The parable of sadhu

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  • 1. THE PARABLE OF THESADHUThe Larger Purpose ofOrganisations

2. Why does sadhu gets lost incollective human action? Sadhu as moral self Sadhu as enemy Organisations as selves Corporate interests Sadhu as other Other mediated through social andhistorical context 3. HUMANS ARE MORE THANOPPORTUNIST BEINGS HUMANS AS MORAL BEINGS Possibilities are squeezed out in theinstrumental organizational action ORGANISATIONAL GOALS Profits INDIVIDUAL GOALS Rewards 4. LOGIC OF ORGANISATIONS Bureaucratic Impersonality Defines rationality of modern society Divn. of Labour Authority Rules Career Squeezes out moral spaces 5. 1976 FORD Net Worth: $ 7.7 billion Revenues: $ 30 billion Income after Tax: $ 983 million Fuel tank behind the rear axle Lack of crush space 53 fire deaths reported at the time ofwriting the case 6. FORD PINTO CASE: BenefitsSavings: 180 burn deaths, 180 injuries,2100 burned vehiclesUnit Costs: $200,000 per death*, $ 67000per injury, $700 per vehicleTotal Benefits: $ 49.15 million________________* Calculated by National Highway SafetyAdmin.: victims pain & suffering- 10k 7. FORD PINTO CASE: Costs Sales: 11 million cars, 1.5 million lighttrucks Unit Cost: $11 per vehicle Total Costs: $ 137 million 8. Lees Car Normal time span from conception toproduction of a new car model is about43 months, Pinto schedule was set atjust under 25 Iacocca's speed-up meant Pinto toolingwent on at the same time as productdevelopment The limits of 2,000 9. GAP BETWEEN THEPOSSIBILITIES AND THEREALITY OF ORGANISATIONALACTION POSSIBILITY OF TRANSCENDING THEINDIVIDUAL BOUND OF RATIONALITY NOTION OF ORGN. GOALPROBLEMATIC Profit as an absolute end Often coercive to instrumental 10. PURPOSE OF ORGANISATIONGOALS LEGITIMACY DIRECTION MOTIVATION & PURPOSE EVALUATION 11. PROBLEMS WITH GOALS ABSTRACT Operational Goals : Target - Constraint Chain DIFFERENTIATION ROUTINISATION Rules, Procedures & Roles INDIVIDUAL GOALS Rewards & Punishment Inadequate SHORT TERM Vs LONG TERM WHOSE GOALS?