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  • 1. 1 Teva introduction 2013

2. Established by three young pharmacists, selling drugs in a small store Starting out at 1901 in Jerusalem 3. More than a century later We are among the top 10 pharmaceutical companies and a world leader in Generics 4. Our Vision Being the most indispensable medicines company for the world, executing on our obligation to our patients, customers, shareholders and employees 5. We have Profound Foundations 45,000 employees 73 manufacturing sites 111 years in existence 1,000 molecules 60 countries 73B tablets and capsules per annum 55,000+ SKUs $5.01 2013 EPS $20.3B 2013 revenues 6. Core Strengths Leading healthcare provider Balanced business model Integrated R&D Manufacturing strengths Partnering experience Go-to-market capabilities Entrepreneurial employees and culture 7. Growth drivers CNS Respiratory High-value generics NTEs (New therapeutic entity) MS PD Oncology Respiratory Womens Health Branded generics High-value generics OTC (over the counter) MS Branded generics Branded generics Respiratory Womens Health MS OTC (over the counter) MS Generics Branded generics 8. A truly global operations network 9. Financial Growth 20132012 20,31420,317Sales $M 5,1985,715Operating Income $M 4,2554,671Net Income $M * Operating income and net income are non-GAAP results 10. Expansion of wealth and health care access Rising health care costs Our World Changes Aging population Increasing competition in generics Shift in disease patterns Rising bar for product innovation Complicated, expanding global market 11. Complexity Cost Network footprint Commodity The new Teva Less More Globalized Valuable pipeline Sustainable products Patient and customer focus Balanced profits Shareholder value 12. Teva 2017: a reshaped company Sector leadership in all areas Sustainable profitable growth Present in all major markets Consistent shareholder value creation Successful alliances Rich Pipeline 13. Branded generics business R&D capabilities Impact healthcare system Pipeline of high-value products Generics: a great future Global Sustainable high-barrier to entry Rapid growth Dramatically enhanced in selected areas 14. Research and development Develop the most competitive and focused pipeline to address unmet patient needs in a highly differentiated way to drive the growth of Teva Life and science intimately connected thats uniquely Teva 15. NTEs High value generics Focused specialty portfolio NTEs - The Future of Teva R&D NEW THERAPEUTIC ENTITY Known molecule that is formulated, delivered, or used in a novel way to address specific patient needs 16. Specialty medicines: focus and build leadership CNS Respiratory New Therapeutic Entities (NTEs) Oncology, Women's Health, Biologics Protect and expand MS franchise Build products and pipeline Invest in capabilities and pipeline Continue global expansion Capitalize on unique Teva interface of Generics and Specialty Selectively invest 17. 1717 OTC Business Worlds leading provider of medicines Portfolio of leading brands Best-in-class Consumer understanding Brand-building Advertising scale Strong product development and production capabilitiesWorlds leading brand- builder + PGT Consumer Healthcare: JV with P&G leverages value in existing OTC business 18. 18 Our Guiding Values Our Guiding Values represent an unbreakable chain of behaviors ... and a process that embodies the very nature of how we operate at the heart of Teva. 19. 19 Our Storyline At the heart of Teva, we believe that: Individual Integrity drives mutual Respect Mutual Respect leads to healthy Collaboration Healthy Collaboration powers our pursuit of Excellence Our pursuit of Excellence is key to Tevas ongoing Leadership and ongoing Leadership depends upon our individual Integrity. 20. 20