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The Renaissance Name: Period: . Renaissance - Defined. Describes the cultural achievements of the 14 th century through the 16 th century; those achievements rest on the economic and political development of earlier centuries. Translated – “ The Rebirth ,” of art learning . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Italian Renaissance Art

The RenaissanceName:Period:

Renaissance - DefinedDescribes the cultural achievements of the 14th century through the 16th century; those achievements rest on the economic and political development of earlier centuries.Translated The Rebirth, of art learning

Italy Leads the WaySeafaring cities (Venice and Genoa) profited from the Crusades, oversea trade, ship building.

The Sforza Family of MilanMilan Trading crossroads from East to West.

The Medicis of Florence: became the official bankers of the Pope.

*Intellectual Changes*The New Golden Age, Revival of Roman culture

Individualism: stressed personality, uniqueness, genius, and full development of ones capabilities and talents.

Humanism: the study of the literary culture needed by anyone who would be considered educated and civilized.Secularism: the concern with the material world instead of with the eternal world of spirit.

Characteristics of Renaissance Art1. Realism & Expression

72. Perspective

Perspective!Perspective!Perspective!Perspective!Perspective!First use of linear perspective!Perspective!Perspective!The TrinityMasaccio1427What you are, I once was; what I am, you will become.83. ClassicismGreco-Roman influence.Secularism.Humanism.Individualism free standing figures.Symmetry/Balance

The Classical PoseMedici Venus (1c)94. Emphasis on Individualism

Batista Sforza & Federico de Montefeltre: The Duke & Dutchess of UrbinoPiero della Francesca, 1465-1466.105. Geometrical Arrangement of Figures

The Dreyfus Madonna with the PomegranateLeonardo da Vinci1469The figure as architecture!116. Light & Shadowing/Softening Edges

ChiaroscuroSfumato12The Ideal City Piero della Francesca, 1470

13Leonardo, the Artist:From his Notebooks of over 5000 pages (1508-1519)


horizontalverticalPerspective!The Last Supper - da Vinci, 149815