The Dream Team Masterpiece

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The Dream Team Masterpiece. Created by: Bill McClintic, Zach Dyar , Michael Peterson, Aaron Johnson. The Dreamteam : Zach Dyar. The Dreamteam : Big Red. The Dreamteam : Michael Mastercraftsman Peterson. The Dreamteam : Ballin Aaron Johnson. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



The Dream Team MasterpieceCreated by: Bill McClintic,Zach Dyar, Michael Peterson, Aaron JohnsonThe Dreamteam: Zach Dyar

The Dreamteam:Big Red

The Dreamteam: Michael Mastercraftsman Peterson

The Dreamteam:Ballin Aaron Johnson

Wu tang clan aint nuttin to f*** wit!!!The machineStep 1The machine is initiated with a ball that rolls through the step motion on the back of the deviceTranslational kinetic energyRotational kinetic energy

The machineStep 2 and 3The head of a reassembled pez dispenser is the trigger to the shooting mechanismAn attached string trips the shooter, shooting a ball throught the fieldgaoltrajectory

The machineStep 4 and 5The ball is shot into a funnel, hitting a mouse trap which lowers the flagTorque

The calcs(y-y1) = (x-x1)tan()-(g/2v02)(1+tan2())(x-x0)2 V0 = 2.25 ft/s = Frcos() = 1.60 N-mmgh = (1/2)mv2 + (1/2)I2 v = 6.02 ft/s Design Completely original design sparked by Mastercraftsman Mike and followed through by the rest of the Dreamteam

Conclusion The goal of our machine is to make the simple task, raising a banner, as complicated and time consuming as possible, while observing the physics applications applied within the machine while the machine is operating