Theological, Historical & Ethical Studies Union with Christ Reframing Theology and Ministry for the

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  • Theological, Historical & Ethical Studies

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    New Release Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics Joel B. Green, general editor; Jacqueline E. Lapsley, Rebekah Miles, and Allen Verhey, associate editors

    “A book as ambitious as the Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics risks being too superficial to be helpful. I am happy to report that this is not the case for this imaginatively conceived and organized book. This book will quickly become an indispensable resource for Christian reflection on the moral life.”—Stanley Hauerwas, Duke University Divinity School

    F r o m t h e I n t r o d u c t i o n

    The growth of this literature [on the relation of Scripture and ethics] is one reason for the Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics. Students need a reference tool that will survey the literature and provide an introduction to the ethics of Scripture, to the relevance of Scripture to contemporary moral questions, and to the paths by which one might make a way from ethics to Scripture and back again. Pastors need a reference tool that will survey the relation of Scripture and ethics in a way relevant to their tasks of preaching, teaching, and counseling. And specialists in biblical studies or in Christian ethics who want to enter a conversation with the specialists in the other discipline need a reference tool that will provide an account of particular features of the other discipline that are especially relevant to the conversation between disciplines.

    E t h i c s C o n t r i b u t o r s I n c l u d e :

    James T. Bretzke, SJ Ellen T. Charry Kevin Corcoran Miguel A. De La Torre Thomas Finger Jeffrey P. Greenman David P. Gushee Amy Laura Hall Craig Hovey Beth Felker Jones Brad J. Kallenberg James Keenan, SJ D. Brent Laytham James W. Lewis D. Stephen Long Ramón Luzárraga M. Therese Lysaught

    Hugo Magallanes David Matzko McCarthy Mark Thiessen Nation Christine D. Pohl Stephen Post Wyndy Corbin Reuschling Joel James Shuman Ronald J. Sider Max L. Stackhouse Glen H. Stassen Paul J. Wadell Sondra E. Wheeler Jonathan R. Wilson

    See page 1 for a list of biblical studies contributors.

    November 2011 • 896 pp. • cloth • $59.99 • 978-0-8010-3406-0 Ethics, Biblical Studies

    Joel B. Green (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is professor of New Testament interpretation and associate dean for the Center for Advanced Theological

    Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary. He is editor-in-chief of the Journal for Theological Interpretation and the author or editor of numerous books. Jacqueline E. Lapsley (PhD, Emory University) is associate professor of Old Testament at Princeton Theological Seminary. Rebekah Miles (PhD,

    University of Chicago) is associate professor of ethics at Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University. Allen Verhey (PhD, Yale

    University) is professor of Christian ethics at Duke University Divinity School.

    A l s o o f I n t e r e s t This MorTal Flesh IncarnatIon and BIoethIcs Brent Waters

    208 pp. • paper $22.00 978-1-58743-251-4

    The Meaning oF sex chrIstIan ethIcs and the Moral lIfe Dennis P. Hollinger

    272 pp. • paper $24.00 978-0-8010-3571-5

    inTroducing Moral Theology true happIness and the VIrtues William C. Mattison III

    432 pp. • paper $29.99 978-1-58743-223-1

    reviving evangelical eThics the proMIses and pItfalls of classIc Models of MoralIty Wyndy Corbin Reuschling

    192 pp. • paper $24.00 978-1-58743-189-0

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    Theological, Historical & Ethical Studies Union with Christ Reframing Theology and Ministry for the Church

    J. Todd Billings

    J. Todd Billings recovers the biblical theme of union with Christ for today’s church in this compelling volume, making a fresh contribution to the theological discussion with important applications for theology and ministry. Drawing on Scripture and classic Reformed theology, Billings shows how a theology of union with Christ can change the way believers approach worship, justice, mission, and the Christian life. He also illuminates how union with Christ can change the theological conversation about thorny topics such as total depravity and the mystery of God and provides a critique and alternative to the widely accepted paradigm of incarnational ministry. Throughout, Billings offers a unique and lively exploration of what is so amazing about being united to the living Christ.

    E n d o r s e m e n t s

    “J. Todd Billings has a wonderful grasp of theological reflection, old and new, brought into conversation with contemporary issues. He has written a breathtaking book that theologians and pastors will find provocative and instructive.”—Andrew Purves, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

    “Drawing upon the likes of Augustine, Calvin, Bavinck, and others, Todd Billings ably demonstrates why the biblical truth of union and communion with God has had such historical and theological significance. Thankfully, he doesn’t leave us out of the story. Along the way he highlights why union with Christ continues to matter for our understanding of the Christian life, making insightful connections between adoption and participation, incomprehensibility and accommodation, justice and Eucharist, grace and action.” —Kelly M. Kapic, Covenant College

    “Billings has been at the forefront of academic debates over the concept of union with Christ. With this book he shows all of us why union with Christ matters for our Christian lives and ministries and worship. Drawing on contexts as diverse as sixteenth-century Europe and contemporary Africa, Billings explores a theme that takes us to the heart of the gospel in a way that enriches and corrects our faith, our understanding, and our practices.”—Suzanne McDonald, Calvin College

    “Billings expounds upon an important New Testament doctrine by exploring its contemporary ramifications in light of careful historical and exegetical reflection. This is a thought-provoking book that will ignite fresh conversations about the nature of our participation in Christ.”—Trevin Wax, author, Counterfeit Gospels and Holy Subversion

    New Release

    November 2011 • 192 pp. • paper • $19.99 • 978-0-8010-3934-8 ebook: $19.99 • 978-1-4412-3454-4 Theology

    J. Todd Billings (ThD, Harvard University Divinity School) is associate professor of Reformed theology at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan, and an ordained minister in the Reformed Church in America. He is the author of numerous articles and two award-winning books, including Calvin, Participation, and the Gift: The Activity of Believers in Union with Christ, which received a 2009 John Templeton Award for Theological Promise.

    A l s o o f I n t e r e s t leTTers To a young calvinisT an InVItatIon to the reforMed tradItIon James K. A. Smith

    160 pp. • paper $14.99 978-1-58743-294-1

    desiring The KingdoM WorshIp, WorldVIeW, and cultural forMatIon James K. A. Smith

    240 pp. • paper $21.99 978-0-8010-3577-7

    reForMed dogMaTics aBrIdged In one VoluMe Herman Bavinck; John Bolt, ed.

    864 pp. • cloth $59.99 978-0-8010-3648-4

    orThodox and Modern studIes In the theology of Karl Barth Bruce L. McCormack

    320 pp. • paper $35.00 978-0-8010-3582-1


  • Theological, Historical & Ethical Studies

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    A Key to Balthasar Hans Urs von Balthasar on Beauty, Goodness, and Truth

    Aidan Nichols, OP

    Hans Urs von Balthasar is widely recognized as perhaps the greatest Catholic theologian of the twentieth century. Yet students and nonspecialist readers often find Balthasar daunting. This volume is the ideal introduction to his work and captures the essence of what Balthasar wished to say. It unlocks the treasure of his theology by focusing on the beautiful, the good, and the true, the three qualities of being around which his great trilogy—The Glory of the Lord, Theo-Drama, and Theo-Logic—revolves.

    E n d o r s e m e n t

    “Combining profundity of thought with lucidity of expression, Aidan Nichols offers a penetrating discussion of Balthasar’s participation metaphysic. The fruit of decades of reading the German theologian, this little gem captures the unity of his massive trilogy on beauty, goodness, and truth by way of devotional exposition, thereby reminding us of theology’s basis in prayer and purpose of holiness. Few theological books are as pertinent, both culturally and doxologically, as this exercise in epistemological optimism!”—Hans Boersma, Regent College

    E x c e r p t

    Balthasar was deeply opposed to the separation of the beautiful from the true and the good. The idea of beauty, he lamented, has been reduced to that of a merely this-worldly aesthetics, with baleful consequences for Christian faith and morals. Beauty’s separation from the other transcendentals, and the consequent rise of what Balthasar terms the “aestheticisation” of the beautiful, is at least partly responsible, he thinks, for the inability of people to pray and contemplate. The notion of the sheer beauty of the divine Being has disappeared. The severance of beauty from goodness and truth also helps to explain the perceived reduction of the moral order to a self-centred relativism, and the retrenchment of the metaphysical order to a materialism placed at the se