The Companion Newsletter - .10/4/2010  Los Angeles, CA 90012 ... el Compa±ero Una Vida. Una Decisi³n
The Companion Newsletter - .10/4/2010  Los Angeles, CA 90012 ... el Compa±ero Una Vida. Una Decisi³n
The Companion Newsletter - .10/4/2010  Los Angeles, CA 90012 ... el Compa±ero Una Vida. Una Decisi³n
The Companion Newsletter - .10/4/2010  Los Angeles, CA 90012 ... el Compa±ero Una Vida. Una Decisi³n

The Companion Newsletter - .10/4/2010  Los Angeles, CA 90012 ... el Compa±ero Una Vida. Una Decisi³n

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Text of The Companion Newsletter - .10/4/2010  Los Angeles, CA 90012 ... el Compa±ero Una Vida....

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    PERMIT #32574221 S. Figueroa Street, Suite 500Los Angeles, CA 90012

    the Companion

    OneLegacy...bridging lives.

    Our goal with The Companion is to help connect donor familiesthrough stories and shared experiences, to provide articles thataddress grief and the healing journey, and to provide donor familieswith information about events related to organ and tissue donationand transplantation. We hope that The Companion is helpful to youand your family.

    We consider it a privilege to be a companion to you in your journey through grief and healing. In accompanying you, welearn so much from each of youabout your loved one, whatthis experience is like for you, and the impact he or she hasmade in your life. We hope to support you through your jour-ney and also hope to reassure you that you are not alone.

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    the Companion

    For more pictures from Donate Life Run/Walk, see page 4

    We estimate that approximately 8,000 people ran, walked andsupported the annual Donate Life Run/Walk at Cal StateFullerton on May 1st. We were thrilled to have over 3,500donor family members participate to honor 180 donors. Forsome families, it was their first year to participate and forothers, this event has become something that donor familieslook forward to each year.

    A donor sister said, It was great to participate inthis event. I have never been so inspired to see so manydonor families celebrating life together, laughingand dancing on the lawn. The entire event was verymoving and I was honored to be there that day.

    Thank you to all who participated and made thisevent such a success. Next years Run/Walk will beheld on Saturday, April 30th. Save the date - we hopesee everyone again next year!

    Donate Life Run/Walk

    Family of Vinnie Rodriguez

    Family of Eric Acosta

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    Summer 2010the Companion One Life. One Choice. One Gift.


    Flying a kite is an opportunity seized to sharelaughter, sun, wind, and the visual beauty ofthe moment. Through their life-changing expe-riences, the families of organ and tissue donors,living donors, and recipients of life-savingtransplants teach us all a profound lesson: to Seize the Day! and make the most of everymoment to build dreams, friendships and memories with loved ones.

    We invite you to help bring the Donate Lifefloat to life! The donor family decorating shiftsare on Sunday, December 26th from 8am 3pmand 3pm 9pm and Tuesday, December 28thfrom 8am 4pm. We will begin taking sign upson October 4th. Due to liability and insuranceissues, all volunteers must be at least 15 yearsold. Anyone under 18 years old must bring avalid high school identification card. All volun-teers must be present for the entire shift and eachdonor family is limited to five decorating spots.

    If decorating during a seven hour shift is notfor you or if you have family members that can-not participate in decorating, you can be part of

    E-mail Address

    In an effort to be greenand be more efficient,we want to update ourdatabase with your current e-mail address!Please e-mail us at familycare@onelegacy.organd provide your nameand your loved one'sname. We will then addyour e-mail address toyour contact information.

    Thank you!

    011 Donate Life Rose Parade Float

    the Donate Life float through the Family Circlerose dedication program. Anyone touched bydonation and transplantation can purchase arose that will be placed in the garden at the frontof float. Families who complete their dedicationby December 1st can choose to personally placetheir dedicated rose on December 29th. Formore information about joining the FamilyCircle, visit

    If you want to reserve float decorating spaces or would like more information on the FamilyCircle rose dedication program, please contactKari Kozuki in Family Care at 800-786-4077,ext. 5647.

    If you would like to know more about any of these upcoming events,please contact Kari Kozuki at 213-229-5600, x.5647 or for information.

    September 2010: Ambassador Volunteer Trainings (Various locations)

    ** Please contact Kathleen Hostert at or 213-356-5208 for more information

    October 4th, 2010: Float Decorating Sign Up Begins

    October 17th, 2010: Day of the Dead Craft Day (LA Office)

    November 14th, 2010: Getting Through the Holidays Grief Support Group (LA Office)

    December 26th & 28th, 2010: Donate Life Rose Parade FloatDecorating Shifts for Donor Families (Pasadena)

    December 29th, 2010: Rose Placement for Family CircleDedicated Roses (Pasadena)CA







    Grief Support Groups

    OneLegacy offers monthlygrief support groups fordonor families in ourdowntown Los Angelesoffice. There is no chargeand the groups are opento adults, teenagers andchildren over the age of 3.The groups are held once a month on Saturdays from 10:30 am noon. If youd like more informa-tion or would like toreserve a space, pleasecontact us in Family Careat 800-723-4220 or

    In our society, food plays an important part in family andsocial gatherings. Many happy occasions are celebratedby family and friends with food that is lovingly preparedand shared together. Treasured memories are createdaround the dinner table, and traditions are kept throughholiday meals.

    We have received a few submissions, but are hopingmore donor families will share recipes so we can compile a cookbook.

    We ask that you send us a favorite recipe of your loved one that youd like to share.This can be your loved ones favorite dish, something you used to cook together anyrecipe that reminds you of the person you love.

    With your recipe, you can also send a picture of your loved one and a short explana-tion of how this recipe or meal brings fond memories to you.

    If you have questions or are interested in including a recipe in our donor familycookbook, please contact Kari Kozuki at 213-229-5647 for a submission form.

    hare a Recipe and Your MemoriesS


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    the Companion One Life. One Choice. One Gift.el Compaero

    Family of Bryan Powers

    Family of Bill Hanna

    Family of Brian Scott Campbell

    Pictures from the Donate Life Run/Walk

    Family of Sandra Velazquez

    Family of Shayna Grisham

    Family of Yadira Ramirez

    Family of David Rodriguez Jr.

    Calculamos que aproximadamente 8,000 personas corrieron,caminaron y apoyaron la Caminata/Maratn Done Vida que secelebr el 1.0 de mayo en Cal State Fullerton. Nos encant tenera ms de 3,500 integrantes de familias donantes que participaronen homenaje a 180 donantes. Para algunas familias, ste fue su primer ao de participacin; para otras, este evento se ha convertido en una ocasin que las familias donantes esperan conanticipacin todos los aos.

    La hermana de un donante dijo, Fue estupendo participar eneste evento. Nunca me sent tan inspirada al ver tantas familiasdonantes celebrando juntas la vida, rindose y bailandosobre el csped. El evento entero fue muy conmovedor y mesent honrada al estar all aquel da.

    Gracias a todos aquellos que participaron e hicieron queel evento fuera un xito. La prxima caminata/maratn secelebrar el sbado, 30 de abril del ao entrante. Reserven lafecha. Esperamos verlos a todos nuevamente el prximo ao

    La Caminata/Maratn Done Vida

    Familia de Vinnie Rodriguez

    Familia de Eric Acosta

    Family of Clint Rivera

  • el Compaero Una Vida. Una Decisin. Un Regalo.


    Verano del ao 10


    Grupos de apoyo en elduelo a la familia

    Mensualmente, en la oficinadel centro de Los Angeles, seofrecen grupos de apoyo alas familias de OneLegacy.Este servicio se ofrece aadultos, adolescentes y anios mayores de tres aosde edad, y es completamentegratuito incluyendo la valida-cin del estacionamiento.Los grupos se ofrecen unsbado al mes de 10:30am a12pm. Para ms informacino para reservar cupo, porfavor llame a Servicios a laFamilia al 800-723-4220.

    19 de setiembre: Capacitacin para Embajadores/Voluntarios (oficina en Los Angeles)

    Para ms informacin sobre el programa de Embajadores, porfavor contacte a Sonia Navarro al 213-229-5652

    4 de octubre: Empieza la registracin para decorar la carrozaDone Vida

    17 de octubre: Artes y manualidades para el Da de losMuertos (oficina en Los Angeles)

    14 de noviembre: Grupo de apoyo, Preparndonos para losdas Festivos (oficina en Los Angeles)

    26 y 28 de diciembre: Turnos para decorar la carroza DoneVida del Desfile de las Rosas (Pasadena)

    29 de diciembre: Dedicacin y Colocacin de las Rosas delCrculo Familiar (Pasadena)

    Para ms informacin sobre los prximos eventos, favor de llamar al800-423-7220.CA



















    En nuestra sociedad la comida forma parte importantede reuniones familiares y sociales. Muchas ocasiones alegres se celebran en familia y con amistades compar-tiendo comidas preparadas con cario. Reunidos enla mesa creamos recuerdos entraables y mantenemoslas tradiciones en cenas festivas.

    Hemos recibido algunas recetas pero esperamosque ms familias donantes compartan sus recetas paraarmar un libro de cocina.

    Le solicita