds), THEMES!3. Be able to explain HOW these literary devices work in the short story and WHY THEY ARE IMPORTANT.

  • Ms. Sanders Exam AdviceThis is the wisdom I have collected from over ten years of taking I pass it on to you.

  • When StudyingWear a perfume or have some kind of smell that you like (hand lotion, etc.) while you are studying. Your brain will make links between the smell and your study material. Wear that same perfume the day of the exam.SMELL IS A GREAT MEMORY AID.

  • Supper the Night Before the ExamEat pasta for dinner and good quality dark chocolate for dessert. These foods give your brain the energy it needs to process facts.

  • Night Before:SLEEP.The night before the exam is the WORST time to cram. Your brain needs sleep to move knowledge from short term to long term memory.If you stay up all night, you wont retain anything.

  • Morning Of:EAT BREAKFAST and BRING SNACKSDo not skip breakfast the morning of an exam!Even the SAT gives snack breaks. Make sure you bring a healthy snack (nuts, dark chocolate, fruit) to help your brain.