The Big Society & Hr Strategies

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This presentation explores the coalition’s Big Idea for communitarians. It considers the Big Picture as a vision for future collaboration of not for profit organisations, volunteers and entrepreneurs. It takes a view on the impact for commercial business matters. Moreover, it explores possible opportunities to reinvigorate HR strategies that encourage a culture shift and encompass community action.

Text of The Big Society & Hr Strategies

  • 1. The Big Society & HR Strategies Laura McHarrie WSX Enterprise Ltd BusinessXchange Programme November 8 th 2010
  • 2. I Say What is the Big Society?
  • 3. How do we move from this?
  • 4. To this?
  • 5. Whats in our repartee already?
  • 6.
    • You have Five minutes to:
    • Discuss your experiences of building corporate communities.
  • 7. Whats new?
  • 8. You have five minutes to discuss how you might incorporate How are you using LinkedIn to recruit likeminded individuals to your business? How are you using LinkedIn to enhance your business reputation though your employees? How do you use LinkedIn to encourage continued personal development?
  • 9. What can we adapt?
  • 10. Take your head out the shoe?
  • 11. And tear up the conventions
  • 12. Tap into?
  • 13. The End!
    • Im Laura McHarrie
    • WSX Enterprise Ltd